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hello! theres tons of slowdowns in the last build, so i optimized the enemies in this one just a little, this may be the last update before release.

is the "with emulator on pc" legal for steam to use? if so, can we use it to "port" our homebrews to steam?

just uploaded a DMG compatible build, its a bit slow as expected but still playable

thats so heart warming to hear, thank you! glad you love the Nyghtmare series, thank you

sadly no, its a gbc game only. playing it on dmg will slow the game quite a lot, but hey, ill try to optimize somethings for it to be playable

ill keep it in mind

bless this man for always putting gb studio-compatible music.

hi! idk if that is an issue with the analogue pocket, since i don't have one to test, maybe try the .pocket file included?

Hello, thanks for reaching out and trying the game, what do you mean by continue? Silksong Demake is based on the E3 demo of Silksong and at the time of writing this, there's still no release date yet, so there's nothing to continue from the project. If it's fixing bugs and adding things, then it is up to the dev to make it happen. are you asking for a project source file? 

what an in dept look on a simple game XD thanks! dont worry, i did love the way things ended here, so ill be updating a full game with these things in mind.

Note: The link in the Source Code tab is for the game itself. The page has files for the GB Studio Project File and Assets [Sprites and Tilesets]

GB STUDIO users really are more creative than other devs i know, the limitation in both console and engine really sparks creativity. bonus for sharing!

no problem, thanks!

a really complicated way for a splash screen logo, but very cool nonetheless. would love this style but show a gb cart instead. XD

aww, thanks! I am terribly sorry if this doesn't live up to your expectations though. its not a finished game by any means, but this can serve as base for more tactical stealth games in the future

Definitely slower than my taste, but that's Authenticity for ya. Let me know if you need help with things! I am a self-proclaimed "Classic-vania" connoisseur after all. XD

I love the style! Always a pleasure seeing "Classic-vanias" in GB Studio. The Input scene is a unique touch on the established templates too! I love that it's slow and methodical. Pixel art is awesome too.

Carrion Pocket XD Nice lil game. A bit slow, but pixel art is superb

hello, if you're using CAPSLOCK the engine at that time doesn't recognize capital letters, also maybe clear the cache o n your browser? this issue is a bit confusing to me too since it is not an in-game issue, but a browser one.  If all else fails, you can always download the rom and play on a gbc emulator. thanks!

she got a crush xD

unfortunately, paypal is the only way to purchase the game here on but there are physical carts on the mentioned sites and they offer other methods of payment if I remember correctly. you can download the free version of Nyghtmare still here.

wouldve been neat if its also an engine thats like gb studio but for gba, but the vid is great too, hoping for a tutorial of somekind i the future. good job!

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 getting an error when using this now, any help on what to do?

incase anyone want to put in their games, edit as u like 

Hooray! The "TYDES" is readable now. XD

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I belive so... correct me if im wrong tho. heres what's in the rules

the only thing holding this game back are the dreadful timer and that theres so few trivia,  i want more retro trivia!!!!

if you explore my projects here more, you can confirm that suspicion XD

thanks! yeah, it was a lot more concise since its in a time limit. the last boss was actually just added ao you had a sense that the game has an end

luck to have beatscribe for your bgm man. graphics are cute too! great job

The graphics are cute!

Kinda reminded me of death jr for th psp! kinda unique gameplay cngrats!

thanks! not really eager but definitely hoping to atleast be top10 XD killed your friend? idk XD definitely friendly graphics, sounds, and designs tho.

Not really fit the theme imho, since you marry them by the end [kinda defeats the friend zone flag lol], but this game is one of the most awesome and polished-looking games in today's jam. definitely, my top pick if the theme was "harvest moon / stardew valley likes"

i just made it with multiple endings! got 4mins left lol. hopefully no major bugs this time

due to the time limit I havent implemented it yet. maybe after the jam ill look back into this game. thank u for playing

ill upload a gb studio web zip without the rom for u IF YA WANT

OMG Thank you for finding the street bug! Ill fix it now and reupload the build. I still have time to edit! Thanks!How and when does the 2nd bug occur?

i know .pocket file isnt required but i added it anyway [gb studio]