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as I read this I JUST realized what was going on that was stopping that from working. I'd tried that a ton of times and an stack too deep error of some sort would pop up, so I figured that wasn't how you did it. BUT that was because of another plugin... oddly enough one of the plugins that came with the Luna Engine. the DisableAsync plugin was causing this. I hadn't thought to turn it off tho because of it helping load pictures faster that were in subfolders... which the pics in the battle hud were in. I knew how to move them tho, I just had the issue of them stacking on top of each other because I couldn't setup the columns. I wonder why the stack error... Thanks a ton, I'm closer to setting everything up now!

That seems really odd. As far as I know disable async hasn't caused that error for anyone else.

Can you post the console error and your config for the window? If it's a bug, we'll squish it. owo b