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As simple as it is, I enjoyed this a lot. At first I thought there was no AI at all so I was biding my time sending raiding parties to get some credits, when all of a sudden the entire enemy goose horde attacked. Once you get thousands of geese going, it looks really cool. Like fire burning away something.

This is a really original idea, and I love the art style! It definitely felt hectic, as intended.

Neat game, and it looks gorgeous! My only complaint is that the level difficulty seemed a little inconsistent. Specifically, the first few levels seemed trivially easy, and then suddenly level 5 made me have to actually learn how the game worked in order to beat it.

It's a cool idea, having the failure condition be "too many things on screen" rather than running out of health or something. While it's in a pretty rough state of course, it's not nearly as bad as the title had me believe. I see potential here.

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Cool idea, and I enjoyed it at first, but I think it moves way too slow for its depth. Even at max fast-forward it was taking me forever to research things with 80+ people devoted to research, and there wasn't a ton to do while I was waiting.. The art is great though, too bad I spent most of the time super zoomed out so I couldn't appreciate it.

This is fantastic. Especially the cars getting smashed by falling pieces. I'm stuck on Level 7, I wish I would get more magnet pieces.

Interesting concept. I downloaded the desktop version since the web version was so tiny. I wish there was something showing which player's turn it is, and where the piece you selected can legally move. Also when I wasn't able to move any pieces adjacent to the enemy watchtower, even though there were open spaces. This game probably requires being good at Go to play properly, and I don't know how to play Go, so I was mostly confused, lol

The earth looks good, but I think it needs a little more from a gameplay perspective. Maybe if different colored presents did different things, the rockets could only carry so much before they had to land, upgrades for the rockets, etc.

This is a lot of fun! I especially liked the visuals. Got to ~2300 on my second attempt (my mid-game strategy of "just put roads everywhere" was ruined by running into the road limit, lol)

First off, I loved the running animation.

I had a fun time running around blasting stuff; I got the voodoo staff early on and every other weapon I found didn't seem to be as good. I did get annoyed that once your inventory is full, you can't drop stuff, but you still "pick up" things off the ground (which seem to just get destroyed). So if I saw a cool thing on the ground, I had to craft something to waste some resources and make an empty slot so I could pick it up.

I suppose in its current state, it's a game about creating people from rocks. The sprites look good though!

I wasn't sure what to do, so I ran around and clicked 3 or 4 times and randomly won? I tried it again and had the exact same experience.

A tower defense game where you control where the enemies go -- I love the concept, and I think it works! A couple notes: it's kind of hard to see the dark cubes on the dark background, some more contrast would have been better. Also it seemed like the placement of the towers didn't have much to do with where my mouse was when I clicked, maybe a ghost image of a tower where it would end up would help.

As others have mentioned, the vacuum hitbox is a little finicky; there were many moments when I thought I should have been sucking in a ghost but they hit me instead. But other than that I liked it. Cool upgrade-picking system, and the sounds are great.

It's not actually a shake when leveling up, it's the camera zooming out a bit. I agree that it would be better if it was a smooth zoom out rather than all of a sudden though.

And thanks for the audio fix! I've run into that issue for a few jams now and wasn't sure what was causing it!

It's a little easy for my taste (until around night 30 or so), but I enjoyed it. Love the music too, the soundtrack has the perfect vibe. I wish the upgrades screen would wait to appear until all the xp orbs were picked up though, sometimes I would be just barely away from a level-up and killing the last enemy would give me enough, but I couldn't actually pick up the orbs until the next night.

Love the theme! I almost cleared out everything, but then I bought too many things :(

I just wish the game was bigger, I had to really lean into the screen on this one.

It's true, it was fun to see my beam of death blasting through everything

I'm not sure how to fix this, but the missiles seemed way too easy to dodge, since you can move about as fast as them, as long as you stay moving you can pretty much avoid them all. But if you speed up the missiles it becomes basically impossible to avoid them...maybe just give them a really wide turning radius? Also the SAM sites seem to all spawn in a row in one area, and since the missiles despawn after a certain amount of time you're 100% safe in most of the map.

