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Glad you like it :) enjoy

No, they (Degica) chose not to include it.  It was apparently too short. DM me on twitter (@TheUnproPro) I'll send you the music

Thank you, Klamma! you've just inspired me to continue this project <3

Hi brent
Yes, its been out on linux for Steam for quite some time now. Its quite nice tbh

Sure, here you go. It should work offline~

I'm not sure, been pretty busy of late

I do plan on doing a live-stream of the games submitted. (Well, ones that are submitted and havent been pre-made before the start of the jam)

Not during this jam, sorry

Kondos has claimed you to be 3rd place! PM me on discord for keys for the 3rd place prizes.

Kondos has clamed you for second place! PM me on discord for the keys for your second place prizes.

PM me on Discord for the keys for 1st place prizes

Kondos has claimed you as the 1st place winner!

Thanks for the submission!

Looking good!

Hi everybody! I've been working for a while on this project, its designed to help create / organize your MV plugins by making params and 'script chunks' to organize your code better. It also has a core-editor which allows you to edit the default functions (check how-to in the program for more info on that). I thought it was a pretty cool idea and I'm looking for critic feedback, (but not on the layout, since thats already in the works of being changed almost completely), enjoy and I'd love to hear what you think! both positive and negative. I'm here to improve! 

Check it out here:

What are your likes/dislikes of this theme (Detective)?