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Looking for a free/cheap, non-horror game

A topic by DebbyDares created Dec 24, 2021 Views: 406 Replies: 16
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I'm strapped for cash and looking for a few extra games to play. I really want something to stream that my younger friends can watch, because StarCraft 2 is a "boy game" apparently and isn't really something I can stand for much longer anyway. However, all the free games I find seem to be horror.... Any suggestions? is a cool little sandbox game if you wanna check that out

also check out nevada's stuff she makes some cool stuff, with the exception off the doug walker game, that's just nightmare full

and im not sure if you like this genre, but you could check out this page, its a farming game im making (its far from release)



oh neat! I’m gonna check out some reviews and see what I’ll play come 2022!

What sort of games are you into? If you like reading and exploring, we have a playful fantasy visual novel adventure (it's free!):

Witches and Bandits and Swords (Oh My)


Ooooooo 😍

If your audience is young maybe this game could interest you   

Airshot is a brand new First-Person-Shooter. all though you will need some good computer parts for it

if you have a good computer, give it a try! 

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I have made a small Co-op Christmas themed game if you want to give it a try it is completely free here on 

Quick introduction

Santa and his helper are trying to deliver all his presents for Christmas eve but they are struggling because of fireplaces being turned on in multiple houses. You will have to work together to deliver all the presents.

The game is played in split-screen and 2 teams cooperate to deliver Christmas presents. 


Hi DebbyDares,

I recently made a Platformer you might like.  It's called Clouds and Tomatos and can be found here.  There's a maze game along with it, too, where you collect spiders and mice.   In anycase, I also have Colorful and PuzzlingDissolving FloorIcy Maze and Collectring Maze if you like maze/puzzle type games.  Also, if you'd like to take a look in general at what's available, you can do that here.

Hello DebbyDares,

What kind of games do you like, or what are the interests that you like to find in a game?

If you ever like sci-fi and futuristic technologies, we released a demo of our game Exogate Initiative, a base-building & management game with a narrative twist.

You'll take the lead of an exploration program that owns a technology: the Exogate. It allows you to travel instantly anywhere in the universe. Make your program run by building your base, recruiting & managing international specialists and sending them exploring exoplanets with unique fauna and flora. You'll get in touch with your teams through choice-based micro-stories.

Find the demo here:

I’ll play anything that isn’t a modern horror game (jumpscares and anticipation of jumpscares being all the horror)

Ra-shoot is a 2d game that you try to survive as long as possible while getting the highest score you can. This is not a horror game and it is free, so I hope you will try it

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Hi, check this and name your own price

If you like strategy games, then you might enjoy : Sweets Tower Defense.
It is a work in progress, we have most of the features out such as solo play, survival, and multi player and soon we would be releasing challenge mode where you would create a room and challenge a friend... 

It may be fun to challenge someone on the stream.

Are you up for the challenge?

i'm posting here The Last Planets:, a Physics Based, Infinite  Run, Based on Planets Game for Android and Project Aethia: This is a Demo Parkour, Fantasy and Puzzle Game.

If you would try them, let me know how they are ^^ And happy new year :)

Hi DebbyDares :)

If you want free non horror game, you can play one of my game : Puzzle Puss.

You can go for TheSource -

Apparently, I made this game in 4 days for a game jam. It is a puzzle-platformer where you have only one power source, but many bots to power. Use your brain and form tactics to escape the facility with all the bots!

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