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The Great DS

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Thanks a lot Nathan, the game is totally made from Raycasting Sprite techniques, those aren't 3D cubes, they are tesselators represented with bounds and a single sprite that follows the camera, i found that i can fix this by hiding unwatchable castle blocks, like those in the inside, by the way, i really like how is going the development, im finishing for the end of the jam a Creative Mode, so you can build your castle and fight against it  :3

"Sorry for the delay of the reply"

Thanks Handy! I am glad you enjoy it, im playing plot hole :P

Totally!  :D

Thanks Marouan, i am so happy that you enjoy it!  Im still working, cause i believe this could be very fun, expect a Creative Mode  :]

Thanks Fripop! I am glad you enjoy it <3

Thanks a lot Miro for playing it! I already vote your game :D

The game is so cool! I felt sometimes that the camera was so annoying with the constant rotations hehe, however, it is very chilling to play, it made me stress some levels cause the ball isn't fast enough for me, very great game :D

Thanks Cenphon! That's not a bug, is a button in the top-right corner of the screen true? That's a reset button to retry the game, the game have a pause, it happens when you use your browser doing other things , i debug to found the problem,i didn't found any trouble  ;)

Thanks a lot for playing it! Yeah, you could before place a lot of launchers with mines and being able to drop the castle very quick, however with the new enemy "Dragon", he can destroy many of your launchers if you abusing too much the castle, let's say that the risk is increased this new update :]

The graphics and sound are very retro lul "I loveeee Breaking The Tower"! 

Thanks a lot for playing it! That's the game making sure that you can't build above the blocks and launchers.. I fix that with an icon now ;)

I am glad you had fun with the game :D

Thanks a lot Igoru! :]

I replied to the old comment lol! Sorry about it hehe, I am so glad you enjoy it m8, remember i love you as a player  on my game :D

Keep working on your dreams! 

HOW?? :S,  that's weird hehe, by the way this is a spoiler >;/ 

Wow! That's insanity all those mines haha!!  It could lag when there's so many caos.. However i worked my best to make sure there's as less lose of frame rate as possible "There's only 10 explosion particles for the entire game, that's pooling hehe :]"

I am glad you enjoy it Mario, thank you very much! :D

Thanks MattisV! :D

Thanks VCP! Yeah, when there's so many it could get annoying :S,  but is something im going to fix soon  :3

Thanks CloakedBytes! I am glad you enjoy it  ;)

Thank you very much Ashk!  Is things that happen, and when they do we gotta keep walking and move on.. This game was my walking through his passing, and i love when you guys have fun with it cause i know we would too.

Also, totally congrats about your game my dude! I played it and rated already for it  :]

Thanks m8!  Im so happy you had fun with my game man!  :3

Thanks Shellder!  I thought about it like a toybox with tools to destroy and have fun hehe :P

Thank you very much Amin! I think also about it, there could be more enemies, even some with shields that resist your launchers and dragons that you can't reach by default means.. interesting!

I didn't forget about you Amin! I'm playing tonight your game :D

Thanks a lot ipoliovy!! :D

Thank you very much Bagumus! I am glad you enjoyed my game, i knew when i uploaded the build that i would receive feedback about the sound of launchers when there's many chaos, so this next update i want to fix that so you guys can enjoy it,  with a creative mode that you can use to build your own castle.

Wish you the best man :]

Thanks a lot Trevz!  They really sound like popcorn when there's many haha! The secret is for you and all of the players made with love, also for my grandpa  ;]

Thanks Algan!  DIGGER is added to my play list so i'll let you know when i play it :P 

Thanks graves! SUPER Inspired on Breaking The Tower by the way, i felt in love with that game and as the only way for playing it is on desktop with a .jar file..  I felt this could be a cool online successor, just with a different kind of mechanic hehe.  

Wish you the best <3 

Thanks a lot Mamajepa! My little brother just told me the same!! And that you guys would love to have a castle editor so you could beat your own castle and make unique structures "Which is something im working right now :P".   This is probably my best jam game i ever made after 6 years of jamming hehe  :]

Wish you the best ;]  "Your game is on my play list, i'll later let you know"

Thank you a lot! It feels satisfying when there's also many launchers at the same time and the castle just got melted hehe  :3

Thanks artbohr! That was my objective after all hehe, making a fun as possible game  ;]

Thanks man! Yours is also great :]

I am so glad you had fun WanSouPL! I'm working right now in the game, fixing details, adding a creative mode where you build your castle, etc..

It should be good! After many games i made, Beat The Castle is one of my most unique ones lmao  :3

Thanks Winnitude! I was very focused in the simple mechanic of launching and placing units hehe  :]

Thanks giohd and Good score! I've seen even people that beat the castle in 6 minutes  :O

"I somehow just finish it in 7 or 8 everytime i try haha"

Thank you ejsergi!  :D

Thanks my guy for playing it! That's one thing i have to look at, cause i think i over polish the audio coding and then i use only two audioSources for everything, i believe i can fix that with some more, thanks for the feedback  ;)

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Thanks Craig! Im playing Going Deep and about to rate it, i'll let you know :]

Thanks dima!  I believe i could add even islands with lava, and different elements that affect your launchers! Sounds cool right?  Idk i could do many things hehe :]

I am glad you enjoy it man! I'm working now on the game, on a creative mode where you build your own castle to then fight against, hehe :]

Thank you very much!  I'm about to play yours  ;)