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How to get people to download my game

A topic by Phantom Games created Mar 10, 2018 Views: 1,317 Replies: 7
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Hello Guys,

I have had few games uploaded but I don't really  have that much downloads most of the time not even one download. Can somebody please help me on how to make my game standout a little more.

Hey Phantom! Just a thought, but you may want to spice your pages up a bit. Some custom headers/banners and video go a long way toward making people interested in your project.

If it helps you get started, we do offer a pack of templates and premade themes for you to use as well.


You also need to be active and promote your game in places. Like on social media, and blogs. If you can spare a few dollars, ads might help, too. But definitely don't just sit and wait. :)


The biggest problem I see is that you have either 1 or 0 screenshots. (An image of your logo does not count as a screenshot). Very rarely is someone going to download a game that they can't preview. Your screenshots are going to be your game's impression so you should spend some time choosing ones that represent your game and encourage someone to check it out. If you're having trouble getting good screenshots then you might want to revisit your game. Is it something you're proud of? It is it ready to be shared with the world?

Once you've got your screenshots down then I recommend adding some kind of video. It's relatively easy to record footage of your game, so converting that into a gif or providing a trailer will go a long way towards helping someone decide if they want to play your game.

The last step is effort. There are 100 thousand games on, if you want your game to get someone's attention you have to be willing to put effort into creating your game and presenting it. Someone who is browsing has limited time, and they going to immediately filter out something that looks like it's low quality or low effort. Likewise, as a curator of games, I'm very rarely going to promote a game that show's very little effort put into it. We want to encourage people to put their best work forward, so don't expect to get people downloading your game just because you uploaded it.

Also, I removed the link to your games, since this board is not for advertisement.

Hi Phantom,

Looks like you followed their advice, the videos give a good idea of what to expect.  And grats on what you've produced too! :)  So, 14 days in, have the downloads picked up for you? 

Did you already checked your CTR? The guys from added this feature to the game's analytics, and really helps to bring some insights.

For instance: how many impressions did your games had? Why people didn't clicked on it. You know the landing page is important, but if nobody clicks on your game while browsing, then the landing page is a secondary task. You first need to bring people to your game's page. Try to improve your game's cover. Maybe a .gif? Maybe some guys screaming out loud in red backgrounds. Focus on actually hook people to your game's page, then do the job of convincing them that your game worth their time (screenshots, features, trailer, etc..). 

My game The Eerie Adventures Of Kally have all of that and it really plays great, but not enough people visit the page, it doesn't matter how the page looks like when looks it looks nice.

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*edit* all going well. :)