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Steam key after itch purchase

A topic by crazygamerdude17 created Feb 11, 2023 Views: 270 Replies: 3
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I notice you seem to be really active with responding to comments so I was wondering, would there be a way to get a steam key from an itch purchase? When running the game from the folder, Anodyne is added to my steam client but is labeled as “purchase” instead of “play”, why add it to my library if I can’t play it without another purchase? I already have it installed because whenever I launch the exe, steam launches the game while still being labeled as “purchase”


Hi, I think Steam opening is a quirk of Anodyne being old and how it handles Steam - is the game still playable?  Does it still open Steam if steam is closed? If the game works fine I generally don't give out Steam keys.

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Ok, the game itself works fine, I don’t know whether or not it will change when steam is closed because I decided to play it on my steam deck and added it as a non-steam game, at first the game wouldn’t launch at all and would only add the steam game to my steam library but after a bit it just launched the steam game, it just says that it is running the game through steam and it will leave the steam game in my library for about another 2-3 days, also steam deck always has steam running so I may have to test it out on my windows laptop, proton may have also played a role because I had to use the windows version since the Linux version doesn’t seem to work and I instead just used the windows version with proton, either way so far the game seems great. 

P.S. the game isn’t supposed to go full screen right? At the start it says use C to change screen but using C didn’t do anything for me, the game remains in a tall rectangle, a sort of [] shape


Hi! The game goes full screen in the sense it will fill the screen (with borders) but the game is fixed at that gameboy-esque aspect ratio.