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PS. everything in the game was made in the 3 days no assets etc were purchased / reused 

Would love too

Im not going to make any more but it has been really fun to mess around with explosions and destruction in unity 

My game is right here

I posted my game yesterday but its not here wtf halp 

Hello you forgot the data folder the exe will not work without it 

10/10 Would not play again ;) Not that bad tho could use a lot of fixes 

No problem its a broken game i stopped working on it do to all the bugs 

I did not make the game for the jam allthough i had a nice game but unity was acting way to buggy 

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Yea the five notes will repeat over and over again i were using a software i dindt rly knew the interface off soo i was strugling hard with the music i got a new software where i made some better music in already now for the next game jams ill join 

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I think they were a unity realated bug in my game because the editor ran totally diffrent then the real game. Soo i add to add more speed to the cars else they would drive like a 1/10 of the real speed 

There are no extra colors those are just illusions created by your own brain ;)

Hey are you using nureal networks? 

I had a lot of problems  with unity and ended up not having enough time i will just post my game as it is tho :) 

:) Thx 

What is the theme or when will it be revaled?

Pretty nice game overall 

Giant pizzas and thx for the nice comment

Very good game nice game and good concept quite deep

BDGE community · Posted in Errors

I will fix the controls in next week or weekend cause im working on the planes a lot right now to make them attack 

BDGE community · Created a new topic Feedback

Feedback is appricated a lot

leave me some feedback on my game, it will help me alot. Just give me feedback on whatever you like. 

Nice made

Hey my name is mikkel and i have startet to make small games in unity 2D and 3D. i have postet my first game here on

im looking forward to get a steam greenlight licens

Cubestroids community · Created a new topic ideas

any ideas for games or this game add em here