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Like that green BG, my eyes felt relax

This game gave me a lot of RAGE! 

Dont know why but it reminded me of Neighbours from Hell :)) 

Reminds me of Bounce game on Nokia :) Good job!

Like the simple art style. Good job!

This is hard. Good job! Gave me 20 minutes of rage :))

Rated this for giving me 20 minutes of fun :) 

This is so cool to play, like that.

Love the simplicity and appreciate for doing to all of the supported devices

Like the art style. I assume these asteroids are 3D models in 2D game. It has to be really tough to make it. Well done!

Wow! This game is really unique from all of the submitted ones. Good job!

Like the art style so much! Great job!

Hey! This is our project

This is a really cool game! My personal record is 1100 :) It would be better if it can be shoot and kill more enemies. Good job!

Hey! Here is our game. Rate for rate :)

Hey! Here is our game.

Hey! Have that for your livestream, let's see how far you can get!

Oh, another blob. But yours is more cute :)

Like that type of style in horror games.

Just gonna rate it. You deserve it :)

Modernized snake from Nokia devices :) 

Like the simplicity. This game needs to fix some bugs and issues but I am wondering where is "Less is more" here?

This is a good game but needs to improve enemy's AI and fix some issues. Overall 10/10!

Reminds of agario. Very cool game, like that!

This is a professional masterpiece! Like this so much. 10/10!

Like the simplicity of this game and the music is so relaxing!

Cool magician game but I think he has a lot of  health.

Love this simplicity and the art style!

The visuals like in Portal game. Good!

Have been playing it for 20 minutes. Simple and good concept. 

This is so professional. The graphics are great. 10/10.

This game should be win in "Theme" category. Very simple and cool concept.

Hey! Here is our game!

Heyo! Here is our game

Hey! Check out our game!

Best visual game in this jam! Like it. 10/10!

Like art style the graphics looks very awesome. 

This is a masterpiece for real!

Hey! Check out our game

Hey! Check out our game