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Congratulations again! I’m looking forward to reading this!

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This is so good! 😄 Thanks for making and sharing this!

Hey, I know it’s been a long time but I finally switched to GB Studio 3 and it turns out Chris & Co. have just implemented slopes for 3.2!

So no need for this mod once 3.2 drops!

I really loved this one!

I like how the mountainous path kept the platforming interesting without ever being too challenging. I feel like I should take notes on that!

Beautiful, beautiful art style and I love how you communicated the story beats without having to use any words.

Great work!

Excited to give this a try!

Thank you for the quick and detailed reply! Your suggestions helped me narrow down the issue.

It seems the blue dots in the grid between each glyph (and perhaps the red lines, too?) encode information about which codepoint the associated glyph represents. I must have accidentally overridden a few of these during my editing.

Now that I’ve replaced the grid with a copy from the original I’m able to import without any issue. ✅

Thanks for this amazing tool!

Question: Is it possible to upload an image and no drop glyphs? It seems as if certain codepoints are automatically turned off when I import my edited PNG.

If not, any hints about which codepoints are not supported on import?


Awesome, thank you!

I have a vampire-themed IF in mind but it isn’t going to be dark or horrifying. Is that okay?

I wasn’t able to get the dungeon off – got stuck on the little circle puzzle – but I really like the idea! The music and art are both great, too!

This was really funny and cute! Also, that “Still working even at this hour…” reveal was amazing! XD

Oh wow, thank you so much!!! ✨

I’m really glad you enjoyed it. It sounds like you got out of it exactly what I was going for 😁

The prior games are not nearly so long as this one – I got very carried away on this, haha 🎆

That’s awesome! :D


I really like the way you used the gems!

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As always, I love it! Great work!! ^_^

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Whoa, playing from the perspective of the Golden Eyed Girls. I probably should have seen this coming but I was still surprised!

Great work – really impressed by all the little details in the character designs.

Thanks for allowing me to keep playing even when I die; it’s nice to be able to follow the story even as a non-expert ^___^

Now Basin Lake has gotten me to play not just my first Tower Defense but my first Bullet Hell, nice

OMG, this was hilarious! Extremely well-written. XD

I wasn’t sure I was going to like it, but I laughed and smiled the whole way through ~~ really good stuff!!

I hope we might see more of these two sometime in the future :3

Really great work, as always! I LOVE the animation, especially June’s actions and the broken seals! Nightmare designs are stellar, too.

As is often the case for Basin Lake platformers, this was pretty challenging for me on my keyboard ~~ I need to get a controller for computer.

Can’t wait to see what comes next!

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OMG I love it!

As always your art perfectly captures the feelings. The music is lovely, too

The mechanics were fun; I liked the light/dark effects and the light platforming while looking for the next mechanism was quite enjoyable. I was not expecting the surprise “pet”!

Thanks so much for making and sharing this

Oh gosh, I love the style in this one so much!!!

Mm, that is an interesting point. I will keep that in mind when making future fonts; thank you!

Unfortunately Itch does not allow creators to list their creations under any licenses except for the Creative Commons licenses. CC-BY-SA4 seemed like the closest match to the SIL Open Font License for metadata purposes.

The only other choices are “All Rights Reserved” and “No License”.

Oh wow, that’s also very cool! Good luck! 🎶

Really cool! Great work! Excited to see what you make next :3

OMG, I love the aesthetics in this game so much! 😍🐻

Thanks! 😁✨

Whoa, hype! 🎶

Congratulations!! You all have worked really hard on this! :D

Oh yay, I’m super glad to hear it!

As always, thank you so much! Great work from both teams!

“Somehow the world got taken over by demons because everyone was too gay” is such an extremely good place for a game’s description to start 🖤

Yes! I really love the grid-based motion/action. It’s impressive to me both from a technical standpoint and a design standpoint. I feel like I have a lot to learn from them for my own games :3

I really like some of the themes suggested so far, but just to add to the mix….

I suggest: “beneath”

A game I recently played:

I really love the Redlander series! :3

This looks lovely! Can’t wait to check it out! :D

OMG this is so, so good!! Amazing vibe, beautiful art and visual effects, superb writing, and lovely ending! I love it!

Glad I found the original! Excited to see what direction the game(s) end up taking! :D

Came back to play it again~~ Still one of my favorite games on Itch! :D

I will definitely come back amd play more of her adventures 😁