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I had a question... I was wondering would something be wrong on my end if the plugin is dropping the framerate severely? it goes from 60 to 16. and some features cause the game to never load, like if I turn on composite. I can say I updated my pixi settings if that has anything to do with it. 

Sadly, WebGL filters can be quite taxing on lower-end GPUs. What kind of rig are you running?

well my graphics cars is pretty dated I think AMD FirePro M2000... 16 gigs of ram and my cpu 2.80 GHz. Is there any other info you'd need to know?

That's odd, the m2000 shouldn't have any issues with the compositing effect. Hmm.. What O.S are you using? Also if this ends up too laggy I recommend asking itch for a refund; if they don't refund you I"ll refund it and you can keep the files to try to optimize it

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windows 10. I'll see if something else is at fault. and it's ok about the refund, I caught it on sale lol... I just wanna see if I can get the lag down. I dunno if it's because I've updated a lot of internal files or what. annnd I figured out why composite isn't working I think... files that I don't need anymore are claimed to be missing.

I hope you can get it figured out man, best of luck my dude! Sorry for the issues you're having

thanks! and no worries, sometimes stuff just happens. I'll see what I can do.