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This was a kind of silly, fun game. There was something extremely satisfying about the 3d elements from a 2d perspective. And the rapid fire bullets were super fun to shoot! Nice job with this game. It was a little lacking from the game play perspective, but that's understandable for a 3 hour game :) Good job!

Not much to the game play, but the visuals were nice! This feels like the beginnings of a prototype of what could be a neat game in the future.

neat little game. The art style was great. The attack felt a little slow which kind of took away from the fun a bit in my opinion. also having another move to do something like block or even just dash away would have added to the game play. Overall a good game for 3.5 hours though!

Love the visuals in this game. The post processing you used really made this game pop, and the audio and camera shake added to it as well. Just a really clean, polished game, especially for being done in 3 hours!

The controls felt a little wonky to me. I wasn't really expecting a game that looked like this to have only 4 directions of movement rather than floaty, spaceship like movement. Having the bullets go exactly to the mouse position rather than just  in the direction of the mouse took some getting used to as well.

This game definitely has potential for a full game to be built around it, rather than just some boss fights! Awesome job!

This was a really neat game. My biggest problem was it took me a while to realize that the Time Bubble was the diamond item at the bottom rather than the grab circle that appears around the character, so I was really confused why my key kept resetting. Once I figured out how that all worked the puzzle was fun to solve. I would probably play a full version of this game!

The graphics look great, nice job on that! I think the core concept here was cool and I think with some more polish this would be a great boss for some sort of scuba diving game. I do think the bosses second state of just swimming around randomly was a little boring. I think having the ability to shoot a harpoon or somehow move the bombs towards him during this state would have really added to the game play rather than just waiting for him to start chasing again. 

Neat idea. I agree that it was a bit easy but for just over 3 hours I think it's a good jam entry.

The game was a bit stale after a while. It would have been nice if their was more difficulty progression as you score more points. I made it to 7,000 points before stopping as it wasn't getting harder. Maybe the asteroids could go faster/spawn faster as you get more points. The art and audio was nice though.

Great little beat 'em up! Only problem I found was that Biff and I KO'd each other at the same time a couple of times.

Game was definitely a little buggy with the start button and after losing and hitting play again I couldn't move. The concept was neat, although I initially assumed that I would overheat faster when sprinting but since that didn't seem to be the case. I also wasn't clear that your overheat would only go down after you delivered a box rather than by just standing still.

This game was tough, but fun! Nice job!

This was a neat concept. I think the break away shield around the gargoyle you mentioned would make this a really neat boss fight. All in all you did a good job!

This was a neat concept, great job! You did well on the audio and visuals for being more of a programmer :)

Neat boss fight. I wasn't a fan of how floaty the controls felt, but I really liked the art and music. I agree that automatic fire would have been nice to have.

Nice boss fight! I missed having auto fire in the game and it also felt a little easy as the boss only moved between 2 points in the first phase. I think adding increased speed or some randomness to the attacks before the second phase would have increased the difficulty and the fun. Good job though!

The art in this game was pretty great. The controls were really floaty and the hit boxes were pretty unforgiving which made the game frustrating to play at times, but overall it was pretty good.

Cute idea and game. I agree that it was a relaxing experience and the idea behind it was creative. Nice job!

This was a nice simple game. The game play itself didn't feel great as it was difficult to line up a shot on the enemy and this kind of arena game I felt like I wanted to be able to do more than just move up and down. Not bad for 4 hours of work though!

This game seemed neat, although I wasn't able to get the full experience as I didn't have someone to play with. They audio backtrack was a little loud, but good and I liked the art!

Neat concept. The game seemed really easy but I think was maybe just a bug because I could just keep rolling and moving without ever ending my turn and giving the Minotaur a turn :). I assume I should have only been able to roll once per turn in which case I can see some neat strategy to the game play. Besides that, the rest of this was pretty good for only 3 hours!

Great boss fight. The different phases felt like they had good difficulty progression, and I enjoyed the art and audio. Having the fire direction dependent on the phase felt a little weird, especially in phases where the boss could wind up behind you so you couldn't hit it from certain positions, but was understandable given the time limit. All in all this was a good entry!

Agree that a health bar for both player and boss would have been helpful.

