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Ah I feel sorry for you, I thought the missing files would solve it for you... Only explanations I found were the one I told you before, but you're not in those cases.
I don't know if you know about SRD Hud Maker, ( the tool to make custom HUD for RPG Maker ), I'm the only one who can't run his tool. Computers magic. It's not possible to make that game in 'browser' mode, it loads the animations too slowly and it will be unplayable.

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yeah, I've heard such cases where something is fine for everyone but you lol. I guess this is one of those cases unfortunately. I use SRD Hud Maker, but there's been random times where I couldn't any more... for LONG periods of time before I got it working again so I get it lol. well the idea of what I see here looks fun so I can at least say that. 

EDIT: I figured out one thing... it's the 1.20 update of MZ. my computer isn't having it it seems. I couldn't even run playtests on MZ myself until I lowered it back to 1.11 and it works. buuuut that means I can't play anyone's games lol.

I thought it was only a 'corescript' update. ( It's included with the game you deploy, you should not have MZ installed on your computer).Wait I'll try to make a 1.11 version for you ( not sure if it won't break anything, but let's try! )

oh wow, you don't have to do all that, though it'd be appreciated nonetheless. yeah I'm not sure what's going on with MZ... I even downloaded another game and the same issue. so I know something is up on my end to some degree... I'm not sure what's going on with the MZ updates and what that means for games made with them.