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Hey!  Any chance an OSX version is coming?  I'd love to play it!

Thanks so much!  I was pleased with the idea I had as it relates to the theme.

Hey, thanks!  It's just a start, I suppose.  Hopefully I can make a better game out of it if I ever have time.

Yes - you're right about the clouds.  Very simple, but I like the added randomness.

Thanks for the comments and suggestions!  I didn't quite have time to come up with some kind of score idea, but perhaps just a simple monster kill count would be good.  And I like the idea of having the butterfly have more interactions - I wanted to add some sort of power-ups that would spawn high in the sky so the player would have to decide if they had time to abandon the guy to get a power-up.  Ultimately there are many ideas I didn't have time to implement.

Thanks, again, for the words of encouragement!

Really good, all around!  It took me a couple shots to figure out what I was doing and how to control the missiles, but once I got the hang of it it was really fun chasing things around on the screen!  The tutorial was great, and the graphics are super good - especially if you've never used PICO-8 before!  Really nice work!

This is awesome!  Great sprite animations, and a good difficulty level.  I loved the fact that ammo was not unlimited - I feel like that's very realistic, but not used enough in games!

Do you plan on releasing an OSX version?  I'd love to take a look, but don't have a Windows machine.

Follow Me!

A small, simple action game made for the Fantasy Console Jam #2 on PICO-8.

In Follow Me! the "hero" isn't quite smart enough to notice that he is being attacked by monsters, so it's your job to help him out.  Lead him to safety, and frighten him to victory!

This is really great!  A really good jam game, for sure.  It'd be awesome to keep ramping up the difficulty by adding more elevators, new floors, riders who change their minds, etc.  Not every jam game is fun to play, but this one totally is!  Really cool.

This game felt like an arcade game I would've played as a kid - great look and sound effects!  I also thought you did a great job of making the levels ramp up nicely - not too slow, not too fast.  I didn't make it past the 3rd level, but it was a great progression.  Nice one!

I like the race concept!  TBH I just can't press buttons and control my character fast enough to get past the 2nd jump.  Maybe I'm just not very dexterous, but I feel maybe I'd appreciate it if it started a little slower and worked up to the super fast pace.  Nice work though!  The monkey sprites are cool, and the level looked fun!

I love the cats!  Any game with cats rates high with me.  Great cat and fish sprites, and I like the simple controls.  I didn't have anybody to play with, but I could definitely see that it'd be fun to race to the fish.  Nice work!

This is super cool!  I'd love a full game like this, but I did enjoy just exploring around and seeing if there were hidden treasures.  Nice work!

So good!  TBH I had never heard of the game it's based on, but this is still a really good game all on its own!  Lots to do and to discover - it's an impressive amount to be done during a jam!

Very cool!  Definitely has an arcade feel - reminds me of being in a pizza parlor as a kid.  This is great for a jam submission!

Very cool demo!  TBH it runs at a very low FPS  for me when there are 3 or 4 missiles on screen, but the concept is great, and the graphics are really, really cool!  It'd be amazing to see a full game using this engine - I'd play it for sure!

Very cool game - the graphics are incredible for a FC, and especially done in such a short time.  I, personally, found the car to be very hard to control, but after I discovered that I had to use the ^ button to push myself in new directions it helped quite a bit.  I need to spend some more time trying to figure out how to succeed, but regardless of my (lack of) skill this is a great submission indeed!

Excellent little game, and the theme is great!  I find that I am really not very good at controlling the character, though this is mostly my own fault.  The sprites are great, and I really liked learning what the different terrain types did, and finding new ways (accidentally) to make the king angry.  Great work - especially for a jam!  My only critique, maybe, would be that it would have made play easier if the player rotation was a little slower so that I could control how much I turned a little more easily.  Very minor thing though!  This is really a great game!

This is great!  Especially for a first time using PICO-8.  You absolutely nailed the theme, and it is a very fun game, with plenty of strategy and difficulty.  Alas, I did not last long, but will have to play some more to get used to the controls and to build a strategy for myself.  I appreciate the strategy guide in your notes - I should replay with that stuff in mind.  I love the dog walking animation as well, and the mountain bg with snow is great!  Nice work!