Neat idea and take on the theme. I wasn't exactly clear on how the actual shooting worked. It seemed like I should have been hitting some of the times that I missed, but I'm pretty sure it was user error. The audio and visuals were both quite good.

I really liked the art and the screen shake when you hit an eye / they hit you. The gameplay itself felt too repetitive after 5 or 6 eyes, especially since you can't die. Having new eyes shoot faster or different types of projectiles I think would have added to the fun. Good job for your first jam though!

There was a little lag from when you shoot that was a little annoying. It was also really easy to die from having the enemy spawn on top of you, so having a little animation or something for a second before the enemy spawned would have helped tremendously. Not too bad for less than 2 hours though.

I was able to win by sitting in a corner and cheesing it. I think if you had moved the blocks to more random locations to prevent having a choke point it would have helped. For such a short time of working on it though, it was pretty good. A neat little boss fight although I'm sure it would have been more fun if you had had a chance to implement those other mechanics.

I agree with the other comments that some difficulty progression would have made the game more fun, but this was a nice little action platformer type boss fight. I was also surprised by how much I enjoyed the jump animation. I kept jumping around just for the sake of doing flips :)

Neat game concept. I found a bug where my slash would stay on screen if I went out of the play area before doing the second click. Game play felt pretty nice though, although I found I was wishing there would be a timer or some sort of failure state to create some tension! Good submission overall.

This little game was surprisingly addicting! I played about a dozen times because there's just something that made me want to keep trying! The audio was really relaxing as well, which I liked and felt like added to the whole vibe of the game. Great job, especially for 3 (or 4) hours!

Cool game! I liked the escalating intensity of the larger projectiles, although I think it would have felt better if the enemy also got a speed boost and maybe some other attack after a while than just bigger bullets. Obviously that's asking a lot for 3 hours though :) 

This was a fun boss fight. I really like the Roach sprite as well. It was definitely tough (I only made it the homing projectiles) but overall I enjoyed it.

Seems like a neat idea but I ran into the 'Failed to execute script' issue too, so I couldn't get passed the first skeleton. I liked the artwork and music though, and the controls felt nice and snappy.

Thanks so much for playing and for the feedback! Having the characters move and having waves that increased in size as you play was definitely the original plan. When I started running out of time to finish it though, I had to cut back on the scope. 

I’d like to make a larger version with some of those changes in the future once the game jam is over!

Neat game! The only thing is that it would be nice to have something for the player do other than just move around. I liked the idea of only letting the friendly squid attack, so maybe just having some waypoints or goals for the player to go around and discover would help keep the game from getting too repetitive.

Neat game! I liked being able to sacrifice some of the shapes in order to be able to make progress for the others. The biggest thing I noticed was that having to go into the pause menu to restart a level was kind of annoying. Since the game doesn't use the mouse it would have been nicer to just be able to press 'R' or something to restart a level.

This was a great start to a game! I was only disappointed that there wasn't more to play through (though understandable for only having a few hours a day - I did the same!) The shield mechanic especially was really neat. The only real problem I had was at the very beginning where I didn't realize you had to stand on the platform with both characters to move it. 

All in all this was a fantastic little game and I hope you expand it out!

Interesting game. I think having something like a time limit to finish the drawing would have been fun, as well as some options for smaller drawings as these took a while to do. It took a little while to figure out all the controls so having them labeled or marked better within game would have been helpful for me.

A neat entry all in all!

This was a really neat game. The controls were easy to pick up and I liked the way you needed to use a bit of physics to actually solve some of them. It's too bad you only had time to make one level!

You didn't do anything wrong. The objects not sticking is a bug that I wasn't able to fix before the end of the jam. I need to rework the way the sticking is implemented so that particular bug won't happen any more. Thanks for playing!

This was a really well designed game! I enjoyed playing through it although I agree with a few of the other comments that some of the repetitiveness (such as doors) would have been nice to be able to skip with the 'E' button. I thought the story behind to game was spot on and really enjoyed seeing the characters grow together even though it was for such a short time.

Awesome job on this!

This was a really fantastic game. The art and music made a great atmosphere. The game was definitely on the challenging side but I think it's a great game especially for only working on it for a week. Awesome job!