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Thanks I'm glad you enjoyed this concept :)

this is a cool game it took me a little bit of to work out what was happening but I enjoyed it!
very cool that you've got 4 different character!
the menu could be a little less bright as its a little much.

I played your game I was TRASH at it, I couldn't even clear level 2 XD 
loved the ghost sprites and other than my own inability to play it ran great!

that was legit a load of fun I really enjoyed playing that great job!!

This is a really cool idea! I enjoyed playing it

would be great to add a "you won" page once all the portals were cleared.

It was interesting to see the mid flight projectiles change sprite when you changed character

Nice, I enjoyed what there was to play :)  
would be nice to add win and lose states that'd really complete it :)

Hi, I tried running this build on the windows and it simply closes straight away :( 

ARE YOU HAPPY NOW?!?! I played your game it was great!! I suck at snake so I couldn't do more than 17 miners XD  

but I think it was really interesting and the visuals were great! Artsy did a great job!
Very nice of you to include sliders for the audio.

oh for sure, I'll use the mode7 lib and really add to this

Oh I think I'll add uhhhh another game. hmmmmmmm but what? clearly I need to make a zelda like puzzle section and then add that?
and add gear and leveling and a hub world

A lack of ideas OR refusal to let go of the other potential jam title. We'll never know...

Thanks, the shrink button was added because sometimes the pathways are 1 tile wide which is smaller than the player and that was my fix

Thanks, glad you enjoyed it!

Yes the Jam is unranked

Don't feel bad, I feel thats how I should have felt given the situation in the game. So it just felt very real to me and blindness is a fear of mine so I knew what I was doing would make me anxious XD

wow I really wasn't expecting to play a math game for as long as I did these puzzles were really well designed great job!!

the gameplay was solid with nice level design!

Wow I really respect the focus on accessibility!!!! it was quite cool as an experience although I struggled to tell when the sounds which I needed to duck happened as they were less obvious than the left and right. And playing with my eyes closed did increase my anxiety a lot by playing it like that! 

thanks for the feedback!

Thanks, yeah I wanted to try and make the enemies more visiable but I couldn't work out a good way to do it.
Thats awesome to hear that my music gives off the right vibe!

yeah I worked that out I just sucked at playing it xD 

Really nailed the ascetic. 100% on point.  Admittedly I didn't play much as I struggled to understand how to actually proceed in the game

(1 edit)

I managed to "fall" off the path and ended up just waking into the ocean unable to escape. And I guess the run function wasn't working either.  An interesting idea and application of the theme though! :) 

a really nice game thats super hard to play!  my best score was 3 xD 

This was good fun, even if all this bloom hurts my eyes xD    And I sucked to much to beat Titanic

I'm gonna be honest I had no idea what to do and while trying to find want to do I ended up falling out of the map

Awesome, thanks for checking out my entry :)