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smol samus have big brain heheehe

yeah, im surprised noone submitted a build, i was told theres some ports thats in the works. thanks for this experience tho, ii hope next jam will be a blast aswell

for anyone interested in gb studio made assets heres a link to my asset packs, theyre all free to use please read the licensing for more info

Pixel art , box art and font are wonderful, scoring is a bit clunky right now, but it works! I'm surprised you emulated endless runner really well, the UI plugin would work well in this to show score progress.

The work of the plugin lord, immortalized in a rom file circa 2021 colorized

Haha I hope not, you cant even call this a game atp

Hello, sorry but can you repeat that in english? im not sure i understand...

Hi, thanks for trying out the demo, you have to switch your ammo by pressing select to switch to a missile, then your default bullet will change. Sliding is done by holding down while walking, continually holding down will turn morph ball on, so u need to let go of walking and do the sequence again to slide again. GB Studio [the engine I'm using]  doesn't have a very complex button config features as of 2b5, maybe in the 3.0 update it will be better.

cool, thanks

would be possible for atleast a tech demo of the said game? porting the full game may take years for a solo dev like me.its gonna be silent to coz i cant music

Sure thing! Here ya go!

i wanna use the game boy engine GB STUDIO, is that allowed? it can be played on  html/browser, emulators and actual gameboy hardwares

yeah i tried that approach too, i think an entire game is possible with so much work around or fewer features. like some charms are permanent upgrades while others will be cut entirely, spells are hard to do too since gbstudio only allows few sprites and frames on screen. thanks for suggesting tho. sorry i cant really ask for payments as this is an established ip. but u can support the other og titles ive made [that'll be enough tp keep me motivated]. and dont worry, i do plan to demake the game eventually.

sure, hope youre idea is gb studio friendly. yeah, music isnt really my best suit

the game im making probably will not be finished by the deadline, what do i do if that happens?

Hi, the buttons can be mapped, but I can't implement a remapping feature in game yet. Can u send me your email, so  I can send u a custom build of the game with your preferred buttons combinations? 

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Final update for the jam is here! New chapters come after the jam, thanks to all the people who gave me permission to use their IPs. Please support me to make more games like this by either donating or following me on social medias!  


OpenSource Project Folder:

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Thanks! I dabble in the HK arts myself

Thanks! Yeah, I figure the vast majority of players wont  appreciate the lore surrounding this character if they havent played Hollow Knight, but I did try my best on a simple high scoring game. I hope this, atleast is a fun game to some. Hope to see more of your games too!

maybe after  a few updates

this is one of the most amazing "zelda-like" ive seen made in gb studio, [i-is it made in gb studio?] will there be new chapters / more after the jam? a dx? 

thanks! im waiting for 3.0 so i can implement actual versus soon!

thank you!

I cant find myself in game D': Nevertheless, so nice that the great Mortmort's port of AC to GB isnt gone to waste, i hope he sees this and comments on it, GJ!

Very simple and effective, reminds me of old games on NES. Too bad we got the same idea for a GB "Fighter" now I'll have to fight you for this! XD

should be called DNDGB, JK!  Nice musics and sfx!

The sheer amount of templates...its MAGNIFICENT! I LOVE IT!

DEAD OF WINTER board game vibes woooooh! What a lovely concept. i wish we can tell the enemy healths and turns tho

I like this concept, so simple yet so good [let me just yank the concept and borrow it for my games XD]

aint she a cutie?

Hahaha, thanks. You see me making gaems left and right lol.

you should join the community, there are tons of king and helpful people there

Hi, are you on the GB Studio discord? I'll help you out there, just yell at my name. XD

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if youre on gbs 2 beta 5 theres an on hit player tab on the actor if you checked the collision tab from interact it turns on hit u can then script your gameover screen on there. 

from gameboy to gaamboy color [basically making a "dx" version] should be ok? thanks!


Any restrictions in making an established ip , i.e. demakes/ fan games / what ifs / tribute games [aside from it being non-profit of course]

Also, what about remaking an old game we made with newer assets / graphics?

any rules for making fan games/ what if/mashups of established ips?

are there any restrictions for what we can and cant make?

all attempts on making fan games are automatically non-profit of course.


you're not on gb studio discord anymore? i was asking if im able to use your character for a GBStadium related project? heres a link if you want to know about it