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Emmanuel Goldstein

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Damn you Oprah!

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I thought this was an easy 5 minute casual indie game with no skills required... boy was I wrong... I mean it is - but actually getting to the credits is surprisingly hard...

Wow, that was awesome... though very unusual... not even sure what genre this is... and actually I really like it as it is... and I feel the game play elements (that it actually has) aren't even necessary at all.

That was really touching... I love how at the start screen the message covers her head. Didn't notice that at first.

Visual Novel  Maker... *sigh* I really like your concept and I might have even supported it, but I tried and I can't even get the demo to run, which isn't a surprise since VN Maker is basically strictly Windows only )-:

Hey, that's really cute... (and I realize it has some dark elements and is not for kids). Anyway, will the demo run on Linux by any chance? (If you used Ren'Py it will)

And are there no choices at all?

No Linux version? )-:

When will it be finished?

Uiii... sieht interesant aus.... Ich weiß nur nicht ob ich das bei mir zum laufen bekomme (hab leider nur Linux)


my name is Emmanuel and I have a German Visual Novel wiki called where everyone can list and review visual novels. 

Some time back I also made my own visual novels, 2 of which I have also uploaded here (one is in English and one in German). However I originally created them almost 10 years ago, so don't expect something mind blowing... but if you like them, I might start making new ones again and make longer ones ;-)

I was thinking about submitting something, but then I realized I can't even stand out by having the worst game )-:

I have an unfinished one though from like 10 years ago that you can check out, though it's not Itch (since Itch didn't exist back then) - the idea was to make a "rip off" of Doki Doki Literature Club and Yandere Simulator (but keep in mind that it was actually years before those came out). So had I finished it, those games would have been regarded as a rip off of my game, but alas, I of course never finished it...

I have a game that would fit perfectly - but then again it doesn't because I already long finished it and made it for another contest *sigh*

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So I HAVE press access, but if I go to the press panel, I just get an error saying :

{"errors":["invalid access level"]}
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Doesn't work )-:

Ah okay.. it works now... got an error first... but now it works... very cute... but it's kinda like how I feel meeting people anyway... just that I would never dare drag them to me and hug or even kiss them...

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Then you are thinking too literal...