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No way, this is beyond awesome. Why have I not heard of this before.

Sure thing thanks for the feedback

After a full year of development, I am so proud to present my first commercial game made entirely by me. I hope you enjoy the work I've put into it.

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Thanks man

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If you look at tyrannosaurus tex, then somewhat. Unfortunately this engine is not designed to do that sort of task. And therefore impossible unless you mod this engine to refresh tiles in rapid succession. And have some extremely compact raycasting code. Which at that point you might as well do assembly. Not to mention it requires extreme knowledge of the hardware inside and out.

thats rad, I'll do the same once my pi arrives 

that would be very much appreciated, sorry I couldn't help too much

I have not unfortunately, I've been moving recently. So time has been limited to me, plus I have yet to obtain a raspberry pi 

I'm surprised I forgot to comment on this. Because this game is absolutely amazing. I remember seeing this on the gb central newsletter. And seeing your work absolutely blew me away. The sights, the sounds, the colors, it all just clicked with me. And after hearing your thoughts on my game. It was fair that I comment back on your project. And hey, if you ever need help, or if you want me to collaborate with you or work you. I'd be honored to help ya in any way.

thanks man, it definitely means a ton. Especially since I'm the only person who created everything you see. So its a big honor to hear that

I am, its just taking a while due to the massive amount of work needed to build everything 

Thats super rad dude, I hope to this game become a classic because it screams potential. And I would love to help you try to get there any way possible 

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I'm impressed with the way you've drawn the sprites. Especially the TV at the very beginning. One thing I have to say the needs improvement is the overworld walking/standing cycle. Obviously there's issues rendering both parts seamlessly (I definitely had this issue as well). And coloring is pretty solid for the most part, though some parts show a bit of color seems where one 8x8 block is obviously that color over another (if you seen a zx spectrum game, it makes more sense on the color part). Otherwise its amazing regardless. 

I certainly will, and I'm glad you really enjoy what I've made so far. Funny enough, I was initially going to cancel the game when sony was shutting the store down. Thankfully that decision was reverted, and as such I'll ensure it gets on the store 

Perfect, thanks my dude

Unfortunately no, there's no way to transfer the files out unless you extract them raw. And even then it would way too much work.

Definitely agree, and hey I'm not complaining. I can at least show off my snes sprite art.

Has anyone seen if any version of gb studio is working on a raspberry pi. I'm curious as I'm developing a sort of tiny laptop with a raspberry pi as its heart.

Thank you for your comment, and yes I'll gladly work more on it. I'm definitely glad you have enjoyed it. 

Unfortunately there's no real good music editor with the current build. The best that I was capable of was by making the song in beep box (or anything with a midi export). And then using the sample song located in your music folder of gb studio. I loaded the .mod file in open mpt FIRST. Then I went under file and append the .midi file. Then I manually resampled each note, and test that it worked. Then export the new song in the .mod format. 

In short, theres just no easy way of doing this (or a good way for that matter) you just have to experiment and see whats right. 

Otherwise I used for making the music and exporting to .midi

Open mpt for tracker conversions, as to convert to the .mod format 

Unfortunately, that would leave no room for any other sprite animations. It would be highly inefficient for this engine. Not to mention there's no way to animate that many frames without having to resort to coding each frame on the update pattern, which for player sprites is impossible due to only the last 2 frames being flipable. I've definitely tried this at the start, but with no luck. So I opted to making the most out of a little. 

if you wanna have a much more seemless look on some colors. Try adding sprites as a sort of in-between 2 different pallets. Otherwise great work 

Oh, for the second question.  That you have to put under init in the scene with the attach script to button command. So that way it only attaches the script once as soon as you load the scene. Do not put attach script to button under update, otherwise it WILL lag the game very badly. 

Just out of shear curiosity on the upcoming update for the low level mode in GB studio.  Is there a way to add in Super Nintendo assembly to this engine? Because I've learned that a select few games can basically load in Super Nintendo code, graphics and sound into the Super Gameboy. Because its such a cool feature thats rarely ever used in the super gameboy (possibly due to small memory).  I understand if its not currently possible, I mean your work is excellent enough already. And hey, at least with this low level mode, I can add in this FMV sequence for the GBC mode.

I recommend the gameboy advanced ags 101 model.  Has the fullest compatibility with every gameboy/color/advanced game. And the backlighting helps tremendously with gameplay.

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Thank you so much, and merry Christmas 

I see the notes for version 5, but where is version 5. All I see is version 4

At least, without reworking the engine entirely

How large is your data in rom form. Or are you executing in engine.

The best way I've managed to make a big boss, is by syncing 6 sprites (technically 12) all in unison. This will eat into your animation cycles. But I bet you already knew that. And creating chunks of code that all gets executed at the exact same time.

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Do you think you could allow for larger sprites. And a way to tell what animations can be flipped manually, and a way to set how your animations play out. Also can you allow for altering the trajectory and speed of the characters to a fine point. Otherwise, thats all I can think of for the beta. And that's pretty retty freaking awesome