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Got this one with the Indie bundle for Palestinian Aid. Started reading it because, well, necromancy is fun! Okay, the ending was a bit rushed, but the rest is just so good it doesn't matter. The underground necromantic city is such an wounderous setting and the lore further shapes the world without weighting down the action. A lot of modern novels simply describes the events with as much engagement as a weather forecaster, but here, the language is alive and inventive without being showy. The story gave me a bit of a Discworld vibe; cozy and fun, but with a more serious core.

You got Jill to work? Splendid! Please tell me how. My mail is kasperhviid over at gmail

Thanks, good selection! Will see if I can get them added in the next update. This is still pretty much an in-dev project, so lots of classics are missing.

Had a bit of trouble with Jill of the Jungle though. It didn't return to the batch file it was run from (the menu) so I ended up just removing it. Might try it again!

No, I don't look for games to buy in my library! I meant on the main page, of course. Sorry I was unclear.

As I see it, it wasn't that this bundle specifically broke the UI. The UI is simply not suitable for anyone owning more than a handful of games. The site has hundreds of thousands of games available, so it's no surprise if people's libraries grow pretty big over time. Recently, I wanted to use a music asset I once bought. To find it, I had to go to the main page, find the right category and scroll down through the results until I found the asset so I could memorize its title. Then I had to click the upper-right dropdown to go to my library, click "View all", scroll down repeatedly so that everything was loaded, and finally do a Ctrl-F to search for the asset name.

So the library kind of has this upper limit. Once it grows larger than you can manage by scrolling through it, it becomes kind of broken and unmanageable. Admittedly, collecting more games than you can play may seem silly, but it's quite normal for a lot of players. That's why we have bundle sales pretty much everywhere. I think the site should do its best to cater to those who actually play games. After all, we upload our games here in the hope that others are going to play them.

So, what do you think?

IMHO, the library really needs a makeover. I mean, some people literally created an alternative website, specifically to enable customers to browse the games in a specific bundle. I often see some games I want to buy, but then I end up thinking about how awkward it is to locate the game I already bought, and then I won't bother.

Hello again!

Just wanna say that a black-and-white version was a pretty good idea. Also, I have given some thought to your feedback, and here's my brainstormy roadmap for the next version:

— I scrap the tokens. Each player simply collects their victory points in front of them.

— Instead of the current missions, each player has a blueprint, a certain hex shape that must installed on the board. Three Laser towers in a row, for instance. (There's no rules for the placement of the hex.)

— This one I'm not entirely sure about, but I consider adding some progression so that the game starts slow and the points begin rolling in faster and faster. The players can't place Goo Farms before they reached 4 goofication. And after getting 7 in HEGTA, Laster Towers give double points. This could also be a card drawn at the start of the game, adding a specific rule.

Thanks, that’s some solid feedback! I wasn’t really thinking of it as a euro game myself, since I’m a bit of a board game newbie and that word isn’t really a part of my normal vocabulary. But whatever direction the game may take, I think I'll try to hold on to that euro game core.

 I should have spelled out that you discard the suits after use. Thanks for catching this! Also, yes, the rules certainly are in need some illustrations.

 The goal of the game is to avoid ending up with the ticket. But it kind of demand more than two players, since the ticket is passed on (or not) when you count your score. While it doesn’t alter gameplay, I think it gives the game another feel when the whole game is just to not be the one losing. I liked it in Looping Louie and that old eighties card game Dynamite where you had to avoid being the one setting the dynamite off:

But those games both have a gradual countdown mechanic—your eggs get smashed one by one, the timer on the dynamite timer ticks down—and this element is missing from my game. I felt Terraforming Mars had a bit of a weak end-game, where you just ran out of stuff to do and stopped, so I wanted ‘something’ to spice things up. 

I’ll add polishing up the components to my todo-list, but more important is how to make the stuff on the board relevant to the game. And in a way that doesn’t take attention away from the primary card mechanic. Need to do a serious brainstorm session on this! 

About making the game more printer-friendly, could you tell me more about the issues? I pretty much designed it to be print’n play, so this needs fixing!

@Billiam: That sounded like it was supposed to work, but alas, it didn't. But thank you for trying!

@Cimento: Sorry, that was poorly worded. I only meant that, when editing the theme of the page, I had set the screenshot dropdown to hidden, to no longer display the screenshot sidebar. Instead, I pasted the raw url of the images into the games description.

I have found a workaround at this page: It simply uses 1000px wide images instead of 1080px, so that the margin doesn't matter!

Hi, thanks a lot for your suggestions, but I still can't get it to work. I think I saw one page doing it, or maybe I'm mistaken.

Transparency is fun, I guess, but not really what I'm after at all, or do I misunderstand something?

I have screenshot set to hidden, and places the images inside the middle column. But the image gets a 20 pixel border at the left and right, despite being 960 pixel wide. Any way to make it fill out the entire column?

AppGameKit Classic!

Solid experience, but not knowing the context made me feel that I experienced it wrong. You can improve it a lot by simply adding an English description to this page!

When I saw the title, I read it as HERPES UNIVERSITY :-O

Sure thing, here ya go!

The reason we create games is that we want people to play them. But sadly, site has never really priotized players. To even access your library, you need to go to a submenu in the upper-left dropdown menu. There's no ability to sort your library by existing categories, or to see which games you already own.

Someone created to help people get an overview of the games in the BLM bundle. But this is basic features which should had been in the library to begin with.

Sure, if you only bought 5 games or so, then you know what the games are. But as soon as your collection grows, it becomes really hard to manage. I have personally considered buying a game, but then I looked at my mess of a library, and reconsidered. has always been sort of a hangout place for indie game creators. So there were loads of games and very few people playing them. I think its time to priorize gamers. Because, I kinda want people to play my games, you know.

