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Hi, it's highly appreciated of course but not mandatory in case of paid products.

For free products please give credits to "ManuGamingCreations" and a link to the itch page if possible.

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Hello, I do not know a way to export it as transparent GIF through Effekseer sadly. You have to export as PNG Frames, then create the transparent GIF with external tools I think.

Yes, something like that is possible!

Hello, sure let me explain a bit.
This plugin will allow you to store whole inventories in variables.
This way, let's say if you have your party split in 2 groups, you can decide to store the inventory of group A into a variable and inventory of group B into another variable, creating a more immersive situation for the player.

Yes, the addon is required to make Effekseer files work in Godot.
However, the way I make the animations in Effekseer won't make it work in Godot 3.x. (  => "Known Issues" => "Advanced rendering panel function does not work"
It seems the issue is not there in Godot 4.x.

It should work in Godot 4.x then. Tell me if you're planning to use Godot 4.x and I will run tests before you buy anything

After checking Godot documentation, it seems Godot 3.x does not support Advanced Rendering settings (which I use a lot inside Effekseer).
The animations won't work in godot 3.x I'm sorry

Hello let me run some tests before I will come back to you. Are you using Godot 4?


"For the every single animation ever made bundle, is there a cheaper one that doesn't include MZ animations since I only use MV"
=> No, I already tried to put the same product in 2 different bundles and it does not work yet on

"Also, in this bundle, how many patreon animations are not included?"
=> For MV & VX Ace versions, Patreon Pack 3 & 4 are still in production (approximately 30+ animations)

Don't know any sadly. Give me three days and I'll make it real, it could be a nice addition to what is already there.

Hello, a screenshot has been added.

"Split the party?"
No, this plugin allows to manage the inventory and eventually if you decide to split the party it will make it easier to have a group keep their inventory, the other one starts over with nothing, then when they reunite their inventories can both combine. (For example).
That said, splitting the party is already doable through native RPG Maker commands.
Maybe you would want a way to manage this easily through plugin commands too?

"Do I need to purchase other tools to use this with?"
No, it works alone.

Hello, these are not made for Gamemaker, it was designed for RPG Maker MZ (and other engines supporting Effekseer)
That said, there are ways to use the Effekseer software and record this as a spritesheet then use it in every engine (as a PNG)

Here is the link to Effekseer software:

Sure! Here is the video made by Human Being

Hello, thanks for your purchase.
Here is the link for the MZ Version:

Hello, yes it contains the animations but not the sound effects settings.

Hello, no it's MZ exclusive.

Only a minor addition, there is a blue electric ball too now. (only for MZ/Effekseer)

Do you have the required plugins from Visustella (it's "VisuMZ_3_ActSeqCamera")?

4. The button should appear when the Title Scene is playing.

3. Activate the main plugin only. (not the other ones located in the subfolder)

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2. Extract the ZIP archive right there, you should have a JS file + a subfolder now.

1. Paste the ZIP archive next to the other JS files.

It seems it already works as it is for MV, you can just try to download it and use it!

MZ now. We're working on a MV version.

Yes, there is no way to load an action sequence from the editor the way it has been built.

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  1. Copy and paste the ZIP archive into your 'js/plugins' folder.
  2. Extract it right there, you should have now the plugin + its folder.
  3. Go in plugin manager, only add and activate the main one (not the ones in the subfolder).
  4. Launch game and use the 'Open Interface' button.

Thanks for the information.


Yes, it's just a copy/paste from the MZ folder so people who are not using RPG Maker (Unity/Godot/etc) are not confused and know where the files are.
Noted, colors will be added soon.

Hello! The effekseer version is available now.

Hello, sure. We're updating all animations, this one will get a good treatment as well.


More coming tomorrow!
Pack 1(MV) is here!

1. The positions were not changed, but we did not compare them side by side. So we trust you about this one.
2. It is coming tomorrow!


Sometimes in the program it can run faster or slower, it's a little RPG Maker MV bug.

Lots of already existing animations will get updates, then yes the Patreon will be opened again for new ones.

Thanks! Hoping to be more active this year again.