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Regardless of whether one were to agree with every point made here I will say that the effort put into this and the detail provided is appreciated. Too many people will simply say a game is awesome or terrible and not provide any detail at all.

I purchased Week One and Two on GOG. I was wondering if I were to purchase Week Three on if I could import the saves from Week Two ?

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If they're looking at alternative stores i'd rather GOG myself. I can see how i'd be in the minority there though and more would support Steam as an option.

The first two weeks listed Linux support but Week Three only lists Windows. Is there a Linux executable that downloads with the Windows .exe ? I have found in many games that are made with Ren'Py that even if they list just Windows there is a .sh file in the folder as well. It just would be nice to not spend $20 USD to find out i'm wrong in this case.

What game engine was Dangerous Flock Platform made with ?

Fun game and hope the surgery went well.

Is there any enemies that hunt you but you can't fight back against ? Just trying to see if it's more about narrative or stealth.

Thanks for releasing the source code. Never know what others may add to it down the road. Keep trying, my brother lives in a canyon was great.

Wyvia community · Created a new topic Engine Used

What engine was used to make Wyvia ?

I love GOG as well so thank you for offering a DRM free version. Sorry to hear about the file limits, a tale as old as time it seems. Happens a lot here.

Any plans to release the remastered game on or GOG ?

Trying the free demo would be the easiest way to find out. Visual novels will work on some pretty low end hardware so you'll probably be alright.

Are there any plans to make the game FOSS ? It's already free of charge and uses Godot so it's already more free than many games. Not trying to criticize or to seem rude, i'm actually curious.

If we prefer over Steam are we missing anything by buying here vs there ?

Any chance you'll  make the game FOSS so that if people wish to improve it down the road it will be possible to maintain it ?

So I have some good news and bad news. Good news is I have since upgraded my CPU from the i7-6700 to an i5-12600K and now the frame rate issues are fixed. Even on ultra settings at 2560*1440 it didn't drop below 60 FPS. The bad news is that now if I set the graphics above "Low" the screen flickers constantly. 

Intel i5-12600K | 16GB DDR4-3000 CL15 | XFX RX 590 8GB Fat Boy | Mesa 23.1.7 | WD SN850 500GB | Solus | Mate 1.27.0 | Kernel 6.4.15-254 | MSI G2730QPF 2560*1440 @ 165hz

I see what you mean. In that case perhaps what would make it easier for people like myself is to have release status on the left hand side of the main store page with the other options. As it is to sort by released I would have to manually go to the directory you linked or find a released game and click the status on the store page.

I just gave it a test and it's fixed for me. Thank you for your efforts !

I searched a few keywords and didn't find this idea so my apologies if it has already been brought up. I would love it if I could filter the Itch store to only show me games that are released and hiding those that are in early access.  If i'm mistaken and this is already possible i'd love to know how.

Glad to have an idea on the date. If hasn't chased you off by then i'll buy it here !

Love seeing people make projects like this. If you ever want to accept donations and start making other games have Vulkan options i'd toss some coin your way.

I would love to exclude games that are in early access. 

What is the correct spelling for the game's title ? Some parts of this page say "Apartament 1406" but others say "Apartment 1406".

I have a 2540x1440 monitor but notice in Clam Man 2 - Open Mic that there are no resolution options above 1920x1080. The original detected my resolution fine. Is this a bug on my end or expected behaviour from the game ? I'm on Linux if this makes a difference. 

When I searched for Open Mic on the Itch store it only lists the Windows and Mac versions. If one goes onto the actual store page they will see the Linux download which works but I'd be worried that some potential customers may be turned off and assume there is no Linux version based on the search.

Are there any plans to bring the Linux version that Steam has over to ?

I am on the caves level and seem to be stuck. There are the red door and the blue door but I am not seeing any keys for those.  Any hints anyone can give ? I see the green key but can't cross the water to get to it.

Empty Clip community · Created a new topic Donations

Do you accept donations for the project ?

That's about the most insightful and humorous definition of NTR that I have seen.

It says the code is licensed using GPLv3.0, is there a link to the source code ?

Just letting you know that there is a typo on the main page here. "Disclaimder" should be "Disclaimer".

Great choice going with Open Collective. By far my favourite donation platform.

Looks interesting. Always happy to see more FOSS games. I'll try to spread the word !

Well it could be worse. You actually give a link to your repo; website; etc. Some FOSS games on do none of that. Within minutes I was able to find your ko-fi; follow here; buy the binary; and find your Mastodon. You're well above the norm as far as i'm concerned.

Not that it's a big deal but I noticed that on the page here the license is listed as Apache 2.0 but on the Github page it's listed as GPLv3.0.

The main page here lists the code license as GPLv2.0, is there a link to the source code ?

Balsy move but hopefully it pays off. You do good work so hopefully that will carry you to more success. I despise Patreon but aside from buying your games on maybe i'll actually sub there to help in what little ways I can.

That's been my experience with other games on

It may sound strange but i'd check out GOG. They have been accepting adult games the last year or so and this would give a DRM free option to those who value it.

This may sound strange to some but i'd check out GOG. They have been accepting adult games the last year or so. That would keep a DRM free option for those who value that. needs to put the pipe down and go to rehab. I just checked their top sellers and it is full to the brim of adult games. They're cutting off their biggest money makers.