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Yeah I now some cools tools, I wanted to maybe use PICO-8 for them but… I don’t have the time sadly…

Yeah sadly I loose some time trying to use a tools wich is overkill for 3 hours… But maybe next time

Ahah thank you! I’ve got only 3 minutes to make the levels xD

But I will make a postjam version with ~20 levels I think

Yeah I’ve got only 3 minutes to create the levels so they are very simple. But with all the nices feedback I will maybe create a postjam version!

Thanks! Yeah a bit of UI and feedback is missing, maybe for a better version in the future!

I will try to explain a bit better the game because it’s not very understandable…

Sadly, I don’t have the time to make a button to clear a bloc

Hé merci! Normalement j’avais des trucs en plus mais j’ai fais avec le temps que j’avais ahah

Thanks! I will maybe work on this someday in the future

Hello! I revive this thread because I think it can be so easy to enable it, it already exist with Coop Bundle! And I this feature will be a killer feature for all indies who don’t want to create a big structure for this.

Very nice entry, with nice graphics and SFX! It’s very cool and with very good idea!

What to say about a Punkcake Game. Nice visuals and VFX, beautifull pixel art, and a very fun gameplay!

One more game with your beautifull and stunning visuals effects!

Very fun game and nice work for a gamejam Game! Very beautifull, and fun to play

One again, a very cute and fun game, with simple but powerfull graphics! Nice work for a 72h made game!

Thank you for the nice comment!

Oh the game don’t want to launch! I’m going to see what can I do to fix that!

Thank’s for the feedback about the scrollbar, I’m going to see what can I do!

Oh, sorry. We hasn’t worked for an iPad compatible version because none of us as such device but if we have the time maybe we will try to fix it!

We think the matching system as a guidance for the game so no cheat here ahah!

Yeah, we think of just display the attributes you will have to fill or to keep them hidden and let the player search, but we made the choice to hide theme.

After all, we think it might be a little bit to difficult!

Fun idea, nice execution!

Nice idea. The art direction look’s realy nice!

Love the art style and very nice idea of game! Maybe the escaping mini-game is a little to hard but it’s not so bad!

Fun to play! Maybe the font of the tutorial is a little unreadable but not to bad

Very nice puzzle game. Maybe some lack of clarity about the timing of the cat

Very fun to play! Very nice presentation, the design looks so nice. Maybe a little to hard some times, the ball of the third screen is maybe a little to punishing

Very fun to play! I’ve just have some struggles with the parry timing but the execution is very cool!

Merci Antoine! Tu as donc réussis a trouver la clé a molette par toi même!

Merci Léo!


Thank you! The game is kinda cancelled for now, I don’t have the time to continue it ^^’


Arrow key to move the square and X to change tracks and restart train!

Oh you can config only on PICO-8 on desktop… My bad!

You can press the little keyboard on the right of the player to change the controll!

This is so fun for a small amount of code. Very nice work!

Thanks for your comment!

Maybe in the futur for the full version ^^


I'm so hype! I love this game!


I try it when I've a moment!