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This is a really cool idea!

If yes can you upload it?

this is one of the biggest packs ive seen for just $5

This game looks amazing. I'm loving everything about it visually. Did you put it on Steam? 

With your style you could make some rpgmaker assets and make money off it.

wow amazing can you post a screenshot or any example. I can't wait!

Can you post another picture

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Its a good set, a little light for $10.

Feel free to add any future updates I would love an update to this.

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if i get far into game making as a hobby ill probably commission some new sprites to go along with these. Thanks.

Btw I think you are showing the sprites in the preview too clean, where someone may look to steal them.

I actually might pick this up, can you add a couple more screens of the characters and items? Also if you could make a Pokemon type tileset in this quality tons of people will buy trust me.

Bro a pixel art legend (Sharm) just commented on your assets and you didn't even realize.

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Can you post some more map example pictures, i bought this here and i believe vx ace had map examples. i justwant to see pictures, for example i dont know how to tile the observatory. and i noticed the overworld theres a church, can i make that too using the tiles for a full sized church?

you just need to resize the characters about 150℅.The cars need to be mirrored and some other stuff. but if youre going to make a game for real this pack is worth any little adjustments it may need.