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this plugin is great, but I'm experiencing one odd problem when it's turned on... randomly, animations on the actors will appear behind them instead of in front of them. but this also only seems to happen when the actors are targeting themselves/other actors. and I never quite know when it'll happen since, as mentioned, it's totally random. even with just the necessary plugins on for this to work, it seems to happen. 

oh wow, you don't have to do all that, though it'd be appreciated nonetheless. yeah I'm not sure what's going on with MZ... I even downloaded another game and the same issue. so I know something is up on my end to some degree... I'm not sure what's going on with the MZ updates and what that means for games made with them.

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yeah, I've heard such cases where something is fine for everyone but you lol. I guess this is one of those cases unfortunately. I use SRD Hud Maker, but there's been random times where I couldn't any more... for LONG periods of time before I got it working again so I get it lol. well the idea of what I see here looks fun so I can at least say that. 

EDIT: I figured out one thing... it's the 1.20 update of MZ. my computer isn't having it it seems. I couldn't even run playtests on MZ myself until I lowered it back to 1.11 and it works. buuuut that means I can't play anyone's games lol.

yeah, the files are there, but I'm still getting a graphics failed to initialize error. I'm wondering if it's on my end somehow as it seems to have worked for others. sorry I'm having so many issues lol.

interesting... I have Windows 10 and I also am able to playtest MZ and MV... I haven't tried a full game or whatnot though... but I'm unsure if it'd make a difference?

here's a screen shot of what popups. I am supposed to click on Game right??? I don't see anything else that would resemble an application. as much as I deal with Rpg Maker, I don't have much experience with deployed stuff.

I'm not sure if someone's wrong on my end but when I attempted to play this, there's a failed to initialize graphics error.

thanks! and no worries, sometimes stuff just happens. I'll see what I can do.

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windows 10. I'll see if something else is at fault. and it's ok about the refund, I caught it on sale lol... I just wanna see if I can get the lag down. I dunno if it's because I've updated a lot of internal files or what. annnd I figured out why composite isn't working I think... files that I don't need anymore are claimed to be missing.

well my graphics cars is pretty dated I think AMD FirePro M2000... 16 gigs of ram and my cpu 2.80 GHz. Is there any other info you'd need to know?

I had a question... I was wondering would something be wrong on my end if the plugin is dropping the framerate severely? it goes from 60 to 16. and some features cause the game to never load, like if I turn on composite. I can say I updated my pixi settings if that has anything to do with it. 

Ok, thank you so much for clarifying that for me! As I said, I'll be sure to credit you for designs. Have a good one.

Hello, I was wondering is it ok if I redraw your battlers for my game, in order to more so fit my own artstyle. I planned on crediting you regardless since these are your designs... but I was curious if that was ok. I feel it falls under edits, but I wanted to be sure.

ok sure thing!

So I was trying to see if I could add the YEP_RowFormation as a scene for Luna and it won't seem to read that I've made one. when I look at the console with F8, it states that there is no config for it, despite that I made one. So, I've gotten random window's to show in spots like in battle, but I realized the Row plugin calls it's own Scene. so I tried SceneRow and based on the name in the console and it's not doing anything.

the ONLY reason I was even trying to do this was because by default, I cannot for the life of me get a cursor to shop up during that scene in battle.  If I didn't need a cursor, I actually would leave this be lol.  SO I have 2 questions actually...

How (if possible) do you add new scenes? and if not possible, how do I add cursors to every scene. I noticed it doesn't add one to the choice list either.

ahh ok. the ONLY reason I thought this was a possibility was because in one of the base demo's, there was an example of showAnimationOn: ActorFace... ActorFace was a lunatic item in that specific set of item. and it worked with 4 party members active. so I figured I'd be able to do something similar, but I guess not? I have my actors on the screen as UI items and was trying to get the combat animations to show on them. So yeah I started wondering why it wasn't working like the one from the Early Access Base Project. But If it's generally not supposed to work that way, then that's ok.

So I have a frontview battle system and I've been trying to get it to show animations on the hud. so I used showAnimationOn on a certain lunatic item of the hud and everything worked fine.  But as soon as I had more than 3 party members in battle, an error would occur. I determined it was showAnimationOn that was causing it... but no matter what I attach it too the same error pops up and even migrating bits and pieces of the code to blank projects causes the same issue.

