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A very cool game! Maybe the octopus could've had some animations, but other than that it's perfect, I like it!

Thank you very much! I'm planning to expand the game, so you can follow me if you want to get more levels :D

A very cool game. It was hard for me to see the swords behind the shields, so maybe you could make them transparent or to appear only when a button is pressed, but other than that the game looks pretty good, and the mechanic is very interesting. Thank you for the game!

This a very good game! The controls are very slippery, but apart from that this game is solid. Thank you for this game!

Very fun game. Visual are good considering the time limit, but I didn't find it challenging at all

Pretty cool you made the music and everything! I like the world of the game and would love to see more of it (probably more polished though). Thank you for the game!

The game is aesthetically pleasing and is fun to play. There's no closure in the plot, so I can't really say anything about it. The voice-over is not the best but it is there, which is very brave and cool and actually makes this game stand out. 

This game is amazing, beautiful, and very fun to play. It was too hard sometimes, so I've found out that if you press space, you can reposition your mouse, then hit space again, shoot and pause the game again. After some time I found out that you just can shoot enemies with the shop open :D

It was very fun to play and to break. Thank you!

Very cool idea. The game looks good, the gameplay is good and it's even have some story. 

I would love to be able to switch the tetrominoes, also the music just doesn't add anything. It would be really cool to hear some modification of Korobeiniki in this. 

Thank you for the game!

Thank you!

Very cool game concept. I like that each enemy type has its own behaviour and traits. I think that I'd like this game to be more intense but overall it is great. (I actually expected them to shot with tears :D ) Thank you for the fun I had playing this.

It's a very beautiful game. It really feels like a commercial game and it's unbelievable that this amount of art was done in just two days. I think that if you'd add more gameplay elements and more levels to this, it may become a very good "full-length" game. Thank you for the fun.

The 1-bit part done very well. I like that you need to scan the sky because that's where you aim but you also need to scan the reflection because that's where these sneaky dragons are. This makes the game very challenging when the dragons start swarming. Thank you for this game!

I really like this game! It is polished, the gameplay is great, the graphics are great, the music is good. It's just a solid piece of work. Thank you for this game!

P.S. I've played this game on several computers. And on my Microsoft Surface it looks like this:

I think your game doesn't support scaling for high-DPI displays. It's not a big deal, but I thought it may be a problem you're unaware of

I really like the narrative of this game. It's done so good, that I don't really care about how poor the assets are or why do zombies need me to solve their stupid riddles. I've actually played it 4 times to see if there is any difference depending on how many clues you have. Thank you for this game! (and for this silly rabbit in the main menu, I liked it :D )

That was very fun. I like how your theme is avoiding the theme, because it's still sticks to the theme but not really :D

Thank you for this game!

Thank you! I really didn't want to be square about new gameplay elements (e.g. "Now there are negative numbers that will be subtracted from... and so on") So I thought that those gameplay elements are actually pretty simple, and can be introduced by some funny comments that would show that there's something new going on. But what's going on? You need to figure it out yourself. That was my idea :)

Thank you for the feedback. When I read something this elaborate, it really fills my heart with warmth. The game was designed and programmed by me but there's one more guy who created the music and IMHO he did it pretty well.

Thank you! I'm very glad you like it

Thank you very much! After all the positive comments I've got, I really think about expanding this game into something bigger.

After some time, I've figured out how to beat the game. You just kill every flying enemy and jump on the top platform :D The game looks pretty good, I think you would draw more attention if you used some preview picture.

Game looks very good but was boring to play for me. I didn't really like the dash mechanic which works only if you click at an enemy. I think that implementing the dashing in the direction of the mouse pointer would help. Also I was expecting more puzzles, because I really see no point in the world switching if you just need to fight enemies most of the time. I must admit that the switching mechanic itself is implemented pretty well as well as everything in this game, and, again the VFX is really good.

I like the simple minimalistic style of the game. I especially liked the level where you control 2 cubes, would like to see more of that. + you have 2 game modes, which is pretty cool. Thanks for the fun

Thank you very much!

Wow! I really like the "look and feel" of this one! The game is very easy and I'd like it to be a little more challenging maybe. But otherwise it was perfect experience for me. Thank you!

A very cool concept. The game is fun to play and is simply beautiful, although I don't really see any relation to "Second Chance". One more note, the color palette looks a bit off, especially the yellow. Overall it was really great experience. Thank you for the fun I had!

I liked the visuals, the music, and the glow being activated when players move looks very neat. The movement also feels very natural .

Now some points for improvement:

After you move right a little, enemies stop spawning turning it into a "go right simulator", in short the game has no challenge. When I just started playing I died a lot and it seemed very strange that you can't restart pressing "R" once you died. Also the game has many small bugs, e.g. the enemies can't really kill you :D

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Very cool design! There are some very small bugs (e.g. the boss reflection is chaotic sometimes), but overall it feels great and rewarding. I like how the boss becomes mad over time. Thank you for the fun I had, and congratulations on finishing your first game jam.

It was really fun to play. I liked the feature that if another player jumps under you, you go to the outer space

Thank you so much! Phillip (the guy who did the sound design) can be proud of himself :)

Thank you very much! I know it may be frustrating in a couple of places, I didn't have much time to tune user experience. But it didn't stop you from liking it and that's awesome! Thank you!

Thank you for the interesting idea. I don't think schools will like this game that much, but maybe I'll expand this one into something bigger one day.

Hey this is one of the best games I've seen so far. I've really enjoyed playing it. I see that you've used a lot of assets, but you were able to use them right!

Thank you! I'm glad you had fun playing my game

It's a very simple and beautiful game. I liked everything, it was really good and everything is on point. Thanks for the fun I had while playing it

Thank you! I'm glad you've liked it

Pretty cool concept. I made it to some pink room which didn't move me further. I must admit there are some bugs in this game. E.g. you can levitate if you press Space many times, tiles stop you (maybe use a CompositeCollider2D upon the grid) and it is uncertain if you're restarting or not, it takes like half a second before you see some visual changes. Other than that I really liked the game. The music and graphics are very good. Thank you for the fun!

Nice mechanic, though it was pretty easy to beat for me. I like that the camera switches when you press Space, but I was was trying to jump with Space a couple of times which killed me :D

Some points to improve (IMHO):

  • Colliders are too strict as Alon1525 mentioned
  • Maybe assign jump to Space
  • The death sound sounds pretty strange, is too long and I'm not sure if it was looped

Overall great work! Thank you!

I like this one. The only inconvenient thing I came across is there's no indication of which player you currently control. Nice job!