Looks cool!  Do you plan to make an OSX version?

Great game and great soundtrack!

Very nice concept!  I like it, and could definitely see it being awesome with multiple levels with different configurations, etc.  I had the scrolling issue too, though it didn't really bother me.  I think the one request I'd make for a full version would be some visual change to the graves that you've already explored.  Nice work!

Hey!  I hope all is going well for you.  I just wanted to point out that there's a Fantasy Console Game Jam just about to start.  I thought maybe you'd be interested in trying your hand at Pico-8, or some other similar platform!  I plan on giving it a shot again.  Maybe I can make something slightly better this time. :)

This is excellent.  Great color palette, and I've enjoyed dying in many ways.

Haha, I still don't understand how I scored higher on "does it have 16 colors or less?".

Congrats on the game jam win!

This artwork is incredible.  The puzzles were great too.

This is awesome.  Great color palette, and great art!

Yes, all Pico-8 games are open-source.  There's also a specific channel you can post your games in for collaboration, so if you need inspiration or are just trying to get started it's a cool place to look.  Have fun!

Really cool concept!  I really like trying to come up with new combinations and making the weirdest constellations I can.

Pretty fun, and I really liked the viewport size/shape.  I find myself scrambling to track down and trap that pixel, so there's a real sense of urgency here!  Nice one!

Woooooooooow, I'm impressed!  I've never seen anybody get 10k!  I really appreciate the feedback as well - yes, the art and sound aren't very good.  Since I did the art for this I've been studying up more on pixel art - watching tutorials, trying to spend more time looking at what other folks are doing, etc. - so I think my next game will have much better art.  Hopefully.

Thanks so much for playing!

Wow, I am baaaaaad at this!  But it's very cool - the music is really good.  The sounds chosen and the melody give the game a sense of urgency, so I have to keep reminding myself to slow down and be more careful with my moves.  I'm still in the process of figuring out a good strategy, but I'll keep at it.  Nice work - especially considering you only spent 10 hours on it!

Hi again!  Thanks, again, for the continued feedback.  For my next game I'll be thinking "find that apple". :)

As for the source code, it's already available here as a free download - that .p8 file is all you need.  You'll end up needing to buy Pico-8 (which is toooooootally worth the money) to really be able to edit sprites and sounds, but you can also just open that .p8 file in your text editor and can edit the Lua script without owning Pico-8.  Also, if you buy Pico-8, you can find the game in "splore" mode and do whatever you want with it from there as well.  The version playable from the Pico-8 "console" is identical except that it tracks your high score for you.  Let me know if you end up messing with it!  I'd love to see what you do.

I'm sorry you're having trouble getting it to work!  I'm reading that the Z key is mapped to W on your keyboard, as you suggest.  There is not really an animation for eating in the game, but you should hear a peck sound effect (if you're on top of a patch of worms), and you'd also see your hunger bar dropping.  I hope you were able to figure it out!  Thanks for trying!

Hi chaoticnuketral - Thanks for playing my game and giving your honest and thorough feedback.  I appreciate the positive and negative criticism, truly.  I absolutely agree that the playfield is ugly and the music is annoyingly repetitive - this being my very first game I wasn't quite sure how to make background tiles and a soundtrack that were interesting in such a short amount of time, and I'm still very early in my pixel art attempts.  

I did want to point out, simply to state my intent, that the careening chickens, random worm spawning, and extreme game mechanic simplicity were all totally intentional.  It is meant to be a game played in around 60 seconds, with only a direction pad and 1 button.  I didn't want to add all kinds of power-ups, etc. as I just wanted people seeing if they could beat their high score.  Or, if it's too boring, maybe they're just mildy amused by the theme.  Of course this was all simply my intent as the designer, so I absolutely understand that every player will take something different from it.  That said, I personally feel there is some real strategy to the game, and while I know I have played it many, many times more than anybody else, I have been able to achieve a high score of 9,600, which I point out solely as an attempt to prove that there is more to it than meets the eye!

Again, I truly appreciate the feedback, and will likely take some of your comments into account when planning a next game.  I hope you're having fun testing games out!  I hope you'll try my next one, whenever I finish.