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Fun! Fun! Fun! Don't play it while you're hungry! Or send someone get some food for you:: Great moment!

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Add me on Discord then: ManuGamingCreations#7132 ( we could discuss about the banner design ). The reason I make access keys is because it's like an 'early access'. I make animations by little packs, this way people can support me and they'll have all future 'current wave' animations for free. ( And it's cheaper than taking the mini packs 1 by 1 )

No, only those you can see on the page text.


Yes, I don't make sound effects, just the graphics part. It's here only for people who don't want to spend time on setting up sounds for these effects.

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Hello, here is the link for the sample project if you want the sound effects settings too.

But yes you'll just have to copy and paste the .efkefc file and its 'Texture' folder to your 'effects' folder.

Thanks! Yes it's planned.

Hi yes! ManuGamingCreations#7132 Here it is.

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Hello! Yes these are provided with PNG version too. But it will be a bit different from what you see in the preview GIFs. The GIF are records of MZ version ( 60 fps ). RPG Maker MZ does not use PNG for animations.

The PNG version are designed for RPG Maker MV ( but can be used in any other engine, overworld, wherever you want). Please keep in mind since they are designed for RPG Maker MV it will be spritesheet made of 192x192 cells.

Hello, nice idea! Kind of 'Light Magic' pack!

Hello, yes they are provided with these files. Anything with "Any Engine" or "RPG Maker MZ" in the title are provided with Effekseer files.

Hey I wanted to fight more! Good game! Another Effekseer user, always a pleasure!

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Hello, yes they include PNG files. Cell size = 192x192 pixels. All assets in my store you can find with "Any Engine" or "RPG Maker MV/VX Ace" at least in the title includes a PNG version. 

I suggest you to wait a little, a big sale is coming.

Hello, yes it's MZ compatible. When it's not mentioned to upgrade Effekseer plugins you don't need to. ( But you can, it will improve overall Effekseer performance). Packs labelled "Any Engine" or with "MV" in their title includes files for MV, VX Ace, and MZ.

Haha :)

Hello, thanks for playing. the fact is the game is too easy for some people, and too hard for others! I was really lost when came the time to balance, so I made it pretty easy so more people can enjoy it.

Thanks! But what did not work please ? I'm just curious and want to avoid that issue with other people.

I just added the working sample project too.

This way we should be able to fix it easily.

Could you join me on Discord please ? ManuGamingCreations#7132

Hello, for RPG Maker MZ you don't need a demo. Just copy/paste these in your 'effects' folder. ( Don't modify file names/order, especially the 'Texture' one ).

Maybe did you copy the files properly and it still does not work? Let me know. Thanks.

Thanks for playing and for feedback! It's true I didn't check enough the SFX volume during battles compared to the music, I'll keep that in mind for next games.

Thanks! Hope it was not too hard.

KV games are drugs. NK games are drugs.    KV NK Games is something you should not try or you'll become addicted.

I think Gretgor left a review that says all! It's lots of fun! ( Who does not love a good platformer after all? ) Thanks for submitting that game baz I had a great time!

Yooohooo! Nice game but too short! ( it's a good sign no? :) )

Tried many times with touchpad only ( hardcore gamer mode ) but I could not win haha :). Took my mouse and killed all those square dragons & behemoths ( let my imagination flow :) ). Classic short & fun game!

I don't recommmend this game if you're looking to relax during battles. Action Tactical RPG should we call that ? :) Story well written! I love the twist. Dragonbones battlers always make games alive, it's always nice to see them in action. Well done tutorial and battles! Lots of fun!

Starmage can't make simple games, like a Pong or something like that. No, this game has good music, good design => We can 'feel' the emergency and be as implied as the hero in his attempt to free himself. Top of that the battlers are really nice and the battles are challenging. No, it's not pong. We must rate this high now...

If you love tactics card games, go for it! Very creative game system combined with awesome graphics and design = lots of fun! On my way to find all the cheat codes! Great work.

Really loved the sound design of this game! It makes you 'feel' something, you're not just playing a game.


HAMSTER is the best it's possible to eat all!

I thought it was only a 'corescript' update. ( It's included with the game you deploy, you should not have MZ installed on your computer).Wait I'll try to make a 1.11 version for you ( not sure if it won't break anything, but let's try! )

Ah I feel sorry for you, I thought the missing files would solve it for you... Only explanations I found were the one I told you before, but you're not in those cases.
I don't know if you know about SRD Hud Maker, ( the tool to make custom HUD for RPG Maker ), I'm the only one who can't run his tool. Computers magic. It's not possible to make that game in 'browser' mode, it loads the animations too slowly and it will be unplayable.

Uploaded version 1.0.5. Let me know if it still does not work please. No missing files now.

I found something in my plugins, I'm fixing it. Thanks a lot for finding it!
I'll reupload as soon as they are fixed.

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Hope it's the issue