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Worst Game on Itch?

A topic by Keyboard Kirby created Feb 03, 2018 Views: 488 Replies: 14
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I am looking for the worst of the worst, broken, weird, and messy. Do your worst


you can play mine lol


All of my games

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For a long time I wanted to make an unofficial spiritual successor to Revenge of the Sunfish. I'll probably do it some day, until then you might want to google that one out.

I truly hope my game Stay In Your Seat can be included in this list. Until recently, it was incompatible with modern computer keyboards.

I would, but it's a hold down one button game that costs a dollar. No thank you, bad enough already

Deleted post

I realise this is unreleated however thank you for your support of NecroGames. Also we have been working on a new game.

My Newest game Called "Solid Adventure Began" Have been worst game ever build so far. https://legal-center.itch.io/soild-adventures-begans

Mine is lame... for now...


At least you have a Change, I kind don't


You could download my game crappybird, it's like flappybird but worse, I don't even tell you the controls but you should be able to figure it out.
PC and Android https://laranoz.itch.io/crappybird


My only published game has really crappy graphics and takes about two minutes to finish. Try that one for bad.

my current only one

I made this!

Totally Authentic Hacker App

(It just displays some fake console text on your phone. Lame and pointless, but intentionally so!)

I was thinking about submitting something, but then I realized I can't even stand out by having the worst game )-:

I have an unfinished one though from like 10 years ago that you can check out, though it's not Itch (since Itch didn't exist back then) - the idea was to make a "rip off" of Doki Doki Literature Club and Yandere Simulator (but keep in mind that it was actually years before those came out). So had I finished it, those games would have been regarded as a rip off of my game, but alas, I of course never finished it... http://www.no-neets.de/downloads/YandereSimulator-all.zip