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Yay, I’m glad you enjoyed it! :D

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Suuuuuper cool! Amazing work! 🐝💗👭

Neat! I don’t have the right words for this but it is cool~~

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I love it! Reminds me of riding Amtrack~~ ☁🏘🏔🏚

Ooooh snap, what an awesome game!! Simultaneously super real and super hilarious. Excellent work, thank you for making this! 👗👟🧣🕶✨

Whoa, this is so cool, I love it! I liked how there’s no crashing, your ship just kinda bumps and flops around space till you get where you’re going XD This taught me that I know very little about orbital mechanics, and I was laughing the whole way through! 🛸🪐

​I love it, this is perfect! 👗👚👙✨

Really beautiful~~

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Sorry this took me literally 8 months to play! Just so many good queer games to experience these days!

I looove the concept, art, and music ~~ amazing all round! The outfit selection is excellent ^___^

But, I did run into quite a few bugs and wasn’t able to get through an entire match. I’ll list them here in case it’s helpful:

  • On the web version all the menu items overlap up in the top left corner making reading and selection impossible.
  • On the desktop version, if you decline to purchase anything in the court the game hangs.
  • On the desktop version, after entering all four commands/moves nothing happens and the game hangs.

I’d love to try again if you get the time to work on it, but if not no worries ~~ I understand how it is being busy all the time!

Thanks to your whole team for making this!

What a brilliant idea! This really hit home for me as I used to play digital paper doll games and intensely introspect as I was discovering my transness back in the ‘90s. Even though this character’s experiences were different than my own, there is a lot here that I relate to. Thanks so much for making this~~

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OMG this is the coolest game ever! I loved every moment, but especially the part where [redacted for spoilers]. Also, the incredibly good color scheme and music~~ What a lot of great morning pep!!

​Amazing work! Bittersweet and beautiful tale with a lovely, unique art style. I hope you write more~~

Thanks, I got stuck in both places!

Oh cool, that’s really clever!

Yuri Jam is very inclusive and non-judgey, so I believe all game types and all media that focus on queer women and do not promote hate/bigotry are acceptable. Rule 3 seems to imply this as well:

“This is called the ‘Yuri Game Jam’ for reasons of tradition, but prose and music are now also allowed to be submitted.”

Sabrina can let us know if I’m mistaken! ^_^

Cute and lovely~~ :3

How fun! Intriguing premise, wonderful art and sound, and smooth controls. A little too hard for me, but the aesthetics are goals!

That was fun! I forgot how challenging rhythm games can be! :D

This is really cool and impressive! Great work! I may take a look under the hood at the jetpack mechanics, as I’ve been puzzling on how best to do a flight mechanic in one of my own games. Thanks for making and sharing this!

So beautiful! I love the mood, themes, art, music, and writing! A little darker than what I normally play, but I’m glad I tried it~~ Koshak is the best! 👻😺🍂

​Cute, fun, and very in-the-moment! I loved the sense of what a lockdown might have been like a century earlier…. I’m glad the lovely ladies are hanging in there!

Oh, gotcha! Well no pressure either way. Taking care of yourself is more important! 😄

I can also try to get a controller working with my PC and then I probably would just not doe as often 😆

Thank you! :D

Hmm, no it should work just like any GameBoy rom. What emulator are you using? Are you able to run the web version?

Thanks for the feedback! I’m glad you enjoyed it!

Omg, this is awesome! I really appreciate the galaxy-wide representation here, and I love, love your art style~!

Is it completely random who you see next, or does it matter where you click?

Thanks for making this! 🚀👭

Excellent writing, beautiful art, and doesn’t hold back. This reminded me a lot of my first time going to a therapist like this back in ’02. I really like the way you handled the content warning, too!

Just FYI this is the spot where it got too much for me:

Thanks for making this!!

I understand, I missed out on two jams I wanted to do recently cause of work. I’ll keep an eye out for future games in the series!

This is suuuuuper cool!! Very fun and very challenging! I got to the fight against 21 and finally had to give up, cause the hyperspeed respawning was a little rough on my eyes

But, I think someone better at action games on a keyboard or more into grindy platformers would not have this problem.

I loved the art style as always. It seems your art is getting better and better! I especially loved the sunset background in the first level ~~ beautiful!

The writing is great; I’m intrigued by where the overall Basin Lake story is going….

Music is catchy and heart pounding, too ~~ perfect!

I feel like maybe the horizontal hitbox on Camilla could be narrowed a bit. Especially during the “dodge the spikes” sections, I felt like I was dieing without actually hitting anything

Great work! Keep going!! :D

I’m so glad these games are growing into an entire series! ✨

Yaaaaaaayy, this makes me super happy!!!

Great prototype! Feels extremely Super Metoid, which is always a good thing. The prototype art is cute, too!

Did you implement this entirely in raw HTML5, or did you use a framework like Phaser?

All of that makes total sense!

For my own games, at least right now I’m mostly trying to make what I want to play, which includes a lot of comforting and consolation.

I think it’s important for marginalized folks, especially trans folks, to include their trauma in their games when they feel the need. I also think marginalized folks should be allowed to make games on just as many topics as those in power do, and I dislike the double standard our own communities often hold us to.

But, for me, what I really want and need right now is just places where I can let go of the stress of everyday life and model how our lives could be if everything worked out nicely.

I totally understand being worried about people’s reactions to one’s work. It bites. I hope you do get to release your next work in some form once you feel ready ~~ I’ll be rooting for you!

Depression bites. Take care of yourself and good luck!

Ah, I understand now! Sorry it didn’t work out but I’m glad you found a workaround. 🙂

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Hmm, try 640 x 360. That might account for the way Itch scales the display. I’m not sure how the mobile control interface is added to that, though….

What website are you embedding it in, if I may ask?

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I’m glad you enjoyed it!

The collecting spirit energy is very video gamey 😂

I should probably mention the run button more prominently. Thanks for the feedback!

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I’ve never tried playing on landscape orientation on phone, but the exact screen resolution is 160×144 pixels.

Let me know how it works for you! 🙂

I totally support you doing whatever makes the most sense for you regarding your games, including taking them down, but yeah I’m glad I got a chance to play this. 🖤

I can see what you mean about the limitations, but for me the content really shines through any of that.

I’m glad and flattered that you like my work! Hopefully we can both keep creating and growing. It’s so, so important to me to have queer trans game devs making queer, trans games!