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Cool game! Very challenging, I love it


Simple and very effective!
I love the graphics and gameplay, it works very well, good job!

Hello, thanks for your feedback.
Unfortunately I am aware of all lacking elements, it would have been cheating about the 3 hours time limit if I added them.
I would want to say the 'clamp' happens only in webgl mode (browser game) because the mouse gets out of the game, and get stuck on the screen border (even if it's invisible). That said, I know how to solve this now, but it's too late!
Thanks again for testing my game.

Loved the game!

Haha! Thanks for trying!

Wish you the best dude!

Hello! Sure!


Hello! Thanks for your support.
Depending on the pack you downloaded from the store, some of them could appear blurry if they are scaled up too much.

It's the case for Elemental Packs 1, 2 & 3 since these are ports from MV to MZ. The original files were originally created to be used in RPG Maker MV, that is why the resolution is low(192x192 per frame).

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Hello! Thanks for your support.
I'm sorry it's not a 'lifetime' pass. It allows people to buy everything I've made at a precise moment.
If something is added later, it won't be included.
For example if someone buys the 'Every single product made bundle' today and new products are added next month, this person won't be able to have access to the newest products that way.

Hello, thanks for your support!

Let's say if the animation was a recipe, Effekseer would just be the pot.
So I use more than one program: sometimes I hand draw parts, sometimes it's software generated.
Sometimes the textures are animated inside Effekseer itself.

There are multiple ways to create the same product in the end.

Hello, no.

No, but my products will contains both versions, so it's usable everywhere (as most as possible)

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Effekseer animations are particle-based animations.
You can open the files in the free Effekseer software and export them as single frames or spritesheet (automatically generating transparent background if needed).

Hello, it does not use sprite sheet from what I've seen for now (it's still in Early Access after all).
It uses Effekseer animations, but not in "*.efkefc" format.
The format used in Bakin is "*.efk".

Yes, these are from Patreon Premium packs.

It's fixed now. Thanks!

Hi, I've added some options to customize the button text, width and height as well.
Here are the new parameters (plugin version 0.1.3):

Hello! Thanks for your suggestion, I added plugin parameters to be able to customize the button position.

Hello, please download the sample project(MZ) and see where the files should be.
Please note that nothing should be renamed(the sub-folders, the .png files) except the .efkefc file of course.

Feel free to add me on Discord if you need more help!

Hello, I didn't make a sample project for those which contains the flashes & sounds.

Hello, this pack no. I'll make the spritesheet version as soon as possible.

Hello, it's MZ only right now, I'll be working soon to make a MV and VX Ace version as well.

Hello, I've adapted this pack to MV & VX Ace. Here is the link:


Thanks for your suggestion to make them usable in VX Ace.

Incredible. Just incredible!

Hello, let's discuss more about it on Discord:
=> ManuGamingCreations#6969

Hello, it's planned.

Hello, no the Visustella Impact plugin itself isn't integrated, some commands of it are.

My Discord changed, let me give you the new one: ManuGamingCreations#6969

However, Effekseer software is free and provide ways to render the animations so you can use them in VX Ace for example.

Hello, thanks.
No, these animations won't work in VX Ace or MV, but will work with MZ, Unity or Unreal.

Hello, 90/95% of them are VX Ace friendly.
Just be aware that the quality may differ from the videos, since the videos show the HD version (RPG Maker MZ).

Hello, thanks for your purchase.

See this plugin as a Visustella visual interface, so without Visustella plugins it won't work.
It's just  a tool to help you make Action Sequences faster.

Hello, just copy / paste all folders & files as they are, any modification in file hierarchy will prevent the animations from working fine.


Hello! It's planned to be released on my Patreon one day!

Hello, make sure to leave the file hierarchy as it is. Moving the Texture subfolders & files could mess up the animations.


These are beautiful!

Thanks for your support!

Nice vases! Following now