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Will this be a Kinetic novel or one with choices ? I enjoy both, just like to get my expectations in check.

Are there any plans to release the finished game that Steam has onto itch.io ?

I would recommend changing the main page from "In Development" to "Released" as people may not see this. Congrats !

Sure, i'll take the Steam key just in case. Never hurts to have options.  Thank you.

Are there plans to bring the more up to date version on Steam to Itch.io ?

Awesome news !

Count me in for a purchase if it comes to Linux.

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Awesome news ! Thank you for the effort. Will be picking it up next pay.

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Thank you for the suggestions but sadly the issue still happened. I also tried downloading the Windows version of the game to my wife's system that runs Windows 7 Pro SP1 and bringing my saved game over and it happened there as well so I think it is either a corrupt save file or an issue needing patching. It has happened on Solus Linux as well as Windows 7 Pro 64 so it's not OS specific. I will start from scratch and see if it happens again.

So I have run into one issue. I have reached a point where the game won't progress in the text. I am in chapter 6 where Lang states "Oh no. I'm taking the bastards who forced me to ruin with me." At that point the background goes black and regardless of what I press I can't proceed. The game isn't frozen as I can still press the menu button. I have tried restarting the scene and exiting the game and restarting it but the same thing happens.

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That is awesome news. I don't mind waiting if need be. If you run into any issues I would look up Ryan C Gordon, he ports games to Linux and receives most of his funding from Patreon so he can sometimes port for free or close to it.



I'll take any hope over none haha. Thanks for being open to the idea.

Will the full version be available DRM free on itch.io as well ?

Are there any plans for a Linux version ?

Any plans for a Linux version ?

Thank you for the effort !

The page for this demo lists it as for Windows, Mac and Linux but I just see a .exe file for Windows. Are there any plans for a Linux version for the demo ?

I really enjoyed the demo. Will the full version be available on itch.io as well ?

Is this game still in early access or "in development" ? I ask because Itch lists it as that but the latest version available for download is 1.0.5 and 1.0.6 which usually means it is fully released.

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When I try to launch the demo of the game on Linux I get the error: 

Loading Error

Failed to load: img/SumRndmDde/utb/Lightfire.png

There was also this issue with claw.png. Now I fixed the issue, it was because on Linux "c" and "l" are not the same as "C" or "L". So sometimes the game called for lower case and other times it wanted upper case for those two files. I simply have reenamed a copy of the file so there is both in the folder. Not sure if this issue is in the full version or just the demo but for anyone who has this issue here is a workaround until a patch can be made.

Are there any plans to bring the Linux version to itch.io ?

Awesome news it was released. May want to change the status on the main page from "in development" to "released" as some may not see the post regarding that.

Fantastic ! Well you just got yourself another Kickstarter backer.

Thank you ! Tried the demo and enjoyed it. Does this mean that there will be a Linux version available upon release if I pledge to the Kickstarter ?

Any plans for a Linux version ?

Thanks for putting up the Linux version ! Loved it and backed the Kickstarter.

Thanks for that good news ! Sometimes Itch's search function doesn't show things even if you spell the whole title properly.....In your case I noticed now that I could also find it by searching EpicWorks.

This is shaping up to be an amazing game. I'm not sure what price point you plan on putting it at but i'll pay it gladly regardless. Great work and best of luck ! Also thanks for having a Linux version.

I would update the main page's info section as it is still listed as in development. Might cause confusion.

Thanks for the response. I enjoy both types but I always like to get my expectations in order.

Are there any plans to release the full games on Itch DRM free or just the demos ?

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Many games on itch.io are DRM free but not all are and I was unsure with yours. There is no rule and no right or wrong answer to it. I was just making sure of what to expect.

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I am looking forward to it either way but is Carmilla a visual novel or kinetic novel ? Basically will there be choices or not ? Any idea on release date ?

Just making sure I have it right: If I buy from Itch.io I just get the Steam key not the install files  DRM free ?

Thanks for the resposne and to being open to the idea. Sometimes that's the hardest part. Best of luck !

Any plans for a Linux version ?

Thanks for the reply, looking forward to it. Good luck !

Thanks for the quick fixing. Trying it now !

The game page says Mac and Linux are supported but the downlaod is just an EXE file which is Windows only. Am I Missing something ?

Thank you very much ! Playing through the demo today and tomorrow :)