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This is a fantastic tool.  Have used it in the past and I'm still impressed by the effort that goes into it.  The super simple export is a particularly good new feature that I'm betting will see lots of use in my games.

Very much enjoyed this.  The visuals were great.  Feedback was quick and satisfying.  I found myself looking for card synergies, forgoing higher-value cards for lower ones with good interactions.  Very nice work.

Small points that could get tweaked: when viewing the top cards of the deck, it's not always apparent which card is the top.  Left-most?  Right-most?  A small hint there would be nice.

I thought I would grind the first person to get my score up before moving on, but it looks like money is reset between bosses.  Bummer.  :'(

Still, great fun.  Going to play more of this.

Good use of theming.  Visually and thematically consistent.  Pretty depressing and creepy.  I enjoyed it.  When waiting for my opponents to choose I went between wanting them to move faster and wanting more time to memorize the answers.  One small issue is playing with one player and no CPUs it felt like I won after the first round.  Still lots of fun.

I can see myself playing this for too long.  

I like the mechanic.  Could use a little big of a control tweak.  I kept wanting to drag the tiles around.  Tapping and then tapping again to release felt a little uncomfortable.  Some gentle feedback like clicks when tiles move could go a long way.  A button to shuffle all the letters would also do nicely, as it's a function I wish I had.

All-around quite enjoyable.

I had a hard time strategizing here.  I felt like I couldn't really play too many cards in advance because I couldn't see what my opponent had and couldn't really memorize their cards because I never saw what they really played.  

On the positive side, I like the art and the music.  Some fade-in might have helped it be less surprising when the instruments came in, but I'm still a sucker for dynamic audio.

Well done.

I mean closed.  There was no "you died" or "game over", so I can't tell if it's a crash or the intended behavior.

Had a bit of a hard time getting this to run.  Starts up and I can throw the grenade, but can't seem to get anything to happen after it lands.  Game just sits.

I got a kick out of it.  It's a simple but very playable roguelike.  Somehow the finite area for each level feels like more of a feature than a limitation, but on the downside, the basic level generation system kinda' hinders the exploration aspect and makes the backtracking more tedious.  Still felt good to play.

Not sure if there's an ending or not.  When I grabbed the dark potion with a skull on it at the end the game closed.  Still, things felt pretty okay and looked good.

The glitch mechanic is really clever.  I haven't quite gotten my head around it and ran into one crash that nuked my active game, but the level of effort is really impressive.  Nicely done.

The 180122 release runs just fine on Linux Mint, for what it's worth!

I like that idea!  It hadn't occurred to me.  That's a nice countbalance to the penalty of making mistakes.  If I end up expanding on this I'll be sure to try that.

I'm not sure if I should be impressed or disappointed that I could develop an emotional attachment to a match-two memory game.  I rather liked this.

This was pretty fun.  One thing that stood out was how incongruous that last sound effect was with respect to the rest of the game.  It's a bit of a jarring tonal shift, like a toll-booth on a roller coaster.

I got a kick out of this.  I had a bit of a hiccup at the start because I immediately picked up everything out of habit only to discover all the audio would play at once.  The targeting was also on the tricky side because I kept aiming directly at the ghost instead of at the text.  Once I figured that out it was a lot easier and less frustrating.  That might have been explained in the tutorial dialog but I couldn't understand it in the noise.  Fun submission, though.

Nicely done.  That was good.  I felt the controls were a little frustrating at first.  I couldn't tell if I was moving perpendicular to a wall or against it, and I wasn't sure if mousemove would have me look around or not.  Was hard to tell if I was stuck in a corner or what.  The music box is nice, but the sound doesn't deflect or change when there are obstacles in the way.  Good entry, though!

131!  I quite enjoyed this.  Well polished.  Simple.  A solid entry.

Some things I think could be changed, though I'm not sure if they'd be improvements: 

First, the little creatures were pretty simple to capture en-masse when they pushed up against the walls.  I think they are just moving in a line away from the player, but steering behavior might lead to them not bunching up in corners as much.

Second, there were times where I felt like I died because there weren't enough spawning or I couldn't find them fast enough.  If I lose, I'd like it to be from my inability to capture the critters rather than their sparsity.  Perhaps there's a way to ensure there's always a creature reachable if one plays optimally?

Third, creatures sometimes spawned in front of me. Not a huge issue, but finding them just outside the line of sight can be neat.

Good work.

Nice atmospherics.  I felt a little hampered by the two layers of separation for the controls.  Throw bone, wait, single swipe.  Lots of waiting there.  I realized it's not supposed to be fast paced but I still feel like there's a line between slow-paced and sluggish that one can reach.  Still a good entry.

That was really good!

I found myself enjoying the hex rotation mechanic a great deal.  It's simple and satisfying with a good "first-level heuristic" so I can see how well I'm doing.  It kept me entertained between the story bits.  A solid entry.

Some things I think could be improved: (a) a targeting reticle would help.  I know the hexes grew slightly when focused, but even a small, faint little dot would help me know where I'm focusing.  (b) the movement, while deliberately slow for effect, felt like it didn't have to be as slow as it was.  Rotating in particular felt like a slog.  Perhaps a water slosh sound plus more bubbles when rotating would make it feel just as hefty, rather than slow?

