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If I understand correctly the only dialogue choice is picking who you think the killer is ? I don't mind kinetic novels, just trying to set the right expectations for myself.

It launches through the Itch app because it is launching it using Wine. I got a crash as well but it was weird. It asked me to type in my name and then to type in anything and then the game appeared to start. In any case if it launches through Wine then it is not a Linux game and the Linux and Mac icons are false advertising.

So what file did you run in the folder ?

Awesome news !  I'll look forward to them.

The store page lists a Linux version but in the folder there is only a Windows .exe file. Is this a glitch/mistake or is there no actual Linux version planned ?

If one wanted a DRM free Linux version bad enough buying from GOG would be a better option than buying a Windows version on Itch. No wine needed with that option.

You have to be logged in to view the page due to Steam's rules about adult content.

Also make sure you have the settings set to view adult content.

Settings>Account>View Account Details>Preferences

Make sure adult content; nudity; and mature content are ticked.

Will future chapters be released on ? I know they're going to be paid and I'm more than happy to buy them here.

Will the full version be released on as well or just Steam ?

Paradise Lofts community · Created a new topic Full Version

I see the full version of Paradise Lofts has been released on Steam. Are there any plans to release the full version on ?

Will the full version be released on at some point ?

No worries, thanks for the quick response !

It says on this page that the game is in development but on Steam it says it was released August 3, 2020. Is the full version coming to at any point ?

So first off the game launches fine on my Linux desktop, so far so good ! Secondly the intro screen about the PS1 memory card was hilarious. I do have a couple questions though. Is this a demo or a full game ? Also if it's a full game is it finished ? I ask because the status on the main page here says "in development". 

Awesome news ! count me in for a purchase when it's ready.

Are there any plans to bring the full game to ?

Any plans on bringing Afterparty to ?

I just downloaded the Linux version it and it launches without issue ! Thank you for the effort.

Kalyskah community · Created a new topic Linux Version

Are there any plans for a Linux version ?

No worries. Thanks for the quick response.

The store page lists a Linux version but in the .rar folder there is only a Windows .exe file. Is this a glitch/mistake or is there no actual Linux version planned ?

What engine does the game use ? Also are there any plans for a Linux version ?

Thanks for the response. Answers my question perfectly :)

Is this a kinetic novel or are there choices that branch the story ?

Thanks for the quick work !

The game's main page lists Linux support but There is only a Windows .exe file for executibles. If you plan on Linux gamers having to use Wine I would recommend removing the Linux icon as there is no native version. Otherwise if you did mean there to be a native Linux version it isn't there so it's a bug.

The game lists Linux as one of the platforms but the main page only lists Mac and Windows versions available for download. Is there any support for Linux ?

That answered my question, thank you. I meant any enemy fire. In the video they were able to crouch to avoid getting hit by enemies firing at them. I just messed up the timing and assumed I couldn't avoid it.

Are you able to dodge enemy gunfire at all ? I tried crouching and jumping but it seemed like in the demo that once an enemy fired on me that I was getting hit by that shot one way or the other no matter what. Was I just "doing it wrong" or is that a bug ?

That is so much better. Thanks for the quick response !

You may want to choose a slightly darker color for the middle of the page or a darker color for the text. The current combo is very hard to read.

Are there any plans for a Linux version ?

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It does support selling Android games, I never said it didn't. I said that it is harder than you give it credit for to properly make an Android version of a game and support it.

No worries, just checking in. Thanks for the update ! isn't a platform, it's a store. A platform would be Windows; Mac; Linux; Android, etc.

Anyone can click a button to export to a platform but it does take time and effort to properly test and support any platform you release on.

What engine does the game use ?

Was this ever fixed ?

They answer that at the top of the page.

"Fearful Ghost is an horrible game made by two incompetents using the godot engine for the first time."

It certainly has. I just tested version 2.0.0  and the game launches without issue.  Thank you for the effort !