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Ok, thanks.

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Hello, how are you?
I'm interested to translate to my language (Brazilian Portuguese) but i have a problem: I don't use Github. How can i do?

Thank you.

Hello, can you allow to download the game, please?

You're welcome. I tried to translate but was so hard to do with Borgmeier's dialogues. Very fancy.

I played in live but finished the demo in off.

I liked so much. My only con is sometimes is so hard to find the items, the glow is very fast.

But the game is promising and very beautiful. And the mechanics too.

LISA: The Bruhful community · Created a new topic A request

Please, reupload the mod.

The link is broken

The game is very promising. I liked the Mortal Kombat (use of weapons) and Bloody Roar (transformation) mechanics.
The main con is the combat: Very simple (only 3 buttons) and very stiff movements.

My suggestion is better commands for amateur to top fighting players enjoy the game at fullest.


Sorry for the question but which archive i mus download, please?


Please, post Void Monsters 2 The Blight here too. I can't buy in Steam.

Thanks =)

Theo, how are you? Happy new year.
One question: Can i use your songs in my livestream? Obviously giving the credits.

Mister, onde está o seu game Stars walker?

Rightstick, in Brazil we can't see your Steam page because of this. Please, fix it.

I'm interested.

Sorry for i didn't clarify my message.
And so bad GoG is not possible =(

I need to ask: Can you try in another sites like GoG?

GXGrainSon, can i suggest one thing? Try to release your game in GOG.

Rubeki, the link to Kill the KOTH is broken. Can you fix it, please?

I agree. Now i lost the opportunity =(

James, is this songs are in Bandcamp? If yes and in zip file, i gonna go right now!!!
*I stopped in Curiosity Shop...

Thanks for the answer. I gonna try and give feedback asap.

Can i suggest one thing?
I would love to play AoB and SCW online, is this possible, please?

For curiosity: Where's the DP I?

Hello SSS, how are you? Is the game dead?

Akumu, i need to ask one thing: What the difference between the version and the steam version?

I gonna love a steam launch, because doesn't give an option to another currencies, unfortunately...

I was going to test but i find a little problem...My OS is 32 bit =( =( =(

Faxdoc, for curiosity: Your game have controller support?

Hiya, do you still need testers? Count me in!!!
But how can i download the game?

I want to be a tester!!!

Pugcorn, please complete the game because this is have a great potential =)

Please, i want the complete game ^^