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The Great DS

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Already posted my playthrough of your game in your submission page!

Did a playthrough for it and rated! Great game, very fun!  Much love <3

Posted the gameplay at the game's page! Great entry ;)

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Did a gameplay for it! Thanks for this fun entry!  Much love <3

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Hi there! My name is DS Nahogara, i am a game developer and let's player, if you want me to play your entry for the Brackeys jam reply me your game on this post!  I'll rate them in the end and post in your page.


  • -Describe me what your game is about!
  • -Bring me your game's rating page so i can have the chance for rating it and playing aswell.

That's all! Have fun and subscribe if you like my content <3

Thank you very much! Glad you liked it <3, it is a very weird game "I LOVE jetset radio", there's a hotfix for switching mouse invert at will  ;)

Thank you very much! <3

Thank you very much for playing it! The camera needs more love hehe

Very cool game!  I had fun with it, it was very insane and fit 100%  the theme, the aesthetic reminds me of nintendo 64 games, which i really love,  awesome work!

Sweet game! It was a very hard game, mostly because i had to understand the recipes and cook state colors, but overall the graphics, soundtrack and gameplay, was pretty cool experience, great job!

Awesome game!! I lovee the 3D pre-rendered style, and the animations too, very cool entry!

Thank you very much for playing it!  Rated aswell yours <3

Thank you very much for playing it!

I really like the idea!! The events are truly randomized right?  I like the graphics and how useful can be the button in times, great job!

Thank you very much for playing it!!  Glad that you liked the game, camera needs more work behind, try hotfix for invert controls in case that's the problem hehe

You know that we talked hehe!  But thank you very much for the feedback and playing it   ;)

That's the spirit!! Thank you very much for playing it  :3

T H A N K   Y O U !!   :3

Thanks a lot! Glad you like it,  there's still things on the craft  ;)

Thanks for playing it!! Camera needs more work behind, but im glad you enjoyed the game!

Feels bad, i definitely need to touch the camera in the future, you have hotfix that inverts the camera on will, but i think you mean the movement itself,  thanks for playing it  :3

Thank you very much for playing it! <3

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I've released a Hotfix where you can invert the cameras at will! Should be fine now :)

The link is in the front page, and in the devlog news.

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This is Greed & Pump!  a 3D Hardcore platformer with ragdoll physics, about a rapper and a demon!

Here's a quick trailer for it:

Cool entry! Simple and clean, it reminds me  from those programs from the tv  like wipeout lol, fun little game to play, great work!

Stressing game! He's walking here for sure, i love the graphic style and the soundtrack, the last dude was annoying xD, very cool entry! 

Great game! I love the art and the soundtrack, the game crashed while throwing some veggies for some reason  :/,  but overall very good game!

Cool game! I love the blast of the bomb weapon, and this game fits the theme a 100%, i find the movement quite sliding?  But i think it  can be fixed in the future, great job!

Very cool game! Just reached the double jump cancel, couldn't do it with the double platforms damn "Im BAD at 2D platformers btw xD" but it was a nice experience!  Only things i would do is to bring checkpoints and making the double jump more precise, when you double jump it does it respecting your fall speed, so if we fall and press double jump we don't double jump as we keep falling, i think this can be fix making the Rigidbody to reset the Y velocity!   Overall, great game!! Hardcore af lul

Great game! They are liers haha, that made the experience even more chaotic lol,  finally found Ivan but didn't know where to go after that, but still, the graphics and movement is very cool!

Awesome game! That final boss fight was pretty insane! I love the graphics and the feedback from the shooting, great job!

Fantastic entry! The variety of weapons and enemy interactions!! The sweet art, the gameplay, etc.. It's very insane work behind, very cool game, great job!

WOW! Felt like an ass when i reach the last levels after skipping level haha!! CLEVER game, fantastic entry! The progression of the game is very cool, you literally try to win even tho the game tells you to skip haha.

Very cool game! I almost had a heart attack during the last wave holymoly! I think making just one click could make it more enjoyable instead of using both space and click, but it is a great entry! Congrats.

Thanks for playing! I'll be touching more the camera on the future  >.<

Cool little game! Simple but very solid, i like the idea of shooting eggs to people, also  great work for your first game!

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Fun game! It dig the theme 100%!  I think gravity is too high, spent many times trying to reach platforms with my bomb jump, but this is very neat idea!  Great job.

Very fun game! I reach 80 bees, i got anxiety attack from the bee hive chunk from the trees! tons of bees lmao, great job!

Thank you very much for playing it! Binding is very important for platformers so i'll go with it in the future   ;)

Thank you!  <3