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yeah, I've heard such cases where something is fine for everyone but you lol. I guess this is one of those cases unfortunately. I use SRD Hud Maker, but there's been random times where I couldn't any more... for LONG periods of time before I got it working again so I get it lol. well the idea of what I see here looks fun so I can at least say that. 

EDIT: I figured out one thing... it's the 1.20 update of MZ. my computer isn't having it it seems. I couldn't even run playtests on MZ myself until I lowered it back to 1.11 and it works. buuuut that means I can't play anyone's games lol.

I thought it was only a 'corescript' update. ( It's included with the game you deploy, you should not have MZ installed on your computer).Wait I'll try to make a 1.11 version for you ( not sure if it won't break anything, but let's try! )

oh wow, you don't have to do all that, though it'd be appreciated nonetheless. yeah I'm not sure what's going on with MZ... I even downloaded another game and the same issue. so I know something is up on my end to some degree... I'm not sure what's going on with the MZ updates and what that means for games made with them.