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Can't believe this is a game jam game! Brilliant.

Had a fun time with this game - really interesting take on it and plenty of fun mechanics to play around with :) Sounds like almost all of the other feedback I was going to give has been given by other commenters! Well done :)

As someone's already said, it's tough to rate an MP game with no-one else joining/hosting. Honestly, I was incredibly unsure about what I was supposed to do. Reading that the game is 'totally based on luck' doesn't fill me with confidence, either - what's the point in gameplay if luck is the only deciding factor? You might as well just flip a coin. Not trying to be a downer - you made a game in 48 hours and that's always incredible :)

Very cool - I liked the idea a lot. Good execution, looks great.

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I liked it! Same as someone else; there was a lot of backtracking to wait for the reload but it wasn't a huge issue. IDK if my screen was too small but the laser enemy annihilated me before I could get close with the dice XD

Being able to see the dice roll for damage would be cool :)

Edit: I forgot to say that I really liked the design and the walk/jump animations :)

Nice game! It was very enjoyable. I think a numerical counter for the enemy health is always preferable to an abstracted one to help track how well you're doing (but that might just be a 'me' thing!). Someone's already said that it'd be nice to know how much the effect cards cost and someone else has already said that it'd be nice to see other troops :) Other than that, I think it's pretty great! Well done!

Looks fantastic and is fun - I can see what you were going for with the risk/reward of paying for more dice to try and get a higher roll; it's a great idea.
I know time's always tight but it would have been nice to see at least one other type of 'tower' available (though, due to the nature of it, I get that it'd be hard to pick which one as you might still not get it!) but, despite that, still a good entry :)

Love it. Clever, fun, entertaining. Well done.

Neat idea - I think others have already said what I'd say about it :)
The only thing I'd add is that, during the rounds, there's no way to know if you're doing well so even as an idle game it doesn't quite work for me (I like to see some results over time, if you know what I mean?)

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Really good! I loved the way the levels are modified and how you choose your hit dice beforehand.
One minor thing: I'm not sure if the dice mechanic couldn't have been slightly better integrated. It might look too clunky/be too easy in some way but I feel like having the current and next number on the 'loaded' dice be visible so you can choose which enemy to hit next would be a good idea, since then you're really relying on the dice mechanic for tactics as well as damage (though this might only really provide a benefit if enemy health were displayed)... Just a thought :)

Edit: I've just seen your plans re: the fleshed out dice mechanics on another post - really great ideas :)

That was just great! Would have loved to have kept playing!

This was rather brilliant - the theme fits perfectly, the presentation is great, the controls are fun and I've ran out of things to praise! The only criticism I can really think of is that some of the camera angles are maybe a little too restricting but that's also part of the challenge so you get a pass there, too!

Certainly great to see a game with a specific theme and three endings in a 48 hour game jam but I wonder if the time dedicated to that couldn't have been used in providing a slightly better experience of playing the game. The random placement of the 'enemies' makes it difficult to judge which way to go and you could have had a better signalled enemy entrance and then ramp up the difficulty (aside from having a swarm of them follow you for the 'good' ending). Happily, it's short enough that I stuck out all three endings so well done there and while I think you could have handled the theme a little better (maybe with a little more nuance and more thought put into the whole 'medication will cure this' side of things), it's a solid entry.

Sorry, I was not particularly into this. I found it far too troublesome to guess how far everything would take you - perhaps segmenting the screen into the same amount of slots that the command line had would have made it easier without having to put some weird UI element on screen to show distances. I was also confused about the multiple command lines but, honestly, I didn't experiment too much with it. Looks great, though, and the usability was bang on.

Nice game - short but good ideas. I'd have liked to see some puzzles where, maybe, your arrow gets trapped then the puzzle sort of becomes retrieving it for the next part (but it's a short jam so I get that going crazy like that isn't an option ). Slightly janky, but playable and fun!

Brilliant - a masterwork of single button games! Some people seem to have struggled to get one game but you've made four! And they all fit together! And they tell a story! And it's brilliant!

Seriously, though, great design, great dialogue, funny characters and fun games - the frame narrative is excellent, too. Well done :)

Cool aesthetic, great music, nice idea. It's difficult to start off on those narrow roads, so maybe having a wider path to start off with would be better, then have some branching paths, then narrow them down a bit. I know it's a short jam so it's asking a lot but you've started well already and it can only get better!

More roads, changing backgrounds, cars coming the other way, etc. - I'm aboard :)

This is very cool - great looking, great take on the theme, fun to play, enjoyable to control, does everything right. Though I could have done with a little bit more life (I didn't play it overlong but I didn't notice a way of getting it back - like an energy pack or something, which would have been nice) :P

It does have an overbearing kind of tension; that constant tick down of your life-support and system energy as you explore this maze - a great distillation of an overused horror trope.

Very well done :)

Great fun - totally addictive, sticks nicely to the theme ('one button' I guess - as opposed to one action :P). On the downside, it's a bit repetitive but I wouldn't expect anything less from an infinite runner and enjoyed it more than others I've played :)

Design and concept are great though, as others have said, the controls aren't in the easiest place to use. Cursor keys and Q/E would have been fine, too.  It might be cool to have more openness in the level, too, where you can place the pickaxe anywhere (though I understand that that would make level design WAY harder!)

It's an interesting concept and a cool style but very difficult to understand what you're looking/smelling for. The limitation on moving could be replaced with a 'stamina' system so that you can move all the time but are limited in your use of the other two senses - this might make it a bit more playable. As I said, though, excellent concept and nice artwork.

Great concept - clean, simple, love the changes from height & colour to sound. I don't think I could play it forever - but the time I spent with it was relaxing and fun :)