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Wink GameBoy - Beta 5.5

Wink’s smallest adventure yet! — Made with GB Studio · By Max Oakland

Post postive feedback here! Sticky

A topic by Max Oakland created Nov 03, 2020 Views: 178 Replies: 17
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Did you love this game so much it hurt? Let me know!


Hey I just tested the beta 4 demo.

Playing this game made me feel like a kid again watching saturday morning cartoons when that was a thing. Some big things that I think that are hard to accomplish here were, that the world feels real and inviting and the game feels fun to play. Nothing is too serious  where it feels hardcore but there are spots where it gets intense and you take the game seriously, like jumping off the bouncing bubbles in the waterfall.  

A couple of things that I think would make it just perfect in my opinion would be more but "out of the way " fun npc characters that would interact with wink during platforming stages. And also more things that can show us more of winks character like his bedroom. It might be cheap and spoiled of me through nintendo games but I also think the overworld could benefit from signs that say the number of the stage on the sign but not in a text box.

I think after this game Wink should not stop here, I'll be happy to see more of him.  And somehow the stages are wink too. When playing I wanted to see everything there was in the stage. It really feels like walking in a neighborhood and interacting with things as you go along.  

To mish mash two games together to give you an idea of this game id say Kirby's Deamland and Megaman. And still completely original standing on its own. :)

Developer (1 edit) (+2)

Wow! Thanks for the super positive feedback. I’m so glad it made you feel like a kid with a thirst for exploration. That gives me a lot of excitement to keep polishing this and making it awesome so more people can explore this little world

> A couple of things that I think would make it just perfect in my opinion would be more but "out of the way " fun npc characters that would interact with wink during platforming stages.

You’re in luck because I am doing a lot of that!

And I’m considering the numbers on levels. It’s hard because I have such a limited number of tiles. I’m gonna try to make it easier to tell the levels apart but I’ll look into that


Very cool!  I really enjoyed seeing how your ideas have evolved since the Mac/PC version!

Also, it's really impressive seeing everything you've gotten GB Studio to do here -- very lively and action packed, I'm impressed how much you've managed to squeeze into the limits of the engine!

I like the colors here even better than the desktop version, actually -- although they are a bit more muted they are also much more harmonious.  Looking forward to seeing how this develops!


Thank you! I'm really glad you like it

Some of the changes I made are because of the limitations of the gameboy. For example: I had to change some enemy behavior and the colors are more muted because of the way colors work on the GBC. At least I found it hard to make really saturated colors that looked good. But that's one of the things I find really charming about the GBC, actually. I think the slightly muted palette gives the games a sort of sophisticated look

Thanks for playing and I'm excited to see what you do for your next game!


I've been keeping an eye on this and am impressed, the graphics and feel of the levels  are great. Looking forward to more updates and seeing how it comes together. :)


Thanks for telling me! I’m excited because I’m almost done with beta 5 and it’s a huge update with tons of bug fixes and some new levels and a lot of polish to the ones that already exist :)


Great game, thank you for suggesting I play it! I hope my video helps you in some way!


Thanks a ton for playing! Your video is really good. It was fun to watch you play and I really benefit from seeing what confusion/sticking points come up. I'm going to address those issues in a future beta

Developer (1 edit) (+1)

8:00 - I never thought about it, but it's an issue that you can accidentally bring up that menu. I've fixed it now so next version you will have to want to use it. It's just a debug menu for me and an easter egg for players anyway 

8:33 - That's a bug. I've never seen that before. Gotta fix that 

9:00 - They're canned food. Canned food gives you health here 😀 

11:20 - The goal here is to teach you that you can control your jump height by how long you hold down the jump button. Maybe I should move this to an area where it's more clear where you're going 

20:25 - Those are spiky worms. I'm surprised the spikes on top don't look like spikes enough to make it clear. I'll have to rework that design. This is NOT the first time someone got confused and I keep trying to make it more clear while not making it look bad and haven't gotten there yet 

23:41 - I think about it like the pipes in Mario. you can go down some, but not all. Just adds some reward for exploration 

27:00 - At this point, the computer is just a little easter egg. I'm not sure what to do with it yet. I like your idea to introduce some story there. I may do that


I'm really glad I could help give you an outside opinion of your game. I'm interested to see where it goes. Good luck!

where to post negative feedback?



I had a lot of fun playing this! Your use of tiles and colors when its already so limiting is fantastic, specifically in the intro scene when you're ascending  out of the room and it gets lighter as you go up. Really creative! I'll definitely be coming back and playing this again!

Developer (1 edit)

You're the first person to comment to me about the ascending room and I'm glad you noticed that

let me know how you enjoy the later stuff :)


I’ve made a lot of GBstudio games, but yours rises very high! I really like that it goes to the extremes given by the platform. Huge respect!


Thank you much! I'm really impressed by how many conversions you've done. It's really cool

I'm surprised I forgot to comment on this. Because this game is absolutely amazing. I remember seeing this on the gb central newsletter. And seeing your work absolutely blew me away. The sights, the sounds, the colors, it all just clicked with me. And after hearing your thoughts on my game. It was fair that I comment back on your project. And hey, if you ever need help, or if you want me to collaborate with you or work you. I'd be honored to help ya in any way.