I looked into GameGuru since I thought it could make making 3D levels easier for AppGameKit. But it just way to bothersome to convert to AGK.

Right now, I'm trying to to learn Godot since it got a lot of 3D features lacking from AGK, while still having a kind of simplicity to it.

Found it! Sadly, it looks like the itch page was pulled. Here's a backup of the original sales page:

But I found a version for sale here:

Good point. I didn't even think of the practical implications. Also, you can place GUI elements outside of the arena, so it don't obscures the action.

If the borders were a part of the gameplay, something physical you can bumb into, then it makes sense to let it be a visible in-game element rather than just the monitor edge.

I tried splitting Resistance is Fruitile up, so that the play area is to the left, with the non-playarea stuff marked with red. It really take up alot of screen area! Might be worth it, but it's really a bold design decision.

Here's a screenshot from the very old game Robotron 2084. Notice how where is a sort of arena (the red line) encapsulated the action:

The same design was seen in Smash TV, which made the arena design a part of the story:

And here is a couple of modern Robotron-like games, Cecconoid, Retromancer and Resistance is Fruitile which sticks to the arena design:

(All three games are way fun! I got them with the Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality)

In older games in general, the interface often took up a lot of the screen estate. Just take a look at Dream Web, Wolfenstein and Wing Commander. Of course, this was a practical decision to keeping the requred computing demands to a minimum.

Today, the trend is to have a discrete HUD giving some basic information. Some games even try to clear the screen of any GUI element altogether.

I'm currently toying with a Robotron clone of my own. This has made me wonder what value it has to the experience that there is this visible arena around playfield, as opposite to just let the screen edges makes up the border?

A hidden jewel! The retro aesterics has a really unique look, and the frantic action makes Nuclear Throne feel like a turn-based. Good job!

Also, I found a bug! When you select Continue after you die, and get to the "Choose Your Class", it won't accept any xBox controller input until you click somewhere with your mouse.

Purely AGK, but I'm trying to get into Godot.

The .pdf isn't designed for onscreen viewing, but for printing: You print the odd pages, turn the stack over, print the even pages, and fold the stack in the middle. As you might gather, this requires the pages to be presented in a rather weird order! :-)

I found a few more VR if you wanna add:

It had a green cover, I think. I'm sure it was somewhere here on I came across it. When I search, I can only find a PICO-8 zine.

Perfect fix, thanks! :-)

Hi, I'm not very much into emulators, but managed to get the VICE version to run. However, I had no keyboard input, so after the cool intro, I was stuck at the title screen. What went wrong?

Here's a special collection: All the VR games I could find!

I have been working on this game for quite some time. It's one of those little project that just grew more ambitious over time. It's still just a casual Android game, but I did my best within the limitation of the platform. Please tell me what you think!

Here's my sales pitch:

A furious feast, frequented by fearless folks who, with fine-tuned focus and fingers of fastness, are flashing forward in a flux of frequent fails!

—NO ads.

—NO in-app purchases.

—NO special permissions.
—YES! 100 % pure twitch action!


Hey, don't bother checking the Xbox controllers! I just remembered that I had problem with them before -- I think it's something with my Huion monitor, or something.

Looks fun! But I couldn't get my Xbox controllers and Rift to work with it. :'-(

Good advice! I also thinks most people who consume smut would prefer a certain distance to the creator, since the stuff is kinda intimate.

One of the true wonders of the internet is that one can have several identities. It gives a lot of freedom to just be ToastMaster III, without being burdened by whatever identity you got stuck with in real life.

I have a VR porn game about 90 % finished. But I'm not sure if its smartest to publish under my real name or using a pseudonym. My guts tell me I should use my real name. Personally, I have a lot more respect for people who can stand up to what they're creating.

Still, most of my game development projects are not porn at all. Placing those next to my smut might scare some people away.  So it might be smarter to keep the smut rigidly seperated.

What says you?

Doesn't seem to work on CV1. Looks pretty good, though!

Couldn't get it to run on CV1. A shame, it looks interesting!

I'm using Rift CV1. When I started up this experience, I was greeted with a rather unfortunate message:

Note: No voice recognition enabled. Use nod/shake instead.

Huh? I had no clue I was supposed to have enable voice recognition somewhere. But okay, I tried shaking and nodding my head the best I could, hoping for some kind of reaction. But she just stood there, starring weirdly at me. There were some "New text" visible at the upper left corner of the room.

So while I was able to start the game in VR, the interaction pretty much failed. So I can't give much feedback on this. But besides that, I think the environment could do with some details: Stuff like a light source, or a door (how else are we supposed to have entered the room?) also, if the end user is supposed to kneel down, the floor could do with a higher resolution. It would be great with some environment sound, I'm thinking some underground cellar RPG stuff.

Sorry about that! I do have some ideas about how I screwed up. I think its related to the phones native resolution. But my source code is at the other end of the country, so It will take some time. So for now, I'll have unlisted the page from search. Thanks for valuable feedback!

Okay, I had toyed with this really silly idea for a while! But this game jam inspired me to actually make this thing:

Protein Glazing

It's a parody on high-concept cooking. While outlandish, I try to keep a straight face throughout, acting like I'm perfectly serious. I like the idea of taking a spoof to the extreme. Still, I did add tags for 'Parody' and 'satire', since I don't want to actually be dishonest.

I made this!

Totally Authentic Hacker App

(It just displays some fake console text on your phone. Lame and pointless, but intentionally so!)