As one last bit, I'm not sure if I "finished" the game at that last part.  I unlocked that last room and then wasn't sure if there was more I should do.

AI music generation is neat, though I feel like a little more time spent in just the UI could probably have gone a long way in usability.

When an NPC goes to speak to you, it steals focus from the controls but does not focus the input box, so you have to move your hands from the keyboard, click, and bring your hands back.  Seems like a silly thing but I found it to be really frustrating.  I like the idea of the game, and putting together a world like this is respectably tricky, but I feel like a game like this would need more polish than is possible during a jam timeframe.

I generally agree with the sentiments on controls -- I found having to click to select a blob to be a little counterintuitive.  Frequently, it didn't feel like the slices were properly registering between the bunches, even when it seemed like they were pretty obviously overlapping.  If I were to recommend a change, it would be to allow multiple blobs to get cut at the same time and to not require people to select a blob they want to cut.  Let us go 'Fruit Ninja' and separate as many candies at the same time as possible.  Sure, there's nothing stopping a person from just flailing there, but you can award points for the number of candies split per slice to discourage that.  Still a decent concept.

The 'tweet' / 'click' noise that plays when the robot bounces is going to be seared into my head for a while.  I had to mute it eventually.  The game could use a little coyote time for the jumps, as I felt more frustrated by how the character moved than how the AI bounced.  Rage games and escort missions are a match made in hell.

There's a lot of clever content here.  I'm impressed at the amount that got done in a short time.  Things are mechanically simple, but are a good use of the kind of levels one can get from WFC.  Encoding things as a URL is also a good idea.  There are some hiccups which I think take away from some of the fun.  If one chooses an easy level or a medium level, there doesn't seem to be an obvious way to get back to the title screen.  In editor mode, I had to scroll down and up to reference the keys.  Perhaps a small popup in the corner with "R to reset, F to finish, Tab to change mode" would help.  And the absence of a kill plane in editor was a little funny -- possible to fall forever?  I didn't check.  I made a smallish level.

I rather enjoyed this, and

[Minor spoilers]

the ending stats screen was a nice touch.

[End minor spoiler]

Visuals: I wonder if there's a way to integrate all of the artwork differently.  I like the drawings, but the sharp polygonal cut-out didn't quite gel with the soft colored-pencil looks as much as I'd like.  Perhaps there's a way to make a paper-tear effect that makes them blend together differently?  A silly and minor gripe, I realize, but I'm looking for something to pick on slightly.

Sounds: Added to the atmosphere!  Voices and background music were about the same volume to me, which is okay given that they weren't essential to gameplay.  Though that brings us to gameplay:

Gameplay: Initially, I was going to lament that the outcome of my choices wasn't really obvious, in the sense that it was hard to rank risks versus rewards.  This isn't an amazing thing, but works given the relatively short span of a run.  If it were longer it might be nicer to have a better way of weighing the odds.  Does a robot miner have a significant advantage over my ten hired guns?  Or are the stakes matched.  Hard to say, in this case, but if this turns into a blueprint for a longer game it might be nice to give the player some hints about the relative challenge, like throwing keywords into the description.  "A right-orn'ry X" is more likely to kill your hired guns, "a half 'sleep Y" is less likely, etc.

On the whole, I have to respect and appreciate the submission for what it is, though it probably _should_ get dinged for theme adherence.

Solidly okay tool.  Neat idea.

I found myself unable to go back to an overview to do multiple tasks in a given day, things felt otherwise fine.  For the scale of a jam I wouldn't have asked for more.

I very desperately wanted this addon.  Installing now.  I have high hopes.  Thank you

Heck.  It should be packed together, but I've also uploaded a separate one with split .exe and .pck.

Much obliged. Cheers.

Just purchased and downloaded this version.  A small question: When installing, I see options only for version 2.4.0 and 1.1.0.  Is this expected or am I doing something wrong?  (Running off Godot v3.3.4)

Thanks for the heads up about the full screen bug.  Haven't had a chance to take care of it yet, but really appreciate it.

Thank you.  Appreciate the feedback!

Appreciate the honesty.  I need to find a better way to present all of this or to get rid of it entirely.

There's a lot of level for such a short time.  Character speed felt on the peppy side for a stealth game, but I suppose if the main were slower I'd have taken issue with that instead.  Robots seem to lose attention quickly, which is a good thing.  Having them follow you relentlessly would be annoying.  When I realized how slowly exposure built up I was able to cheese thing a little bit, but I kept playing.  Mechanically I don't think there's anything novel, but it's still a good piece of work.

There's a lot of level for such a short time.  Character speed felt on the peppy side for a stealth game, but I suppose if the main were slower I'd have taken issue with that instead.  Robots seem to lose attention quickly, which is a good thing.  Having them follow you relentlessly would be annoying.  When I realized how slowly exposure built up I was able to cheese thing a little bit, but I kept playing.  Mechanically I don't think there's anything novel, but it's still a good piece of work.

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I did a crap job converting #3 into what I'd hoped would look like a PS1 era model.