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The Great DS

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Good Spooky horror game!  I had a good time Tekeing around, the ambience here is very well polished, and even tho i just had one of the two endings this is great, also the ending got me, well done!  <3

Very fun game! The art is dope too, i would loved to upgrade the shooting from the ship but being able to dodge the enemies around will do for a lot, great work!

This game is one of the coolests!  The knockback from the shooting allows for some sick saves from the spikes and the randomness from the level allows unique layouts, this gotta be one of my favorites from the jam, awesome work!

Great entry! I love how you can dive so fast into the ocean and the shooting action feels very good, as a detail feedback it would be awesome having some sort of radar to check on the nearby enemies out of the screen so you can prepare to shoot, this is a very good game, nice work!

This is a very fun game!  This reminds me of Loco-Roco in the rotating control aspect, i would love if the fish could rotate faster, but even tho this adds more challenge into the game,  great work!

The atmosphere of this game is very cool, i always loved dream related games and this one does a great job in just focusing on going deep,  would love to just have more areas and stuff for exploring, keep this up!  Great work

Absolutely clever game! One of the deepest from the jam :D
Great work

Thanks! Glad to hear you had a spooky time :D

Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it! :D

This gotta be one of the funniest entries!  I reached day 16, and i feel i haven't been done yet with the game!  I liked the silence from the mines, and that you added treasures aswell,  great work!!

Great game!  I didn't expected the famous Steve hurt2.wav sound lol, i liked the art style a lot and the different areas, the bubbles are a very clever feature and generally i could dodge easily lots of obstacles, also nice music choice,  good job!

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Thanks! I'm glad that you enjoyed, for sure, the main idea is the whole floor content changes "Drawers, bedrooms, etc" randomly,  and the cool thing is that the killer could be hiding under the beds..   the closets..   you get it now  ;)


Very good game! I found the fall damage a bit annoying but maybe it's me cause i suck at most platformers xD,  i loved that there's music variaty after dying and no air control in the dark with the torch makes you think twice before jumping,  it was fun,  great entry!

Thanks for playing Niven!  I would wish to have in time the stealing logic in time ;) , but yeah i'll be polishing it more,  i'm glad you enjoy it, There was going to be a "backtrack" into the entrance to escape, so yeah..  Plenty of scraps around, i'm happy to see you here again. 

This has to be one of my favorite games from the jam, the graphics are so good, and the sounds are so satisfying to listen, the gameplay becomes slowly engaging as you are upgrading your robot, it feels so lonely but the fact that you beat missions makes it better,  to me this a 5/5 game,  fantastic work guys!

Awesome game!! In the beginning it i've struggled to understand that i had to click the platforms, but i end up beating all the levels, very clever game, if there would be something to improve would be the inputs, for example instead of clicking every time i want to "+" or "R" something, leave the action active until i change my mind,  anyway, this is a great entry, very good game!

Great game! In the end i've got blasted with tons of flying rocks and couldn't catch em all because of how smooth slowly rotates "which looks good btw",  i loved the sound effects and HOW DEEP it is lmao, the gameplay is on point and it is very solid, well done!  

Thank you HalfZee!   I had to scratch as you can imagine lots of stuff from the game, but one of the goals was to bring traps, guns and defensive zones for your tower,  raids coming from nearby enemy towers, etc.   There is a lot of playground to do stuff and the game for now feels like a toy  xD.

it didn't happen to me :/  
That's  something weird to happen, i knew the play button could had more bigger clickable area but that's something new.

Why it didn't work?  You should be able to play it in my site lmao,  game had a massive problem with a bug that broke it, and couldn't upgrade the build from the game page,  that's why the link,  but the game still the same from the jam week period.      It is quite whacky when you fight the monsters or fall.

My mouse died, but it was one of the best entries from the jam!! Fantastic mining game, great job!

Thanks man! You know already there will be more in the future ;)

Thank you very much!! There will be new stuff in the future :)

Glad that you liked it!

Real fun little game, if just the upgrades wouldn't be out of order it could become even a lot funnier than already is!  great job :)   

Very fun top down shooter! Having your own shop of energy to buy upgrades was a great point, also the intro of the earth getting destroyed is 5/5,  great game!

This was a great game! the platforming feels very smooth and i loved how it follows your PAST movements as Tiana ghost from the other character,  fantastic entry!

Cool rythm game!! it is so nice how the lines connect with the beat allowing you to follow your next move, the idea of having a health bar made it better for me,  the music is neat and the graphics look very good.  Great job!

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Very cool platformer!  In the movable platforms there is sometimes where i couldn't jump "just by spamming and luck", i believe this could be solved by making the player stick in the top of them when grounded, in the other part, the graphics and the music are pretty neat!!
The cannon shooting level nightmare took me a while and raged haha! 

Awesome game!! It takes skill to be able to calculate where you will go with the grappling , it was quite hard "it may also be that i suck a lot at these kind of games xD"

I love the soundtracks and how you managed to make a story in such sort amount of time.
Fantastic entry :)

IT was a blast to play!  Very fun indeed, i would have added hp regen or something like that as i almost got bald dodging the bullets xD,  i like the procedural generation this game have, great job!

Damn it was a great mysterious game!  I was left with questions after sleeping, i'll try later again and choose this time the other answer in the voting xD
The graphics and very good and it does a great job keeping you on edge
"i was expecting some kind of jumpscare each screen scroll"

Hey there! I've got a cool infinite tower defense building game with action and memes.

Thanks for playing! You can rotate the camera with Q and E, i just didn't had time enough for a single tutorial

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I coudln't add in the end more dice stuff in the game's theme cause tight time, what the monster does is rolling the dice which increases or decreases the time he will get you,  still i could have added something else about that mechanic, however i hope you had fun jumping around.  Thx for playing!

Very fun game!  The way you need to choose the damage with the numbers is so clever.  Great game!

This was fun!  I may decrease the transparency of the low hp screen effect, and you could also do dice attack speed!  etc,  overall great game!

This game was fun experience!! The increasing pitch of the moves is a great plus, and the gameplay is solid and makes sense, the theme in this one is 5/5,  great job!