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game has neat visuals and sounds although was a bit confused at first on how to play but once i got use to what your meant to do it was fun (:

this game looks and plays amazing great work! 

game does not start in browser 

game looks nice

fun game do get stuck when jumping sometimes though also would be fun if the background was red 

game was alright to play however there are a phew bugs stopping me when i dash oof

really fun to play  (:

I liked the game a lot however I think it could do with the ability to move the camera even if it is limited to moving it up and down without rotation. Good work 

the game was fun to play like the fact that the health is shown as  dice 

the game was really fun to play (:

the screenshots are of the windows build at the time I was not aware of why they were blurry for web  but it turns out I just needed to change a setting in game maker  HTML graphics for them not to be.  

Thanks for the feedback 

the game was fun to play though the shop was a bit  confusing at first 

the game is nice but ended up breaking all the puzzles while trying to slove it 

besides the audio bug the game is really fun great work.

the game is fun to play however i think  the board could be a bit different as it is hard to tell where it is amongst everything else 

the game looks good but found it a bit hard to control and confusing as where to go

press space in order to use to move text. 
thanks a lot for the feedback I will go ahead and ensure that the typos get fixed 

the game was really fun to play although i had no clue what to do still good game and nice music (:

you use the arrow keys and enter to navigate the menus 
sorry about that i forgot to put the menu controls on the itch page discrption 

nice game found it fun trying to figure out the right way to make santa not fall over 

In order to get passed it make sure to press the enter key to attack it then you’ll be able to defeat enemies.

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hi the fourth level you need to have the flashlight equipped to be able to see through the maze. Had added that hint in the discprtion of the game as admittedly wasnt too clear in game.

 thanks for the feedback!

ah thank you for the feedback sorry for the late reply but the control issue is something I indeed will work  on in the future (:

big Amogus  car

yes, I wanted a bad experience so I made sure to limit the framerate to a low number it was at first set to 1 FPS yet that was really bad to the point of not being playable since it glitched things out too much so I made it 5 FPS where you still can actually beat the game and all that, etc. 

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Nice though it is a bit confusing on how to play it. 

Great graphics though at least you submitted on time so would count that as finishing  (:

Great Game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cool game. Look likes this took a month yet was only 48 hrs great visuals (:

i do not get what im doing yet i somehow won by doing nothing oof. neat game though 

Fun game puzzles do get a bit repetitive tough 

good game but this kind of too difficult like 100th_coin has said.  it became just a remember where it was and wait for it to repair but it was fun 


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Great game was wondering if you did really make it from stract in directX saw the dll and how it did not seem like a unity game or game maker 2  either way  coool

Cool game would legit get addicted if this was a mobile game lel 

This is a Great game did not expect someone to make a game entirely in java cool you've also earned a follow lel.

GREAT GAME  was fun to play 

Graphics are great!