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That could be the case. I've noticed some differences in the files between the two times I downloaded the plugin. I'll check and see tho as soon as I can to see if I copied something twice or anything of that sort.

EDIT: I haven't found anything... but the oddest thing is, these issues went away when I started using images for the gauges (which was my plan from the get go) so that works out I suppose? Otherwise, I've gotten everything setup as I was intending. tho I wanted to say and I'm only saying it here because I had a topic open already, that Yanfly's Steal&Snatch causes issues in battle with the item window. It took ages to narrow down why it was the only one I couldn't move, when I was trying to move the rest for my XP setup, but yeah it causes the Item window (and just the item window) to stay in it's default place. and when you select an item, it erases the your hud. I only wanted to mention it NOT as to try to get any fix, but as a heads up that that even happens.