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1. 上手之后,即使方块消除的很快,也不会有任何奖励。玩家依然要等到角色往上移动之后才能看到接下来要解决的问题,是不是可以考虑随着玩家解决速度越快,给予一定的奖励?例如画面往上移动的更快之类的

2. 游戏的惩罚相当的狠,而且失败条件有两个:点错颜色、点的太慢。是不是可以降低点错颜色的惩罚机制,变相鼓励玩家支持更快,并积极的输入?

目前还不知道游戏是以关卡制的方式或是Endless Runner的形式,老实说这游戏机制其实很好拓展(不过我不建议用颜色,色盲玩家玩不了)。我可以预想到消除的太快,结果玩家到了却已经重生的障碍。或者是时间到了就会改变颜色的障碍。还有强行选择不同颜色的方块。


Ow, a great example of teaching player how to play without a redundant tutorial! I was wondering if replace the ghost trail to the line trail will offer more concise graphic? It did confused me in the gameplay.

Btw, you did come up with a cool idea!

Nice concept, graphics seems nice at first glance as using existing resources, but it did need more to polish it.

One of the big problem of procedural generating enemies and timeline based boss fight is, there'll leave alot of creeps aside of screen as the player doesn't appeal to kill'em, so it did bring up an annoying boss fight.

By the way, you did a great job within 48 hours, well done!

Ow, the idea is gorgeous, but it was making dizzy and hard to immerse due to it's unhuman intuitively vision style. Anyway, welldone!

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Well done, although i don't quite accept that it's somehow a theme of "Multiplayer game, without multiplayer" :P

I love the feedback and hilarious sound from killing enemies or picking up the items, but i don't see switching characters is so much fun there, and there's anything related to the "Link" even they're sharing the health points. 

Anyway, it's definitely a well polished game, i did  subscribed your youtube channel after the LD Jam, nice to see you here too, cheers!

Nice work! Generally i've no idea when am i going dead, and i can rarely catch up a enemy to kill, speed was too fast to manage, i'll suggest to slightly accelerate by pressing the mouse button instead of push to the mouse position bya single click.