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I found a few more VR if you wanna add:

It had a green cover, I think. I'm sure it was somewhere here on I came across it. When I search, I can only find a PICO-8 zine.

Perfect fix, thanks! :-)

Hi, I'm not very much into emulators, but managed to get the VICE version to run. However, I had no keyboard input, so after the cool intro, I was stuck at the title screen. What went wrong?

Here's a special collection: All the VR games I could find!

I have been working on this game for quite some time. It's one of those little project that just grew more ambitious over time. It's still just a casual Android game, but I did my best within the limitation of the platform. Please tell me what you think!

Here's my sales pitch:

A furious feast, frequented by fearless folks who, with fine-tuned focus and fingers of fastness, are flashing forward in a flux of frequent fails!

—NO ads.

—NO in-app purchases.

—NO special permissions.
—YES! 100 % pure twitch action!


Hey, don't bother checking the Xbox controllers! I just remembered that I had problem with them before -- I think it's something with my Huion monitor, or something.

Looks fun! But I couldn't get my Xbox controllers and Rift to work with it. :'-(

Good advice! I also thinks most people who consume smut would prefer a certain distance to the creator, since the stuff is kinda intimate.

One of the true wonders of the internet is that one can have several identities. It gives a lot of freedom to just be ToastMaster III, without being burdened by whatever identity you got stuck with in real life.

I have a VR porn game about 90 % finished. But I'm not sure if its smartest to publish under my real name or using a pseudonym. My guts tell me I should use my real name. Personally, I have a lot more respect for people who can stand up to what they're creating.

Still, most of my game development projects are not porn at all. Placing those next to my smut might scare some people away.  So it might be smarter to keep the smut rigidly seperated.

What says you?

Doesn't seem to work on CV1. Looks pretty good, though!

Couldn't get it to run on CV1. A shame, it looks interesting!

I'm using Rift CV1. When I started up this experience, I was greeted with a rather unfortunate message:

Note: No voice recognition enabled. Use nod/shake instead.

Huh? I had no clue I was supposed to have enable voice recognition somewhere. But okay, I tried shaking and nodding my head the best I could, hoping for some kind of reaction. But she just stood there, starring weirdly at me. There were some "New text" visible at the upper left corner of the room.

So while I was able to start the game in VR, the interaction pretty much failed. So I can't give much feedback on this. But besides that, I think the environment could do with some details: Stuff like a light source, or a door (how else are we supposed to have entered the room?) also, if the end user is supposed to kneel down, the floor could do with a higher resolution. It would be great with some environment sound, I'm thinking some underground cellar RPG stuff.

Sorry about that! I do have some ideas about how I screwed up. I think its related to the phones native resolution. But my source code is at the other end of the country, so It will take some time. So for now, I'll have unlisted the page from search. Thanks for valuable feedback!

Okay, I had toyed with this really silly idea for a while! But this game jam inspired me to actually make this thing:

Protein Glazing

It's a parody on high-concept cooking. While outlandish, I try to keep a straight face throughout, acting like I'm perfectly serious. I like the idea of taking a spoof to the extreme. Still, I did add tags for 'Parody' and 'satire', since I don't want to actually be dishonest.

I made this!

Totally Authentic Hacker App

(It just displays some fake console text on your phone. Lame and pointless, but intentionally so!)

I just found the (not very good) comic strip where I thought I saw the word. And actually you're right, it says "avantgarde-restaurant"! So strange, could have sworn it had been another word, had it on the tip of the tongue. Thanks! Finally I can stop thinking about it.

Nope, not that! I think it was something like 'concept food' (but not that either)

I'm finetuning my entry for Strawberry Jam 2 but need to use a very a specific word, and just can't remember it. See, high-concept restaurants typically serves some really wacky dishes ... raw liver with chocolate or things like that. What's the word for that kind of food?

I could publish the game without that word, but if someone could find it, it would be a great help.

Sorry about my opening statement! What I had intended to say was that if there are other people like me who just don't like pay-what-you-want (reasonable or not) then this might reduce the number of downloads. I don't know if it is the case, but I felt obligated to mention it since the download count is the threads topic. But I realize it came out as just me being super stingy!

