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No, you can use only 2 colors for all the game. Maybe I'm going to create an other game jam with this principle ^^


I died somewhere in the map (not on the base). When I respawn, I between a research station and a base water provider. I cannot walk and I have break the two item. After that, I've 2 water provider (one I've break from the map an other I've when I respawn) and 2 Reasearch station (same explication)

Oh sorry I was tired when I said that. I want to said you can use some sprite with alpha channel

You can only use 2 colors on screen. So with black, white and grey it's 3 ^^'

You can use transparent sprite if the colors is in the 2 colors

MewnBase community · Created a new topic Bug with the death


I've found a bug. When I died cause of no Oxygene, I respawn on structure (on a research lab and on a water provider for my base). The structure appared on my inventory but they are still place on the map, so they are duplicated.

Amazing work! 

Very fun to play! Good work!

Very nice game! Very fun to play and the music is fantastic!

Very nice game ^^ The gameplay is good!

Very fun games and with nice graphics ^^

The gameplay is very fun and I have not see that before

I love the graphism and the level of your game ! GG!

Thanks a lot! This is not the best game of the Ludum but I like to create it ^^

It's just some idea ^^' It's you who made this amazing game ^^

Very nice game! The art are beautifull and you learnd lot of thing to me with your Twitch stream

Thanks for the feedback! Yes I think it's not the better game I made :/

Wow thanks for the video! This is the first time my game is on a Youtube Video so I'm very happy ^^

Yeah, the control are not perfect sorry :/

I don't have lot of time to create it so I made what I can do :/

Very fun game!

Now, when I finish a level, the next don't come :/

We need to press a button? Or to wait?


I try to made a tutorial (on the screenshot tab) but maybe it's not explicit :/

thanks! I've work very hard to that ^^


And for the auto next level, how it's work?

I found a bug on the games loader. When you made different card call "card_1 card_2... card_9" it's okay, but if you made a card_10, it's going below the card_1.

Okay ^^

Hey! Thanks for your comment ! ^^ I don't know if I develope this idea because I've lot of different game and idea to create some games.

The arrow on the top is just to change the upgrade type, to publish, just use the square. And I can made it on one page but I don't know if it's better for the graph and I'm not able to center the bar. :/

Realy nice game!

Wow! Juste wow! It's very nice!

I think this game can by once of my favorite game on PICO-8!

Ow okay ^^

I'm going to do that ^^ Thank's for your reply!

It's possible to create a little game with Pix64? A little fantasy console without code.

If it's possible, how can we submit the game? In the community? Or just with a link?

The fantasy console link : https://zappedcow.itch.io/pix64

Thank's for anser and have a nice day ^^

This game was fantastic! GG!

okay! Thanks ^^

I've try ty use a Xbox 360 gamepad for play, but it don't work. Do you have a solution?

How okay ^^'

Thank's for your reply! Your games are awnsome!

Very nice game! I've try the demo and it's very nice! But how do you export PICO-8 games to Android?

Very nice game! Very zen and with very good puzzle!

This is a fantastic game! The sprites are beatiful, the gameplay to. PLAY IT!!

Thanks ^^


Do you find any bug? Error? Please write it here, so I can fix it ^^