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Worst Game on Itch?

A topic by Keyboard Kirby created Feb 03, 2018 Views: 763 Replies: 14
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I am looking for the worst of the worst, broken, weird, and messy. Do your worst


you can play mine lol


All of my games

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For a long time I wanted to make an unofficial spiritual successor to Revenge of the Sunfish. I'll probably do it some day, until then you might want to google that one out.

I truly hope my game Stay In Your Seat can be included in this list. Until recently, it was incompatible with modern computer keyboards.

I would, but it's a hold down one button game that costs a dollar. No thank you, bad enough already

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I realise this is unreleated however thank you for your support of NecroGames. Also we have been working on a new game.

My Newest game Called "Solid Adventure Began" Have been worst game ever build so far.

Mine is lame... for now...


At least you have a Change, I kind don't


You could download my game crappybird, it's like flappybird but worse, I don't even tell you the controls but you should be able to figure it out.
PC and Android


My only published game has really crappy graphics and takes about two minutes to finish. Try that one for bad.

my current only one

I made this!

Totally Authentic Hacker App

(It just displays some fake console text on your phone. Lame and pointless, but intentionally so!)

I was thinking about submitting something, but then I realized I can't even stand out by having the worst game )-:

I have an unfinished one though from like 10 years ago that you can check out, though it's not Itch (since Itch didn't exist back then) - the idea was to make a "rip off" of Doki Doki Literature Club and Yandere Simulator (but keep in mind that it was actually years before those came out). So had I finished it, those games would have been regarded as a rip off of my game, but alas, I of course never finished it...