I like the idea though. I can't help but feel like this version of Santa isn't delivering presents children want...

I had way too much fun just tossing around the objects. So smooth. A way to restart would be nice though; as soon as I got the grabby hand the first time I immediately accidentally flung myself out of the world and had to close and re-open the game.

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I think I was finally starting to figure the game out, when I found a x2 card and...whoops.

Cool idea, and big fan of the background music.

Simple, but I really liked it. Though I did figure out that you can just hold the spacebar and "snipe" the spawners from outside the enemies' aggro range, which made the last couple of spawners pretty trivial to destroy.

Simple, but I really liked it. Though I did figure out that you can just hold the spacebar and "snipe" the spawners from outside the enemies' aggro range, which made the last couple of spawners pretty trivial to destroy.

I liked the planetary thing, it's a nice twist on the "survivors" genre. It did feel a little claustrophobic though, I would have preferred if the ghosts were smaller and/or there was a little more space to maneuver.

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This has the beginnings of an interesting puzzle game. A little easy in its current state, but the last level is fun to watch.

Some kind of explanation of the controls and what you're supposed to do would help; I had to just figure it out on my own. And I couldn't figure out how to exit to the main menu so I resorted to exiting and restarting to change levels.

It was fun figuring out what the different ingredients do and how to combine them to limit the side effects, I just wish it kept the revealed cures/causes when doing a new game.

It was fun figuring out what the different ingredients do and how to combine them to limit the side effects, I just wish it kept the revealed cures/causes when doing a new game.

It seemed to me there wasn't much of a reason to avoid radiation, since even at 100 it didn't seem to make my health go down all that fast. Maybe if it was more punishing to have high radiation, but also have an item that reduces it?

I like the concept though! Mainly I guess I wanted more depth, but it is a jam game after all.

I like the idea, though I would have liked some more variety in the "side effects". Maybe some that make you slower, or larger, or spawn more enemies, or make enemies move faster, etc. And maybe some positive side effects too, maybe paired with spells with weaker main effects.

I love the theme interpretation, and the graphics and sounds are great! The only criticism I have is that the last stage got a bit tedious. But overall I liked it a lot!

I enjoy the strategy involved, I wish there were more sigils!

Yeah, the controls definitely take some getting used to. I think using the mouse wheel is easier than the arrow keys (especially if you have a free-rotating mouse wheel), but being able to move or rotate the square by moving the mouse would also be nice.

I agree the side graphics probably aren't all distinct enough...even I was getting them mixed up sometimes when playing!

When I was testing it, I liked having a little bit of a breather in between waves. I did make it so if there are no balls left on the screen, it'll move up the spawn time of the next wave, so there shouldn't be more than a couple seconds of downtime. I never tried just having constant spawning modulated by the number of balls remaining though, which might work better.

Thanks for the feedback!

Yeah, I noticed that could happen pretty early on, but I decided to leave it in since it allows you to do silly things like gather balls and ferry them to a score area, or launch them out of you at incredible speeds, which is amusing to me.

Heh, yeah there's a reason that side is the last one to be unlocked

I like the action-puzzle-type feel to this. I just wish it had some audio to go with the great visuals!

I love the art! Very polished! And I liked the strategy involved in trying to spend just enough food to win each battle so you don't run too low later.

This is great. Very inventive, and I love how it ties into the theme!

I'm not exactly sure what I'm supposed to do...I can click "throw" and it launches a thing but always to the same place.

Also there are 3 bevy-inspector-egui windows blocking a lot of the view that I'm assuming aren't supposed to be there.

Love the style! Some of the platforming was a little more difficult than it needed to be I think since it seems like hitting the ceiling stops your horizontal motion.

Ah, that was the issue. I got rid of all the extra input devices and it works, thanks!