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"and even RPG games"
"and even Role Playing Game games"

What a shame.

You must live in a gated community.

where to post negative feedback?

you better remove all the "thanks for playing the first demo" talk with the next bug patch.
actual feedback:
Grid has some movement inconsistencies, player can walk on rectangular empty plots but not square ones. Minor move errors on the motel's railing. You can walk right to where the screen cuts off, making the barrier seem small and easily bypassed.
West district has various alleyways that look like they should be enterable, but aren't. In the house you can go through the ladder out back has a move permission error, allowing you to walk where you shouldn't. In general the mapping leaves a lot to be desired, but this is a very early version.
It'd be better to put traffic cones or some kind of block infront of the WIP doors, instead of either walking through them, or getting a text popup saying it's for the next update. Only really an issue if zombies are nearby, like for the very first building in the west district.
East district's crane puzzle really needs more of a visual to it, and logically the sound would attract zombies.
Tilesets need a it of work, I know this is mostly default stuff but it shouldn't be too hard to have some edits here and there. Stuff like stores being entirely empty would work better than starving to death since MC apparently just can't grab stuff from fully-stocked shelves.
Rest (Midnight) seemingly doesn't work, instead moving to the next day.
Revolver ammo in the overworld is a magazine. I sure hope someone got fired for that blunder. Revolver in Weapon Inventory doesn't have a description, neither do the Key Item's crafting book or crane card.
Kind of hard to get a feel for the characters with how much dev-mouthpiecing there is, you definitely need to fix that for future releases.

The writing needs a bit more thought put into it. This is one of the most relaxed apocalyptic scenarios I've seen in a while.
Not-Sister is the worst of it, there's zombies around and she complains about the TV. How is the TV even still working? Are phone lines up? Has anyone even tried to call for help? I know you're trying to keep things light hearted but a serious situation should be taken a bit seriously.
You're sent to the store so you can get a feel for the town, but only in a forced cutscene where you can't actually get a feel for the town, and you don't even get directions for it. You can't really explore much of the town currently anyways.
The barricade is pretty flimsy looking, but everyone seemingly has total confidence in it even with it being made in only a couple of hours tops. Proposed solution - make it so a NPC has to keep watch until you upgrade the barricade more, but they can't party up with you the following day.  
Nobody is concerned that MC is the only non-zombie guy around, or that he has possibly the only gun in town, or that its entirely on him to find food, etc. Proposed solution - Some comments on the "what if he zombifies" thing, obviously not-family wouldn't throw you out, some NPCs might not have noticed that all the zombies were guys, etc. Having a sidequest to find a couple spare guns and ammo for base security is a no-brainer. Assigning NPCs to scavenge might be good for mid-late game in order to free up the player from having to dig in trash cans to eat.
The last 2 issues combine to really make Zombies feel like a non-threat, both in terms of writing and in gameplay. Nobody is really concerned about them, they die in 1/2 hits, and will rarely get a hit on a player paying attention. 
You can't make zombies a threat with RPGM controls, but maybe you could give NPCs a Health system so there's some risk to taking them with you? i.e. if they get hit once you can't sprint with them, twice you have to head back ASAP since 3 hits is a game over.
The Dev-insert NPC mentions wanting even more Survivors, which is a bit worrisome since so many in ZR1 were barely utilized. If you're set on adding more NPCs to keep track of, it would be a smart idea to have a schedule under the quest log or something so there's less to have to remember.

Can you really say it has no paywalls when you're charging for it?

Can the myths hit the snooze button?

How can you be a VN fan and be this bad at reading?

it is not an opinion, it is a certified, verified fact. Visual Novels are not Video Games.

they aren't and even if they were it wouldn't make them games.

this isn't renpy, how could you confuse RPGM for renpy? the tags say RPG Maker as well as using plenty of default assets from RPGM.
and you deserve losing your saves for playing on a phone.

visual novels are not video games.

I'll play this later and give actual feedback then, but a tumblr blog probably isn't the best place to link for mythological information. Even if the blogger is dedicated to the task of translation and preservation, it's all too easy for an individual to get incorrect information, to say nothing of the hoaxes and misinformation that the site's well known for.
You'd probably be better citing wikipedia, though that's still a far cry from doing independent research.

The name is Gunborg but the thumbnail clearly shows him holding a sword.
I sure hope somebody got fired for that blunder.

I can't wait for the twist to be related to a certain notable racially-sensitive horror/romance writer.

oh man thanks for the warning about mild blood, I never thought that a game with blood in the title could have blood in it, or that it could be mild at that.

I would judge hazbin hotel and homestuck for a lot of other things, for starters being absolute shit.
Do you have a fetish for projecting your impotent rage on other people?

I could take Helltaker's script, machine-translate it to portugus, print it out and wipe my ass with it and still have better mythological accuracy than whatever you're attempting here.

the trigger warning coming before the download link means its impossible to download the game without spoiling yourself.
Couldn't you have put it in a readme or something?

you really screwed the pooch on the If... translation there Gideon

you don't lose control when you die, meaning you can wall-jump after hitting a death plane for example.

I remember a doujin series with a similar premise, though I forget the name
the art was way better...


-The VAs probably about as good as you can get, though they are a bit repetitive. You don't need a line on every action, and being able to toggle them off would be appreciated.
-Enemies take to long to kill, aren't remotely a threat or obstacle, and don't offer much in rewards.
-Coins have an annoyingly long period where they can't be collected
-please don't put emotes in the changelogs.
-Movement feels a bit better than previous version, especially the walljump. Combat is still way too basic.
-not being able to change levels with arrow keys sucks.
-UI feels a lot more like a phone game.

Can't see anywhere else to post it, but I just gotta say. This was shockingly dull and boring. I've had more fun afternoons in waiting room.
Try to add some spice to your next project, okay?

little pro-tip: don't expect people to read a novel when you can only display half a sentence at a time.

why is he(?) a homestuck
why do you want to fuck mice
why does the dog look like it's made out of mashed potatoes 

quit getting mad over shitty video games

you can jump out of text boxes, currently it only leads to having to go through them again but could have bugs/softlocks later on. Punching the air to advance a text box is distracting.
Level select only accepts up inputs, meaning you have to cycle through it all again if you double tap by mistake
2nd quest is easier to do by just leaving/re-entering the forest and killing the first wolf over and over, no visible way to keep track of number of drops. No quest log in case the player forgets what they were doing, not an issue yet though.
It might be better to move gallery to a menu, and make that a key that's a bit harder to hit by mistake since Z/X/C are all right next to each other and C would probably be better served as an alternate attack/dedicated movement button
Gallery could also probably use the sprite scenes added once more are in.
General movement needs work, movespeed is a bit low and there's no form of roll/slide/etc. to make movement and combat more interesting. 
Wall-kick feels bad, up either the horizontal distance for wall-jumps, or up vertical so it works a bit better as a wall kick.

animations and art are fine, very early but has decent potential

a nekomata isn't really a goddess you know
not that anyone really cares about folkloric accuracy nowadays

A shoddy remake is the exact opposite of experimental.
Unless you count them cutting up the game into chunks and duping people into buying it multiple times, but that's not something an indie dev can really pull off.

Don't you think a game about a black guy getting burned to death goes against the bundle's spirit of racial sensitivity?
Not to mention you accidentally set it to 100$ instead of 0$

destroying minority-owned businesses because of an overdose in police custody isn't a good cause. 

"throwing katanas" isn't a mistake or mistranslation, you can just straight up fling katanas. 10/10 single-handedly redeems this website's reputation as a dumping ground.

truly monstrous