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Really liked this, great atmosphere! Great sound choices and I liked the layer/descent framing a lot.

Thanks! I'm surprised they left those old linksup.

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Hey, wanted to let you know I'd like to purchase this font for use in my game but I keep getting Paypal errors (both with my paypal balance and a debit card). I've been able to complete other transactions okay with my account, so I'm wondering if it's something on your end? (Feel free to contact me at )

Hey! I went ahead and uploaded the Linux version for here.

Hey there, we actually retired controller support earlier this year because of the vast variety of problems with making it work. If you'd like to use controller, my advice would be to start the game without the controller plugged in, then plug it in and use Joy2Key to convert controller inputs into button presses.

i love it!

maybe 2020!

Hey, when setting up a sale with a catalog where the games need to have different discounts, currently I have to set up one sale for each game because each has a different discount %.

A useful feature would be the ability to define a single sale, but set different discounts for each game, while still being able to see the sales breakdown per-game.

This could even just be a tool that lets me click once but create N number of sales with the same timespan and name.

That is, either:


- I create "Summer Sale" to discount Anodyne at 50%, Even the Ocean at 25%

- Each purchase of Anodyne or Even the Ocean is tracked separately vs. being lumped together  - this might be done already but I haven't checked in a while.


- I use a bulk tool to create "Summer Sale" , and apply it to Anodyne + Even the Ocean, choosing a single date range but separate discount percentages

- Both games now have separate sales pages , but I only had to pick a date range and click 'make sale' once