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Hello! Hoping to use this for the example code of my game engine plugin:

Users will not be able to use these icons in their own games just by using the plugin. It will only be used to render the examples. However, it will need to be in the assets directory in the open source repository above for this to be possible, so technically anybody could download it from there if they wanted to.

I will provide credit and a link to the CC By 4.0 license in the, as specified by the EULA.

Would this be okay? I haven't made these changes yet, wanted to double check with you first!

Finally came back to finish this one after playing about halfway through on the first day of ratings. This game is full of great puzzles, and then hits you with that surprisingly sweet ending. This one definitely captured my heart and mind this jam.

I feel like you don't see a lot of serious adaptations in games in general, let alone game jams. I'm definitely interested to see where you might take this past the 48 hour mark. The source material is heavy and may need a few months of work to adapt in-kind.

It's a very smart and artistic interpretation of the theme. Good job

Enjoyed this a lot, ended up spending an hour on it trying to get a "full combo", but couldn't quite manage it. I was v close once (like 1 cm away from the goal before the ball disintegrated).

Relaxing, hypnotizing game. Not much constructive to say about it. Maybe some soft chords on some pads in the background? Have the notes of the blocks follow a very slow, chill chord progression? In any case, just don't let up on the chill of this game.

Great job!

Good job! I can tell you put a good amount of work into these visual effects, they look pretty cool. It got so frantic trying to find some spikes to break the ropes on later in the game.

Would like the ability to restart from the current level, rather than having to close the game (unless there is a way and I didn't figure it out). They get pretty hard!

Impressive for 48 hours and being so young, keep making good games!

The only game so far that my partner came to watch me play. She thought the game was cute and good, and I agree.

I think for a post jam version, it could be fun to have some other non-gameplay words in there played for laughs. This is already very charming, and I would be interested in seeing where you might take it in the future.

This is stupid and fun and stupidly fun!

There was definitely some mastery to it though, trying to keep the right distance from your enemies so they can't hit you but you can sneak in hits on them, all the while grappling with the centripetal force of your wrecking ball. 

Would love to try this with online multiplayer!

Good job! Some of those puzzles were pretty difficult! Would love to see an undo button in a future update.

This is awesome.

I had a lot of fun with this one. The fact that you added a stopwatch to the levels tells me you know exactly who your audience is. The high max-speed of the truck, and the lack of punishment for hitting walls, made it really fun to find a fast way through these levels.

That being said, I'm not sure I agree with the addition of the explosion trailer. I'm not sure it added a whole lot to the levels it was included in. I'd prefer to see a "challenge time" to each of the levels as an alternative, and maybe the "harder trailer" could just be longer.

But still had a ton of fun with this and it's very polished for 48 hours. Great job!

I'll always remember this one as the game that I played wrong.

As I mentioned in discord, I figured out a couple levels in that you could leapfrog your sister, and then she'd swing around and you could use her momentum to make sick jumps. If she was swinging fast enough, you could get a wall between you and her and abuse that for other big jumps. I didn't even realize you could switch to your sister and extend/retract until I almost beat the game this way. And, to be honest, it was a lot of fun! I hope to see some use of this "mechanic" in future updates, with lots of tutorials obviously.


Great job on your first finished game!

I wonder if you even need to have levels with them individually, and with the diamonds? I feel like all of that was just building up to having red gates in the level and using q to switch, but I think you could've had those systems from the start and just built them up by level design.

I really liked having platforming challenges where I had to switch mid-air. It was fun and forced me to think about my jump before I committed. Would like to see further expansion on this by having some challenges where you have to pass through a red gate mid-jump and take advantage of that transformation.

But yeah, good job! I had fun with this.

This was a lot of fun! I played it all the way through.

I think the levels that I had the most fun on were the ones where the floor was lava. It was really interesting having to try to stay above ground while attacking enemies due to the movement being tied to your attacks. I also thought it was a nice twist that the ball didn't do damage. Instead, the player does damage, but only while "catching" the ball. 

I think the mechanic could use some fine tuning. I found myself going in unexpected directions sometimes if I threw and "caught" the ball too quickly. It's as if I was going faster than the ball at first, or the ball started a little bit behind me in the throw, I'm not sure which. I also felt like my character wouldn't go "all the way" when catching the ball, which caused me to take damage instead of deal it.

But for real, I think with a little balancing and some extra JUICE this could be a fantastic post-jam game that I would play the heck out of. Great job!

