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As someone who attempted to dank up the battle system once before already, it took AGES to even get the cards to align properly with rotation; the fact this was actually finished without the creator getting emotionally nuked is a feat in of itself. I 100% back this pricepoint

very fun, quite addicting

Honestly, I say just good ol' trial and error until you get the result you like ^.^

All of these are fantastic, every game I played during the voting period was absolutely astounding! Also, the retro vibes -really- hits my "yes" triggers <3 so extra points to them :3
Grats to everyone, the contest was super fun!

We can go by the trust system, email me at and I'll send over a link for the plugin~ If it works then you could pay~ if not then we know ^.^
The reason I want to do it this way is because projects generally have a -- buttload -- of other plugins that may interfere, so while it might work with SAN_AnalogMove it may not work with one of the YEP plugins

It --should-- be, since all it really does is copy the sprite layers

But I can't say for sure tbh~ same with the difficulty of making it happen, it would depend on the 8 directional script and if the code is obfuscated or not

Hi Michael

Thank you so much for the feedback! And mhm; I had planned on making the adventure mode similar to chocobo's dungeon after the jam is over :)

Thank you so much for the feedback! I'm glad you've enjoyed it, and thank you so much for being imrpessed by it! Every critique you mentioned will be taken care of if/when I continue this after the jam. I'm honored that people even take the time to write such a detailed critique / post in general :)

I enjoy the style you're going for here~ although the default RPG Maker icons clash with it, I find myself still liking the approach! My favorite part about the artistic style of it all is the black/white portraits mixed in with the vibrant, retro-esque world! Very good job on this, and I found it randomly on the itch front page by scrolling down~ If it wasn't for the Windowskin colors for the gradient bars and the icons I'd have a hard time believing this was RPG Maker 

I absolutely love this review! Thanks for playing it, all the points you made are 100% in consideration and I agree with them all, including the critique. I had an absolute blast making it, and I'm so thrilled to see people enjoying it! :) Thanks for the feedback Benny, I can't wait to show you what comes of this game in the future

What do you mean? ^^
And you're welcome! Thanks for using it =D

You bet =D Anything involving pokemon  = yes pls

That's just because its overwhelming at first, it's kinda like learning a new verbal language ^.^ Once you get the hang of it, it's smooth sailing from there, but starting out is a bit of a struggle

Push through and you'll open a world you will love =D

Ah so that was the set tone =D

You should really learn to code I think you'd LOVE it <3 it opens up a world of control like no other, and I think you'd have fun doing it too ^.^

Thanks a ton! <3 and yeah it really would make a nice mobile game xD

What's important is how much fun you had while making it =D

It janked up and posted it 3 times, sorry about that

I really like the filter you used for the sprites/tileset :D

Very good entry! Not many complaints considering the time restraint, but if I had to I'd pick the default asset actors being mixed in with the custom ones, it throws the illusion of depth completely off

Again tho <3 not a complaint, but if it had to be, I'd pick that xD
Awesome job!

Ty so much! =D

Looks neat! Gonna play this later =D

To so much rocker!

Thank you for making it

It's like Stardew valley and Rune Factory Frontier had a love child, but Stardew valley had an affair with an isekai goddess, so the...

I dont know where I'm going with this xD But omg this is beautiful seriously!

Thank you so very much! ^.^ I'm happy you enjoyed it!

oh this... THIS is awesome. ABSOLUTELY playing this

lol <3

Best of luck with the jam!

Thank you ^.^

Thank you so much, I'm very proud of it and had a ton of fun making it!

I made myself forget what sleep was x3

Yeah it was a lot of fun making :D

Ty so much <3

I love the way the life is portrayed too!

It's for sure unique, def feels non-rpg maker :) Awesome job!
Now fetch my tea, you filthy peasants :P

But yeah awesome job!

You likely got super bad luck and ran into bosses lmfa~ but yeah I recommend buying a bunch of cookies with your starting money, then when his energy/mood get low use some until its 100%, but use all the hours you have of the first day to do bag and fast-feets, this will help you a TON when adventuring, then on day 2 you can adventure all you want and probably slay those bosses

omg I love that battle system and the way you explore! <3

so the screenshot at the bottom right, when looking on my tablet I legit thought that was a giant guy on a bycicle lmfao

the shadow in front of the exit looked like a head, then some pants and the black part looked like a tire xD

THat being said this looks awesome, adding it to my list to play <3

Always a fan of retro color schemes!

4 seconds before the deadline

Holy crap! Good timing xD