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its technically a bat but thanks xD this version is a lil harder, ill upload a complete-able build after the jam

didnt quite understoon the perspective idea as its quite confusing, but cute and unique idea! would've been great for PSP or nds. 

nwver played this kind of game before, this is a first for topdown survival wave based levelling up game....we need a genre name for that XD I imagine it being on a sega dreamcast or ps2 PSP? nice game quite the quirky character. THAT WALK ANIMATION THO

snappy animations! dont know how many things I can fish and I'm too lazy to find out, what console this game could've be on, i wonder? its not gameboy since its too adv for that, great game tho, would love to have a fish/trash compendium someday

This is nice...simple yet somewhat nostalgic...dont know if this is an actual lost cart or something since baseball is a pretty common game back then on consoles esp game n watch ones, but I love the presentation. goodjob

thanks! i just added the "demo" at the end so the DDDDDDs are longer XD

U cant actually se the final marker as its obtained after the end boss aka the demo finishes. The device is broken in the original demo too so idk abt that lol. Keep in mind that my take on the game wont be in the original tho

sorry, but i believe this project is pretty much done atp. there are people remaking dread in other plaforms but I don't know if they will port it in those consoles. but the from .gbc can be read by gba so that's that. thank you

i have never encountered diff keyboards apart from qwerty so I'm sorry if the controls arent quite optimized, I can suggest another trick on the GJumps, hold your jump on the last gjump then only reload when u need te extra jump, gives u a lil hang time then

Did u check the map? U probably havent explored hard enough to find the hint

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did u try shooting it? The last flare marker is obtained after the end boss, so youre not finished yet

i just remade the demo so the save room being that far isnt my idea lol, the inf gun jumps are easier to pull in hardware devices if u use your fingers ala arcade machine controls

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no, thats an exploit in this demake and a feature as well. you should try the original demo its free on steam

eeey!! thanks!!

Oh frck! I forgot to upload the rom file xD just a sec

wheres my credits  for npc names? jk, congrats man top 1 gb studio games as of today.

please center your charcter or offset the camera depending on where we face?

thank you! hoping so yeah! looking for publishers, cant do kickstarter coz its not available on my country

thanks! Your game is great too! strong Zelda LA vibes, might wanna do a similar genre too someday! "crashing in an island, waking up in a beach" cliched the intro too

Im not dead! XD lol thank you for covering the game

ey! XD thank you

thanks! tedious logic and scripts manipulations XD it's hard but happy it worked, not very well though

Thank you!

EEEYYY!!!! Finally checked it out lol, thank you greatly! hope to see this game or some other fan vanias on stream someday, thank u man! stay tuned for what comes next 😉 😉 😉 

if its not included in the update its not in the game XD  not a final boss if its easy to kill XD thanks for playing the game glad u liked it

hi, can u tell me which stage  the bug is ?

Hello, while yes this is a great idea it will eventually be taxing to the engine when you run into more enemies and bigger sprite bosses. Sadly the game wont be having updates now, thank you for the suggestion!

U hold up as u whip em to bounce, u can then hold jump to gain higher bounce

if persona was 2d instead, XD such stylish UI and UX, pretty game!!!!

thnks man! gotta step up GBStadium 2 now huh XD

hello, yes the file with [GBC] will work on a gbc hardware

thank you for the patches, it works pretty well.

thanks!!!! XD

Great job with these, hope this gets vanilla, 3.1 just came out, will this work still?

thanks! will have to take a break so our minds can realax before trying out again

Anyone used gb senpai for gb studio before? using it on a vanilla build is alright but modding engines and having plugins seem to break things, any help will do, we cant use anny other engines coz....idk how to code

this demake aims to remake the original and make it work in the original game boy / game boy color, so the switch to unity is likely to happen since the original is already made using unity [i think]. gb studio may not be very powerful as some engines are, the limitation it has sparks creativity in making games like this work esp on the actual hardware. gb studio is growing and i dont plan on switching engines just to make the game "like hollow knight" its a demake for a reason, thank u again XD

hello, you mean the aspids after u meet cornifer? that room is a battle arena room like in the original game, and im not quite sure on what caused the glitch for your enemy to be unkillable. does it take too many hits and not dying? does it die then spawn 2 more aspids? if u could give me a detailed explanation as to how the glitch may have occured maybe i can help? but overall the game is finished now and any updates i may do will be on a newer gb studio version so it may take some time, thanks for trying out the game, pls support the official game by TEAM CHERRY

thank you! the game was mage using gb studio 2b4 so a lot of its "difficulty" is the result of the engine limitations, i plan on demaking the whole game [as ;long as its within my and the engine's capabilities] once new versions of gb studio comes out, but i do believe hk is best demake on gba. thank u for playing, happy that og hk players play this garbage i made too

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facing right then attacking when pressing down bugs the player state to nothing, the prototype is clean enough for a new templated. i suggest screen shakes for last hit on enemy or when they drop dead on the ground. the feed back on punch and kicking isnt telegraphed well, make it snappier or faster. the medicine as health is a cute touch, havent seen that in a while XD the template is good enough for a new mode. Chris or GBS community needs to implement this in future updates. How did you so player not advancing when colliding to enemy or is it a bug, how still?