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Stats Simulator

Balance your RPG Maker MZ game 20x faster! · By ManuGamingCreations

How To Install

A topic by ManuGamingCreations created Apr 20, 2023 Views: 102 Replies: 4
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Developer (2 edits)
  1. Copy and paste the ZIP archive into your 'js/plugins' folder.
  2. Extract it right there, you should have now the plugin + its folder.
  3. Go in plugin manager, only add and activate the main one (not the ones in the subfolder).
  4. Launch game and use the 'Open Interface' button.
Developer unlocked this topic

1. Paste the ZIP archive next to the other JS files.

Developer (1 edit)

2. Extract the ZIP archive right there, you should have a JS file + a subfolder now.


3. Activate the main plugin only. (not the other ones located in the subfolder)


4. The button should appear when the Title Scene is playing.