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Certainly great to see a game with a specific theme and three endings in a 48 hour game jam but I wonder if the time dedicated to that couldn't have been used in providing a slightly better experience of playing the game. The random placement of the 'enemies' makes it difficult to judge which way to go and you could have had a better signalled enemy entrance and then ramp up the difficulty (aside from having a swarm of them follow you for the 'good' ending). Happily, it's short enough that I stuck out all three endings so well done there and while I think you could have handled the theme a little better (maybe with a little more nuance and more thought put into the whole 'medication will cure this' side of things), it's a solid entry.

Thanks! Im glad u liked it!

Also, thanks for the feedback! Was gonna add the increasing difficulty, but was tight on time (I still had 15 hours left, but it was late at night and i couldnt jam at all the next day before the deadline)

About the enemy spawning, I'll definitely keep that in mind for next time!