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thank you for reading!

Really liked being sent out of the 'game' forcefully! Was very tense having to turn the light switch on and off. The "HD" and "Lo-fi" visual differences are really effective and I like how the game loops on itself.

really cool visuals! I enjoyed the purple tile water place and the grass field's elevator a lot. 

My PS4 controller didn't seem to work for some reason - I found the mouse controls hard to use since I use a left-hand mouse. Maybe the run key could be both shifts, or a toggle?

Hi! You have to place the dust below the acrobat.

very interesting structure. I love the way its at-first dream logic of the spatial connections become coherent through the game's warp screen, narrative elements and repeated visits!

and of course the camera angles! (And the effective writing).

You shouldn't need to install anything related to AIR to run the Mac and Windows versions. The Linux version, you might - but I'm not sure how to get that running (which is why it says unsupported, unfortunately). Still, you might be able to get advice if you hop on our  discord server -

It's something related to building the game with Adobe AIR, you can delete it if you want, it doesn't matter for players

my suggestion is to use joy2key - it takes about 2 minutes to set up a profile because anodyne 1's inputs are pretty simple

Some controllers do work.

this was really cool! the loneliness and distance there was from other planets/people in particular. it was very interesting to get used to the slow, interface-heavy controls and slowly realize that carrying out the missions wasn't as neutral as it seemed at first. I'll have to go and read the news + registry entries carefully.

thank you!! glad you liked it. we are very proud of this game and what we achieved for sure!

Really liked this, great atmosphere! Great sound choices and I liked the layer/descent framing a lot.

Thanks! I'm surprised they left those old linksup.

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Hey, wanted to let you know I'd like to purchase this font for use in my game but I keep getting Paypal errors (both with my paypal balance and a debit card). I've been able to complete other transactions okay with my account, so I'm wondering if it's something on your end? (Feel free to contact me at )

Hey! I went ahead and uploaded the Linux version for here.

Hey there, we actually retired controller support earlier this year because of the vast variety of problems with making it work. If you'd like to use controller, my advice would be to start the game without the controller plugged in, then plug it in and use Joy2Key to convert controller inputs into button presses.

i love it!

maybe 2020!