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I get so hooked on infinite runners in jams, lol. I loved the aesthetic of this one, and the bigmode difficulty wasn't too bad (though I couldn't make it past like 70). I had a bit of a hard time distinguishing a wall from the next wall as it got faster, so a bit of texturing on those would go a long way I think. And the pose mode was super unique and really clever. Genuinely enjoyed this one, well done!

Love to see a godot puzzler like this in a jam! Nice and simple, but definitely room to grow it a lot. The narrative bit was a nice addition. idk if I was supposed to draw 3 big moe's on the last round but I bulldozed my dude there lol. Lots of potential here, really good fun!

What a polished jam game, really well done! Artwork and cohesive design was really well executed, and the narrative and progression were really satisfying. I had a bit of a tough time dashing using the arrows, but many game jam entries don't have any lefty support at all and this was still playable without the dash. Overall I really enjoyed this one, thanks for submitting!

Nice godot entry! Somehow I found the rats more formidable than the ogre thing in the first zone down the ramp, but the meat was good all the same. Would've liked an indicator of where I was throwing, but I got used to it (and the targets in the starting area helped!). Well tutorialized, looked and felt good, really appreciated the controller support. Nice job!

Thanks very much! If you're an android user feel free to grab the APK for your phone, I actually play this one occasionally myself lol. Thanks for checking it out and for the kind words!

What a gem! Both art styles executed well, and the seamlessness of swapping between modes quickly to handle puzzles was impressive (even in browser). Adding some collectables for folks wanting to challenge themselves is always a nice touch in a platformer. Great entry, nice job!

Simple and straightforward, real easy to pick up and definitely tons of replay value! Loved the aesthetic and great job matching the music up to the visual style. Could definitely see myself wasting a bunch of time with this one, great entry!

Cute little platformer! I appreciated having the devs' (and/or playtesters') times in there so I could compare against myself. It milked a few extra plays out of me for sure! Fun entry, nice job.

Really wish loop mode was enabled on that track, it was a blast lol. Looks like lots when into the level design, it was really cool. It looks expansive from well underneath, too (see screengrab), which I discovered when I forced my way through the mountains into the depths of the universe! Wouldn't have minded a bit of lefty support (maybe arrows to move and bind norbin' mode to RMB or similar). But generally this was nice and crunchy, good job!underside

view of the map from a few thousand feet below it

Fantastic art and design, very well done! Lots of polish in the presentation and gameplay. Loved the controller support, always happy to see it in a jam. I'm actually surprised how badly I got messed up by not having an inverted Y though (or at least the option for it) lol. Playing a game in that style meant my brain immediately went to the forced inverted Y and I had a super time getting around. Probably less of a problem for young folks though lol. Really great job!

Really nice entry! Really crisp UI, I liked the aesthetic a lot. Great to a Godot 4.2 game in the wild too! Unfortunately I couldn't really play it well as a lefty, but I got the gist of what you were going for, I think. Really felt polished from what I could get through! Nice job.

Thanks for the controller support, that always makes these types of games much easier! I liked the depth of different spell effects, though it took me a while to catch on and see all of em. Also the ability to cast on ones self was handy too, I liked that addition. Nice little godot entry, good job!

Look... I... Okay... Look. What? Did I just play? Out here having me shout car noises at my computer. My dogs are barking. Ugh. I loved this.

Hey thanks! Feel free to get addicted, there are no microtransactions or predatory data mining practices! lol.

Hey thanks very much! There are certainly worse things to be compared to lol. Thanks for checking it out!

Thanks so much! I am glad you appreciated the polish I opted for instead of a ton of feature creep :D

Thanks for checking it out!  For the Android build, it was my first time implementing tilt controls so perhaps they weren't the right sensitivity for it to be intuitive! Plus I didn't think most folks would try it so I prioritized desktop in the in-game instructions. Good feedback, thanks!

Got confused and thought I was playing BattleToads for a second with that interim cut scene :D  Always happy to rate a Godot entry! I didn't get much out of doing anything besides holding the up arrow along the side, but in principle this could be good fun with a bit more depth. It's a jam after all! Well done, well done.

Finally, someone gets it! lol

Thanks for the kind words! If you happen to be an Android user, there is an APK I uploaded to the itch page that should work just fine on your mobile device! It was designed with mobile in mind, I just didn't have time to export to iOS D: But the Android APK works okay, I play it in waiting rooms and stuff sometimes lol. Thanks again!

Thanks very much! Agreed, that'll be the first thing I add once the jam is finished. Funny the small things we overlook in jams, hah. Thanks for playing!

Nice polished entry. Couldn't make BigMode work left-handed but that's fine, I managed to get around in SmallMode alright! And I could definitely enjoy the fun story and great art direction, whether I could do well or not. Great job, team!

I may or may not have put the most polish into making sure that wasn't possible lol. Thanks for playing!

As a biologist, can confirm that bodies look like this. Very immersive :D Great job with the artwork and sound design, I got cornered once or twice and died but that feels like my fault lol. Good entry overall!

What a long 60 seconds! Excellent entry, had a ton of fun getting through all 60 seconds. Loving the Godot entries!  For real this was super fun, nice and polished, no bugs, great voice acting :D Just a great entry! Well done.

To keep someone who is crap at platformers playing that long is something. Super addicting, would make a great mobile game to play through when I had a moment to fixate on something.  Nice simple art and simple principle but definitely tough to master. Very well done!

Glad you pushed through a challenging week to deliver this one, it was a gem! The art was fantastic and the dating sim was super engaging for all its goofiness. The music and art tied together super well, and the ramping difficulty was just enough to keep my attention. Really excellent job!

Really nice job! Super simple and clean aesthetic, simple but fun puzzle design,game felt polished. Well done!

Killed by lack of coyote jump lol. Nah I'm terrible at platformers, but this one was good fun! Music was super chill and I liked the main mechanic of precision platformer music making. Plus, lots of content here! Good entry, nice job.

Really promising art but I couldn't seem to get past the first cut scene :( Curious to play a cleaned up version, lots of potential there I think. Good try!

"Weird tower defense" is my jam, well done in principle! I'm not sure I did it right because the tutorial was going while I was defending (I think) but it was definitely a fun concept anyway. And if nothing else the lil' guys were cute and the bar was indeed fancy.

Did a fair bit of running around before the softlock, it was very pretty and the music was nice and relaxing. Interested to see where you go next!

Nice entry, well done! The puzzles were well designed and the tutorialization was really intuitive  Thanks for submitting!

Really solid entry. Good gameplay loop, the potion menu screen was super well done, and the overall feel of the game was nice and polished. Well done!

Really good looking game! Wish I made it past the first puzzle, but I'm notoriously bad at puzzle games lol. My favorite part was the sound design, the key clacks and noises were so satisfying. Also big fan of the incidental resize of the document in the drawer if you spam taking it out and putting it back lol.

Interesting little game! I found the controls really tough (lefty problems), but the concept was good fun. Nice job!

Great Godot entry! Adored the aesthetic, great music and overall art direction. Definitely challenging, and I didn't make it all the way through, but I'm hoping someone can let me know what excellent story elements I missed out on :D Great job!

Ayy thanks so much for giving it a go!