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Odd behaviors might occur, sounds funny indeed :D

Also, just a kind reminder that if you encounter any critical bug, you can use the bug reporting tool available by pressing the "Send Feeback" button available in the game menu :)

Hello! Many thanks for playing! To answer your questions:

1) Patents are one of many ways to earn money in the game. During missions, Scientists bring back samples and discover new scientific interests that they turn into patents. Once set up and published, your patent will provide a monthly earning to sustain your initiative.

2) Yes, we plan to add some research options from the Tech Tree in the demo, but we haven't defined which ones yet :)

Hello, thank you for playing! Can you please report these bugs in the bug report tool available in the pause menu, please? (the "Send Feedback" button, then select "bug" instead of "feedback" and tick the "Include Save" box on the left) It would help us track bugs better that way, thank you! :)

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Hi! It won't be possible to see the planets outside the base, but we're planning to add threats inside the base. We can't tell more at the moment, but it will remain management oriented.

Thanks for your comment, we've received similar feedback and we're currently doing a balancing work so that you have fewer injured Gaters in the demo :) In the full game, you'll be able to unlock the Medbay to heal the Gaters from physical and mental injuries.

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Thanks a lot! The game will be available here on and on Steam :)

So cool! We appreciate the feedback :)

Thanks a lot! It feels like you've been playing the game forever!

Our sci-fi base-building/management game with narrated explorations Exogate Initiative has now a demo!

We're a small French team and we wanted to introduce our sci-fi base-building & management game: Exogate Initiative. You'll embody the manager of a planet exploration program. A narrative twist allows you to take an active part in exploration missions.

  • Plan & build a research base with various rooms like Barracks, a Laboratory or a Workshop and basic & unlockable equipment related to them.
  • Recruit & manage international specialists from 6 different classes. They're unique and have their own needs, moods and skills levels. They'll gain experience and levels with each mission.
  • Send them to explore & study exoplanets: make unusual other-worldly encounters, bring back samples & alien technologies and guide your explorers' steps through choice-based micro-stories!

So... Are you ready to lead those steps out of the solar system?

Thank you! If you want to see more about the mechanics and know more about the story of the game, a long trailer is available at the top of the game page :)

Exogate Initiative

Guess we join the Unity squad as well

Yay, some brain exercise :)

Hello DebbyDares,

What kind of games do you like, or what are the interests that you like to find in a game?

If you ever like sci-fi and futuristic technologies, we released a demo of our game Exogate Initiative, a base-building & management game with a narrative twist.

You'll take the lead of an exploration program that owns a technology: the Exogate. It allows you to travel instantly anywhere in the universe. Make your program run by building your base, recruiting & managing international specialists and sending them exploring exoplanets with unique fauna and flora. You'll get in touch with your teams through choice-based micro-stories.

Find the demo here:

Exogate Initiative


We are Xeno Bits, a small indie game studio from Bordeaux, France.

After 3 years of work as a solo dev first and now a core team of 4 people, we are happy to announce that you can now play the demo of our game Exogate Initiative!

Download here:

To sum up Exogate Initiative in 3 main points:
  • Build your base for your own exploration program with specific rooms and equipment
  • Recruit and manage international specialists (Gaters) from different classes. They have needs and moods, so make sure that they have everything they need!
  • Explore exoplanets through the Exogate. Interact with your teams during missions through choice-based micro-stories. Choose wisely because these will have consequences on your employees' physical & mental health!

Please note that the content is limited on the demo, but you'll be able to arrange your base differently, try different outcomes of your missions or exploring other planets!

Also, you can report bugs by clicking on the "Send Feedback" button available on the Pause menu!

Also, feel free to join our community Discord server if you want to chat with us and share content related to the game or sci-fi! (link on the store page)

Thanks for reading, we hope you'll enjoy the demo!