I'm not exactly sure what to do about this one as this isn't an error I've really seen before.  I couldn't find much googling anything either unfortunately.  If anyone has any suggestions on what could be the issue, I'm all ears...

oops sorry about that... I switched it to public.

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sure, I can do that. So when I use State Explosion, aka something that works on you and/or a party member (same result with items), the hud disappears. BUT, this only happens when the YEP_SelectionControl plugin is turned on. I scoured that, the Battle Engine, and the Target Core and I'm unsure of what is causing this. Oh and I noticed with certain animations... the actor/enemy with stay in the hue of whatever that animation is unless or until another animation is casts on them. but I'm not too worried about that at the moment. I'm mainly curious why the hud disappears and why only when you use things on yourself. Other than these tho, I'm not having any other issues with this during battle.

Oh wow it is? I've only noticed it though when the SelectionControl is turned on... when it's off everything works fine and the hud stays where it should during any action that selects a party member.  I'll keep looking though since I need the Selection plugin for something specfic. I find it odd anyway it's only when the plugin is on and even more so it only does it when you select party members. Thanks for answering, I'll look through the associated plugins again to see if I missed something.

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I've been messing around with this mostly in battle so far and noticed something odd. It seems to be in tandem with YEP_X_SelectionControl. If you use an item or any action on yourself, your hud  with faces/hp/whatnot will disappear. I tried it in the sample project too just to be sure it wasn't something I was messing up. I'm honestly not sure where to report this kind of thing and I know how busy everyone is, so I'm not really expecting anything. just wanted it to be known that this even happens I suppose. 

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That could be the case. I've noticed some differences in the files between the two times I downloaded the plugin. I'll check and see tho as soon as I can to see if I copied something twice or anything of that sort.

EDIT: I haven't found anything... but the oddest thing is, these issues went away when I started using images for the gauges (which was my plan from the get go) so that works out I suppose? Otherwise, I've gotten everything setup as I was intending. tho I wanted to say and I'm only saying it here because I had a topic open already, that Yanfly's Steal&Snatch causes issues in battle with the item window. It took ages to narrow down why it was the only one I couldn't move, when I was trying to move the rest for my XP setup, but yeah it causes the Item window (and just the item window) to stay in it's default place. and when you select an item, it erases the your hud. I only wanted to mention it NOT as to try to get any fix, but as a heads up that that even happens. 

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That makes a lot of sense actually. I'm not sure why I didn't think of that eariler. I'll check through my plugins and see what might be the cause of that.

EDIT: here's the error that pops tho... I actually figured out it's connected to the hp/mp gauges I have setup in battle. tho I guess I found that odd as they're setup the exact same as the ones in the Base 00 Example project outside of sizing, text, and position. I didn't touch anything else related to them.

as I read this I JUST realized what was going on that was stopping that from working. I'd tried that a ton of times and an stack too deep error of some sort would pop up, so I figured that wasn't how you did it. BUT that was because of another plugin... oddly enough one of the plugins that came with the Luna Engine. the DisableAsync plugin was causing this. I hadn't thought to turn it off tho because of it helping load pictures faster that were in subfolders... which the pics in the battle hud were in. I knew how to move them tho, I just had the issue of them stacking on top of each other because I couldn't setup the columns. I wonder why the stack error... Thanks a ton, I'm closer to setting everything up now!

I've been at this for probably way longer than I should've... I've got the worst feeling there's something extremely simple that I just missed. but basically. I was trying to just line my actor's faces up at the bottom of the screen... as opposed to where they are in this image. I've figured out how to move them... but unfortunately I can't get them to go across horizontally. I've tried adding horizontal true commands... it get's rid of the other actor's face but lines them up, at least if I add horizontal true and limit 1. I've tried adding another column to the battle status... that makes the game flip out with a stack too deep error. I'm unfortunately at my wit's end here. I was basically trying to move them horizontally to the bottom of the screen next to the actor command bar. then I was going to figure out how to use bigger actor faces to make it look like a XP style battle... I figured if I could get them moved at least, I could figure out all the other stuff from there.