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This looks lovely! Can’t wait to check it out! :D

OMG this is so, so good!! Amazing vibe, beautiful art and visual effects, superb writing, and lovely ending! I love it!

Glad I found the original! Excited to see what direction the game(s) end up taking! :D

Came back to play it again~~ Still one of my favorite games on Itch! :D

I will definitely come back amd play more of her adventures 😁

Omg, Ending 1 had me laughing before anything even happened 😂🤣

I love this! Very real game dev feels here, and the visual style is awesome. Thanks for sharing!

Great work, as always! I love the writing in this one . . . sweet, but also mysterious!

I really loved the new paper cutout art style as well! And the time-based mechanic was fun! I found myself rushing from place to place so I could avoid having to fight the nightmares. Oh, and I also really enjoyed the way the background was animated in the combat scenes!

The whole series is starting to feel like a manga in the best way, in that I’m waiting to see what happens next and how everything comes together!

Thanks for making these!! 🎨💘🎾

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I’m also unable to play due to an error. I think maybe a folder is missing from the zip?

Either way, the game looks lovely! 🍂

Kitsune Zero community · Created a new topic Fan Mail

Just started playing, but I had to post that the colors in this are SO GOOD!! Great work!

Yay! What a cute and fun little game! Great work! Excited to see where you go from here!

Really cool!! Evocative and fragmentary in the best possible way. I loved this; great work!

“…What a beautiful night.”

Really sweet and cool! Nice conversation that took me back to earlier times in my life….

Cute! And I love the artwork~~ ^__^

I love the graphics and sound! Really cool style :3

Yeah, I really like the dialogue the way it is! 😁

Oh wow, this game is amazing!

I’m really impressed by the story and characterization, but the art, music, and battle system are all wonderful, too. The battle system in particular is a really neat new spin on the tried-and-true.

Amazing work! Great job! ✨🏝✨

Very fun, clever, and cute! My best was 115 meters :3 I like the orc and dragon~~

I didn’t get very far but I did give it a try! (I’m not real good at 3D shooters~) Great concept and awesome art! I loved the wordless story intro ^_^b

Wow, this is soooooo cool!! 🎨🖼🎨 Neatest mechanic I’ve encountered in quite some time! Also the mood, colors, audio, writing ~~ everything is just brilliant!

What a cool game. Thank you so much for making and sharing!

What a cool game! I really love this creative way of presenting and telling a story. Great atmosphere and very clever and enjoyable. Thanks!

OMG I love this game so much!! The story was sweet and the writing is fun and often hilarious. “Oh no, she has sass!!” I loved all the little details in the backgrounds, especially during the restocking minigame.

Great work! Thanks for making and sharing this!

What a great experience! I really loved the photos and the gallery provided a lovely ambiance~~ 📸✨

Lovely! It’s cool to see one of these in a more chibi style~~

Not only great work, but a great article to go with it! Really interested to dig into these changes and see which ones will make good additions to my own games. Thanks!!

This is really hecking cool!!!

Gosh, I can’t express how much I love these aesthetics! I also love the use of coyote-time to make the grid-based movement manageable. And the progression based on the unexpected infrastructure discovery is very cool.

I feel like I have a lot to learn from your games that I can apply in my own! I made my way through the entire tutorial and the demo; great work, excited to play more! :D

In the meantime, this project may have what you’re looking for: GlyphBoy Swap

Mm, that’s a good question. I might be able to do just the kana but the GB Studio 1 & 2 font format definitely doesn’t have room for kanji.

I will look into it and see what I can find!

Great work as always! This is what I came up with this time~~ :3

Played some more and now I’m at “And the Kitchen Sink”. I will try this one for a while and see where I get! :)

You’re welcome!

Thank you so much, I’m really glad you enjoyed it!

Good call on the message when finding the Soul of Bat, I’ll do that.

And as for Kuliltu maybe I’ll just try coding itnover again from scratch and/or restructuring the scene . . . I think one of the triggers or something in there must be interfering

Thanks again for the lovely message! ✨

Oh cool, thanks! Will definitely check that out ✨

This game is awesome but really hard! I almost gave up a several times before finally getting stuck on “Crash Course”. “Key Hook” was a really creative level! I looooove the character models and the story, as far as I got, was fun! Great work~~ 👭

I’ve updated Yurivania 2 with a number of fixes and the Phantasm_8x8 font, which I adapted to GB Studio specifically for use in Yurivania titles. :3

I’ve updated this font pack with a new font and some fixes for the old fonts. 😄

The new font is Facsimile_8x8, an adaptation of the really cool Fairfax 6x12 by Rebecca Bettencourt. Fairfax has loads of additional and alternate forms for many glyphs. I used the ones that seemed to work best for GB Studio, and included alternatives if you want to swap some of the fancier letters for something plainer.

I also made some legibility improvements to the capitol ‘N’ and ‘P’ glyphs and the ‘!’ glyph in Phantasm.

Aaaaaand, I fixed some minor alignment issues with punctuation in all fonts.


I thought so, too! Thanks for checking it out!

I loved it! Beautiful, fun, and hot! 🦇💕

Fun and cute as ever! Really impressed with this one on a technical as well as design level ~~ I hope some girls are playing this in games school! 🏫🎮👭💦