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Thanks, yeah I wanted to try and make the enemies more visiable but I couldn't work out a good way to do it.
Thats awesome to hear that my music gives off the right vibe!

Hi, Thanks for your feedback. As you've said the majority of our art is from an asset pack and yes the quality of the gameplay is subpar at this point but we're currently working on improving it to match with out original intent and hope you'll try out our new version when it's released :)

yeah I worked that out I just sucked at playing it xD 

Really nailed the ascetic. 100% on point.  Admittedly I didn't play much as I struggled to understand how to actually proceed in the game

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I managed to "fall" off the path and ended up just waking into the ocean unable to escape. And I guess the run function wasn't working either.  An interesting idea and application of the theme though! :) 

a really nice game thats super hard to play!  my best score was 3 xD 

This was good fun, even if all this bloom hurts my eyes xD    And I sucked to much to beat Titanic

I'm gonna be honest I had no idea what to do and while trying to find want to do I ended up falling out of the map

Awesome, thanks for checking out my entry :)