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My friend was playing through my game today and ended up stuck on a level because it wouldn't let him use the left and right arrow keys at the same time. He got around this using another bug, where he clicked off of the screen and let go of the left arrow, clicked back on, and pressed the right arrow. It wasn't exactly a new feature but I did try and encourage the player to explore new was to use their controls so I think, as a bug, it fit into the game pretty well.

You can check it out (hopefully bug free for you) here

I'm sure there are plenty more out there, I've played many games even outside of the jam with that mechanic

that makes sense, I'll definitely play your game when I get the chance, it looked pretty fun from the screenshots

Just because it doesn't get the engagement of other games doesn't mean it wasn't a fantastic idea, I don't think game jams (or at least this game jam) are supposed to be about winning, but about learning something and exploring new concepts

that's an interesting connection, they don't share a mechanic or really even a theme, but the main narrative element is the same.

oh yeah, I thought guy commenting on my game was referring to yours but it's actually a completely separate game, also about a broken robot that can use each button once.

thanks! I didn't enter this expecting to get anywhere but after getting invested in the idea I really do want his thoughts on how well I did.

just one, I guess you're not missing out on too much 😁

thanks I'm glad you enjoy it! If you're dying to know what's after that last level try letting go of the shift key before you jump so you never dash in the first place.

no problem lmao

The first comment on my game after I posted it was "same idea here...", then a link to another game with a similar concept to mine. After checking that one out I went to browse some submissions and was greeted with yet another game with the same concept. Overall, I really enjoyed all three of them, but I noticed that even though we had the same initial concept,  we all took it in a slightly different direction. I definitely tried to focus on actions that require you to combine buttons and making the player juggle those. The second definitely felt like a more traditional platformer shoot'emup that forced you to conserve and plan out your resources, and that third one really played like a puzzle game rather that a platformer.

I definitely had fun with them, and it was interesting to see not just different takes on the same theme, but different takes on the same mechanics.

My game: Full Press

Second Game: Shutting Down by felipedev

Third Game: First Impressions by Mr Rutabaga

Hi! this is my first game jam and I would love it if you took a little peek at my game, a 2d platformer where you can press each button only once.

Thanks, although I didn't get as many levels done as Id wanted to, I wanted to focus on player progression for the ones I had.

Sorry you had trouble with it. If you want a hint, try holding the right button without releasing the left button to slow your momentum.

Ah I'm sorry, I really did make that a pretty important mechanic didn't I?

Maybe in the future I should add custom keybindings

Ah I'm sorry. If you want a hint, try holding down the right key without letting go of the left key to prevent yourself from crashing into the spikes on the left. Thanks for playing though!

I'm sorry you couldn't finish it. Thanks for playing though!

thanks! I had a lot of fun making it. If you want a hint, try releasing the shift key when you get to the spikes so you can just do a normal jump over them

thank you!

There's a bug where finishing the last level (9th one where you have to dash over spikes and slide under a long gap) doesn't actually take you to the end screen. I appreciate you playing it all the way through though!

Yeah my game is exactly that, someone even pointed yours out in the comments of mine, and right after I played one more with the same idea. I'd like to think we all took it in slightly different directions though. I definitely tried to focus on actions that require you to combine buttons and making the player juggle those. Yours definitely felt like a more traditional platformer shoot'emup that forced you to conserve and plan out your resources, and that third one really felt more like a puzzle game rather that a platformer.

All in all though I really enjoyed all three of them, and it didn't really feel like I was playing the same game.

I honestly thought back to this super Mario 64 speedrunning video where this dude talked about how to beat the game with the fewest possible A button presses. More specifically how to beat a certain level without pressing a more than once. The fact that there was so much depth in deciding when to press A and what actions were available to you based on whether or not you were still holding it down showed off how versatile Mario 64's movement really was. I went with the idea of being able to press each button only once because I thought that I could take a basic platformer, but force the player to always be considering what actions are available to him, and which buttons he will need to save for the future.

Check my game out here, it's called Full Press and, even though I don't think it's a winner, I think I made a good attempt at exploring the idea.

thanks! I just wish I had time to explore the mechanics a little more.

Really great game! A neat take on the theme and it played very well too.

Here's mine, I went for a more traditional single screen platformer but you can only press each button once, per screen. You can also gain new buttons as you progress

This is my first jam and I came in with the plan that I'd work on the movement and the mechanics until I was happy with it, then make as many levels as I could with the time left. I kind of regret this though because I only managed to pump out 9 before the deadline came up so I didn't get the chance to fully explore some of my mechanics, leaving me with some that were never really even used. All in all I'm actually pretty happy with how my game turned out, although I would have traded a few bugs for the opportunity to flesh out my idea a little more.