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A tiny pixel based fantasy console! · By ZappedCow

Bugs/Requests Sticky

A topic by ZappedCow created Aug 15, 2017 Views: 555 Replies: 18
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Before posting a bug request please make sure you are using the last version of Pix64.

First of all, AMAZING idea. Great project indeed.

My only request is that, while I know minimalism is the name of the game here, I do think the manual could have a "details" section mentioning:

- "Barrier" items are destructible by the Player,

- Multiple goals itens will make the stage require all of them to win,

- Enemies leaving the screen wrap around,

- Arrow shaped player items are not controllable.

Playing the examples was indeed very quick, but still the point of documentation is to be complete.

(I would also really like another color that could destroy enemies. Maybe it could "glue" itself to player upon touch and move with him. But that's a design decision and I won't deny it's already a perfect closed product as is.)

Anyway, expect one or more carts of mine in the Fantasy Console Jam. Your project is a non-programmer's only hope of participating! Thanks a lot :D

Thanks a lot. Yes the idea was to stay minimalist. This is good feedback about the doc I could put that on the itch page and in the readme.

Some good ideas there. The ability to destroy enemies I'm not sure but what is very good is the "glue" idea. This would allow the player to move objects. So yeah a movable color. You can use it to block enemies or change their path, destroy a barrier (maybe). But also it could block yourself if you don't play it right. Could open more puzzle possibilities to the game. Definitively something I will think about :)

Thanks again for this great project!
Would it be possible to have an option to change the sound effects? 
I think that would help add to the flavour and mood of a set of carts. 

This is a good idea but it would defeat the purpose of having all the game data on a pixel image :( I'm aware the sound effects are annoying though, I plan to improve them.

Another approach would be to store the sound effects as WAV files in a 'sfx' folder than Pix64 load at start up. You then are free to put whichever WV file in your local Pix64 'sfx' folder.

I see! I was imagining something like your second approach, being able to replace the sound files in an 'sfx' folder. 

Do you plan on releasing an OSX version?  I'd love to take a look, but don't have a Windows machine.

Will try next release, if I get time to do a next release ;)

I'm sure it's a lot of work, but I feel a web player/editor could really get Pix64 to blow up.

Any plans to support Linux? Would love to use it!

You can run Pix64 (untested) using the following command within the Pix64 folder:

mono Pix64.exe

Normally mono is supported and installed by default on most Linux distributions.

I found a bug on the games loader. When you made different card call "card_1 card_2... card_9" it's okay, but if you made a card_10, it's going below the card_1.

Thanks for reporting that, should be fixed next release. As a workaround you can name your carts 'cart_01, cart_02..., cart_10'. This fixes the sorting.


And for the auto next level, how it's work?

Auto next works the same way, so currently there is the same bug. Does it answer your question?

Now, when I finish a level, the next don't come :/

We need to press a button? Or to wait?

pix64 is classic fun !!!    A suggestion: the  pallette file that comes with it, make  editable. So if the palette file has orange, there is orange in the game so people can make their own combos of colors!not sure how easy/hard that is..or  maybe theirs a  text file they can type 040443 or whatever color to customize games! kkeep up nice work lookin fwd to exporting to html etc 

That would be cool!

thanks    another idea is color based physics!LIKE  orange   would be heavy/   cornflower blue would be water.... could make platformers! I seen this done for a pinball maker! :)