I enjoyed this!

The "yo ded" made me laugh pretty hard, and the distance limit was a nice constraint to build puzzles around. Maybe there could be some levels where it's a minimum distance instead of a maximum?

Good job!

Nice job!

Like others here, I appreciate the twist on the "mirrored characters" genre by making one of them an enemy. I think this concept works, and if you were to continue this game, I'd like to see it explored even more than you already do.

Nice job! Very relaxing puzzle game.

There were a couple puzzles in there where I didn't have to use all of the buttons, and I wasn't sure if I solved them correctly as a result.

I'd like to have a little more control over the jump mid-air, but it was still very manageable.

The game looks cool. So much reflection! I really appreciate having the second camera in the corner, especially when abandoning one of the cubes dangerously close to some enemies, or for keeping an eye out for the effects of a button press that my controlling character couldn't see.


This is pretty and original. And also, pretty original!

I think there needs to be another element or constraint mixed in here to bring it to the next level. Maybe some water that you also control also needs to get to its destination, but the fire and water can't cross trails? I'm not sure.

But yeah this was all in all a very pleasant experience. Good job!

I had fun with this.

As others have mentioned, the power trip and the progression is great. Would like to see some more JUICE, and maybe some heals in the levels?

I also thought it could be cool to have the guns act as a shield when you're not firing, but to stop protecting you when you are. This may be antithetical to the whole power trip thing, so I don't know if it'd work.

Good job!

Nice job!

As others have mentioned, the visual polish is quite good. I liked that I was able to recover some distance by placing blocks on top of myself, it added a little bit of mastery to an otherwise simple mechanic.

I think it could add a lot to this game if bob sped up over time, very gradually. Not to impossible speeds, but to difficult speeds.

Nice little puzzle game!

I especially liked the puzzles where you had to manipulate the physics a bit more, it was a nice change from what came before.

Not very difficult, but not every puzzle game has to be.

Nice job!

Like many here, I liked the art.

I thought it was clever that the game taught you how to open the boxes by having you accidentally shoot one open while attacking enemies on the other side.

For a post-jam version, I'd like to see maybe a 2nd attack, and enemies w/ attack patterns that make it harder to kite them around. This is plenty for 48 hours though!

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Loved it.

This game is absolutely beautiful. Really impressed with what you were able to complete in 48 hours.

I feel like all this needs is slightly less janky jumps/collisions, maybe some collectibles (unless there are some and I just missed them), and it's done.

Or you could take it in a oracle-of-seasons direction and make it more puzzly. I think it's fine just being a chill, beautiful walking simulator, though.

It made me so happy when the music came in at the end, I just let it play out after beating it. Great job!

I had fun with this!

It looks great, and attaching/popping the second character felt great (especially since I didn't have to press a button for it).

For some reason I feel like this could turn into a metroidvania. I think backtracking for the first pizza is what did it. I tried to backtrack for the second pizza too, thinking it was impossible for the 2 characters and that I might get a 3rd, and was sad to find out coming back later actually locked the pizza away from me.

But yeah, good job, I enjoyed this!

Short and sweet!

It got suddenly VERY interesting once we were pushing things from the top to the bottom. I want to see this concept expanded on, of course. 

But yeah the music and the writing warmed my heart. If you choose to continue working on this game, definitely keep the sweetness.

Nice game! Definitely an original concept. I really felt it start to pick up towards the end as I was managing more and more goats and it became more difficult to predict where their next pitfall would be.

Also, the goats looked and sounded great. I think with a little polish on moving the vertices, and maybe doubling down on the silliness, this would be complete. Good job!

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I think you've designed a fun and interesting system here. Definitely original.

One thing that works particularly well is that as you fall you get familiar with the layout of the level, so that once you have to come back up (which is much more difficult since you have to keep both the characters on the rooftop activated), you know what's coming.

I also like that, once you're at the bottom, you get a bit of a resting moment while the hacker can bring your security level to 0. I like that the music changes down there too.

I feel it may need 1 more element in the mix for maximum fun. Maybe having to swing the character from side to side for some obsctacles? I'm not sure.

Great game!

Reminded me of minit in terms of style and writing, but reminded me of one of the final dungeons of Skyward Sword in terms of gameplay. What a wonderful combination!

Really don't have much to say constructively here. Would like to see it expanded upon and polished even more. Maybe it'd be better if you could click & drag the tiles, even multiple spots if there's space?