Looks good! Are .fbx files included? (I'm on AGK2, not Unity)

I very seldom buy "pay-what-you-want". I prefer when games are either free or has a fixed price tag. But okay, I forced myself to download Gemstone Shooter, yeah, without paying.

There's a lot to like here - the simple graphic has style, and I dig the flying eyeballs. Reminds me of Residents Freakshow. The finger guns are a great!

The big negative is that the game is won in a couple of seconds, thus newer allowing you to get into the flow. The GUI right in front of my eyes are distracting and it is hard to tell the gems apart with that monster in the background. It would also be nice with some background music.

It has a good foundation, and I think the casual match-3 gameplay could work well in VR. Please give it some more work!

I just posted a thread about the same topic! Personally, I just found out about the NSFW settings a few days ago. I'm designing a naughty game, and to make sure it gets optimal exposure, I'm going to to publish a CENSORED version too, which doesn't need a NSFW rating. And discretely mention that they can enable NSFW content if they want the risky version!

I'm currently working on designing an erotic art museum for VR. Just to know how much exposure I could get on this site, I'd like to ask a question:

In your profile settings, have you enabled "Show NSFW content in search & browse"?

Worked fine on Rift CV1. Nice idea, I scarequited real fast!

Nice! SteamVR got it to work on my Rift CV1, with touch controllers. Couldn't figure out how to "swipe" to change camera angle, and Home took over when I first ran it. But besides that, thanks, it's plenty awesome!

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The company Oculus have created four different HMDs:

  • Samsung Gear VR (together with Samsung)
  • Rift DK1 (Rift Developer Kit version 1)
  • Rift DK2 (Rift Developer Kit version 2)
  • Rift CV1 (Rift Consumer Version 1)

I personally have the Rift CV1. However, when I surf for games on, the games are simply listed as supporting 'Oculus' which is the name of the company, not the Rift HMD, and also, I have no idea if the games are made for DK1, DK2 or CV1. (these are different HMDs which are not compatible with the same games. Rift Developer Kit was the first VR people got to play with, so there was a lot of exitement and a lot of games was created for it.)

Right now, this site has lots of great VR content, but it is really offputting that I have to guess if those 'Oculus' games are compatible with my Rift CV1 or not.

Can anything be done to make things a bit more userfriendly?

Short but fun, and worked fine in Rift CV1. A little rough around the edge, but this was a VR experience I never tried before. Hopefully, someone will use this idea in a full-fledged game!

Scarequited pretty fast!

Works in CV1

Hey, this looks interesting - but which Oculus versions does it support?

"COMBO 029" - yeah, now I noticed it! I think I kind of ignored that area, since I considered it not to be part of the here and now gameplay.

Still can't get left trigger to slow down the turning, though. I'm looking all the way to the left while pressing and releasing the trigger, but didn't notice any different. I'm using Oculus CV1 with whatever xbox controller it's shipped with.

Have you tested how the gameplay is if you disable the ships inertia? I'm thinking of instant movement as seen in games like Robotron. Speaking of inertia used in games, I played the heck outa the Bob shareware version back then!

I just noticed that how far down you press the right trigger determines the laser size. Only eyecandy, it seems, but always fun to discover details like this!

I never really gotten into space sims, but this one is quite good! I really get the feeling of beeing up against a massive horde of foes.

Let's see ... head-movement is used to rotate you in any direction (roll, yaw and pitch). The left controller moves you forward/backward/left/right. Finally, the right controller moves you up/down. It kind of works, I think. At least, head movement is way more reliable than xbox controllers.

The left trigger should slow the turning and there should be a combo-meter too. I didn't notice any of this.

I have to almost touch my shoulder with my head to do a roll. Likewise with pitch and yaw. Maybe finetune the turning so they requires less extreme head positions?

The 3D crosshair is a cool design idea but it's really distracting. I rather be without.

It would be cool if the ship slowly broke apart when you got damaged. Some cockpit details would be good too. I can do you some 2D graphic, if needed. My address: kasperhviid (at)