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Mister, onde está o seu game Stars walker?

Rightstick, in Brazil we can't see your Steam page because of this. Please, fix it.

I'm interested.

Sorry for i didn't clarify my message.
And so bad GoG is not possible =(

I need to ask: Can you try in another sites like GoG?

GXGrainSon, can i suggest one thing? Try to release your game in GOG.

Rubeki, the link to Kill the KOTH is broken. Can you fix it, please?

I agree. Now i lost the opportunity =(

James, is this songs are in Bandcamp? If yes and in zip file, i gonna go right now!!!
*I stopped in Curiosity Shop...

Thanks for the answer. I gonna try and give feedback asap.

Can i suggest one thing?
I would love to play AoB and SCW online, is this possible, please?

For curiosity: Where's the DP I?

Sorry, i was so vague on my question =)
But you're answered xD I was so confused about 32 ending. Thanks.

For curiosity: What i need to download to play?

Hello SSS, how are you? Is the game dead?

Akumu, i need to ask one thing: What the difference between the version and the steam version?

I gonna love a steam launch, because doesn't give an option to another currencies, unfortunately...

I was going to test but i find a little problem...My OS is 32 bit =( =( =(

Casper Croes folks, i need to ask one thing: Where do you launch the new game, Alisa? Do you need testers?
Just for curiosity.

Faxdoc, for curiosity: Your game have controller support?

Hiya, do you still need testers? Count me in!!!
But how can i download the game?

I want to be a tester!!!

Pugcorn, please complete the game because this is have a great potential =)

Please, i want the complete game ^^

My suggestion is everybody who take the source of the game tell for everybody about the project.
It gonna be so interesting to play and know the work =)

Thanks for the answer.
I did a post on the forum about suggestions, but no response, unfortunately...

Hello CannibalInteractive, how are you?
I'm here to ask to you if is possible to ask to to give options about another currencies. I'm from Brazil and this is very hard to buy some games without know how much is. Can you help me, please?

Unfortunately not. But was the same problem with Yuri Goddess. About the game stops i forgot to print, sorry =(

Al Cheddah, i like so much your game but i need to inform your game crashes sometimes. I don't know why but crashed when i found the item to get Pierce (i forgot the name), when i found some enemies like eyes (or something like that) the game stops...
I gonna wait for an update.

Crowno, i want to download the game. Have the possibility?

woodenrabbit, i loved the game.
This is only me or have some Mother 3 inspirations?
And, when we have the full version?

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Azzie, i LOVED your game. I rated the game too.
My question is: When do you release the full game? Also, Robot have some partners in-battle?
Edit: I played the demo and didn't read about the full game, sorry ^^'

Hiya for community.
My idea is very important for people from another countries: The site need to show the prices but another currencies like Brazilian Real (in my case). What do you think, folks?

zbaker5, how are you?
Please, i gonna love to download the game. Can you give to us a download link?

Yes, i noticed using SHIFT. But not the Mel's HP-MP.  Thanks =)

Hello, Isabella. How are you?
I played the demo and liked so much the game. A mix with Grandia with Dragon Ball RPG from NES (using cards). My suggestion is appear the HP and MP of the character. I'm always dying without know how much health i have.

Yeah, welcome to Hell xD
I noticed the crystals appearing in previous cars, but i don't know appeared randomly.
Yeah, i found the Hell's Guardian weakness, the problem is this SOAB ALWAYS KILLS THE GHOST!!! And my char have Icicle but this damn monster kills everybody!!!
THIS IS HELL!!! Congratulations for the work xDDDDD

I played, i liked but...
why so short? Augeau, i'm waiting for more =)

I played the game and i loved it!!!
I'm suffering against Hell's Guardian aka Cerberus and i don't have enough crystals to buy some things =(

alienohat, how are you?
I need to report 2 bugs: During my gameplay, when i tried to open the file "Olala leaflet" and the game crashed.
I restarted the game and tried to not read the file about Goddess Voices and happened another bug: On the menu, appeared the scene of Adam instead the blue background.
Unfortunately i couldn't progress in the game. I gonna download again or wait for a new update.