Loved it.

Nice! I played it to the end. 

The puzzles were a bit lock-and-key, but it was still pretty fun to untangle their solutions. I especially liked the twist in the last level, it was a good payoff.

The characters and animations reminded me of castle crashers.

I'm also pretty interested in the idea of this being  connected to the story of some of your other games. Cool idea!

This is a fairly different take on most of the platformers I've seen this jam. Was cool to have all these different options for killing the slimes, like dropping them into spikes, or carrying them to their doom kirby-style.

I didn't end up using the dash at all, I think it might be too expensive, or maybe just unnecessary.

But yeah, good job!

Good atmosphere, genuinely felt creeped out.

The lighting issue is really a shame, I was interested in seeing where the concept was going but obviously the lighting made that very difficult. Then I fell through a level and gave up! If I did get further, I was hoping to see some levels that leveraged the different connection materials (lightning vs water vs maybe a third) in interesting puzzley combinations.

But yeah definitely great music, 3d models, and visual effects for 48 hours !

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This probably the first "swing to attack" game I've seen this jam that feels right. The ball is very predictable and it takes some mastery to be able to maintain speed while dodging bullets and having it bounce off heartier foes. Very addicting, I got a high score of 58.

I'd love to see some powerups or something. Just turn it into a total power trip.

Great job!

Very difficult! Once I figured out it was a puzzle game it got a bit easier though. I do like the solution to the first level, though the 2nd path at the end was a bit of a red herring.

I think the hit boxes being more generous would go a long way here to making this less frustrating, but maybe you're going for frustrating since it's a rage game. I just felt like, even when I knew the solution, I was walking on very thin ice.

But still, I enjoyed it, and found its difficulty pretty addicting once I figured out a couple techniques. There's a lot of mastery and nuance to this mechanic that could be fun to explore. Maybe an easier first level would help haha.

Good job!

This is so much fun. The way the worms warp by 90 degrees, but their controls don't also go under the same transformation, is a perfect balance between making things confusing and various but keeping it manageable. Whenever things get messed up, at least you can manage to make them all go the same direction again in a couple turns.

The presentation is shockingly cohesive for 48 hours. Especially sonically. The way the worms move to the music, and the way the sound effects sit so nicely into the chord progression, and the way that adding on another screen does the same, plus the transition between being above/below the earth.. I don't think I have anything to complain about here. 

Add a global score board and a browser version and this is gold

Thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed it! Do you have a submission I could try out?

This game is incredible. The mechanic is so unassuming at first, but it actually has a lot of depth. Did I say a lot of depth? I meant a cubic ton of depth, and you explore it to its full potential. From the combos, to the multi-screen challenges, to the coyote time, to puzzling out the best kitty order.. Ended up playing this for a very long time trying to get 100%.

With a few tweaks and features that you've already mentioned wanting to add, plus some improved game feel, this could turn into something really special. One thing that I'd like to see is some easier ways to get back to the top on certain screens where falling down and hitting the ground updates the reset location to the bottom.

Fantastic job.

Finally got around to playing this. Great job Adrien and team! Good game in all 3 categories

Put me in that classic predicament where I had so many allies that I got careless and lost too many at once. Never quite recovered from that, but it turned it into a totally different game suddenly.

Simple concept and some nice puzzles! I especially liked the last couple

I didn't really feel like the move limit added a whole lot to it, but I think that could be one of those things that you only realize how important it is as a designer. Maybe for a future update, you could have a move count instead of a move limit, and solving within a pre-specified low number of moves could be a bonus challenge? 

Despite having a grappling hook, there's still a lot of originality thanks to the actual joining together of the two halves.

It's very difficult! I think it may be worth experimenting with having the blue-only or red-only walls just block the wrong-half's movement, rather than killing them and restarting the level.

This is nice! Love the low-poly outrun style. 

Attacking enemies necessarily puts you in danger in a unique way.

I kinda wished that when I threw my soul, I'd swing around it a little bit more. Also, I'd like to try it with the dash tied to movement rather than the mouse.

I liked figuring out a different strategy for every enemy type. I DID just run by most of them, but with a little balancing I think navigating different combat scenarios against different enemy combinations could be a blast.

It took me a while to get my mind wrapped around the concept, but once I did the strategy was fun.

The high point for me though was definitely the visuals. The characters and sprite animations looked amazing! That's a lot of work for 48 hours