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no compatible download :(

Nice graphics, nice sound effects, polished game. I just found the dodge to be hard to use since there's a delay between pressing the button and the actual dodge. And it seemed like sometimes the timing of it changed which made it unpredictable. Before Adias stops time, the timing of the dodge seemed longer than usual.

Incompatible download :(

It's fixed!

Fixed, Fixed, FIXED!

For more information, view the devlog.

At first I thought that holding down option/more live action for the movement would solve the problem but there is another thing you could do. The problem is that the mechanics butt heads with eachother. The current movement is fine but it reflects something more turn based. It clashes with a time limit and will make it a hard thing to balance properly in the long run. My suggestion is either go with A) turn based movement with a certain limit of turns per level or B) live-action movement with a time limit. I hope this helps but its just a suggestion. It's your game.

The reason it felt frustrating to me is because there isn't much room for improving your time to clean the room besides trying to press the buttons faster or choosing which items to pick up first. Preivious levels felt like no challenge then I get to level 3 and every time I come close but no cigar.

Thanks and sorry if I sounded harsh. I didn't get to mention that the concept of cleaning up a dungeon after a player slaughtered your goblin friends is a funny way to spin it. I hope you take it and run with it. This could make a very great puzzle game.

Yeah a bubbling sound is probably better. The biggest problem I had with the sound was that when I held the button instead of it replaying after it finished it would just restart the loop from the beginning and making this RNNNNN noise.

Yeah I read some of the comments after I commented and saw it stunned enemies which I had no idea. It's an interesting mechanic. Maybe an separate indicator for stunning might help.

Also unless you end up adding more levels or making the game really big, I don't know if you need a save feature. I didn't get to the end of this version but I imagine it isn't able to be beaten in more than an hour.

Most of all, I'm glad to hear you will keep working on it.

Level three was really hard for me I couldn't complete it.

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The concept is so fun and creative. Who would've thought about a top -down game where you power wash mold? Or who would've thought that that concept could be fun? There were a few issues that rained on my parade (pun intended)

The sound of the washer was


annoying. It also hurt my ears to the point I had to play with the sound off, and believe me I tried to stick it out.

I can tell pretty well if I'm doing damage to the wall boogers but I can't tell if I'm doing damage to the little walking boogers. Maybe find a way to make them flash white as well?

I don't understand the application of the flashlight mechanic. Is it just to help you see a little better? Can you turn it off? It seems every time I get it it just loses battery. I tried to find a menu with the controls but ended up running into another problem.

I thought pressing menu from the pause menu would just take me to maybe an options menu or something instead of restarting the game (without even taking me to a menu but maybe I just happened to press start game on the menu before it loaded idk). Maybe changing the menu button to say restart after you had already started a game or making it say somewhere that I would lose progress if I press menu would help. I was frustrated I lost progress and had to start over so I just stopped playing.

These issues are an easy fix and I hope you take this game further. I could definetly see a full blown game out of just this concept but with more depth. I look forward to seeing your next projects!

Edit: Had to clear up confusion by adding things I forgot.

I was surprised when I found out the giants where friendly and had funny little remarks.

The launcher told me it was an incompatible download. I'm using windows btw.

Game has a good concept. I like the ability of bullets stopping eachother and I would love for you to explore that more in depth; take that idea and run with it. The difficulty was fair and made you feel rewarded to try and experiment by protecting yourself by shooting enemy bullets. I had fun but I encountered a few bugs.

For some reason (I honestly don't know what caused it but it might have been triggered after I held down the keys) my movement would do something weird. One time it forced me to go down and the only way I could stop it was by pressing up. Sometimes it would reset after a while but it was really frustrating because one time it made me unable to move out of a corner and then it made me die. There was other time that it would do that too. And I know it's not my keyboard because I've been playing these submissions all day and reviewing them and have had no problem.

Also is my cursor supposed to have that black cancel symbol when I shoot sometimes? Idk what caused it and I'm not sure if its even a bug.

I would test out to see if the enemies can kill eachother because I think they did one time but I'm not sure.

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This game has a good concept. It has a fair difficulty (but I can only speak for myself, I'm a gamer so it might not be as difficult for me as it would be for other people) that finds an interesting way to balance strategy and quick reflexes.

Also I'd like to report a bug; on the level with the swirl and the red guy chasing me (I think its like the 2nd or 3rd level), there is a part of the dark grey area that is missing colision so I just walked right through the wall towards a pathway closer toward the center. 

The only gripe I have is that its a 2.5D game and the character hitbox isn't at the feet. There were moments I thought I was safe but my head got stabbed by spikes from the tile above me that I wasn't standing on. The opposite occured where I was standing on a tile and had my feet on the spikes and I didn't die. But should you adjust the hitbox, keep in mind if you make it too small at just the feet then you can't be hit by arrows or wizard blasts.

I encourage you to grow this game more- more levels, different challenges.

Edit 1 : I remembered arrows and energy balls were in the game and I had to make note of that in my suggestion.

Edit 2: I forgot to mention where I edited in my first "Edit:".

If you want u can check back after voting is over and I update it cuz I fixed a lot of issues.

Yay for games that are educational and more than just math problem solving simulators and typing games.

I heavily advise you to watch this video before getting started. It tells you pretty much everything you need to know about approaching your first game jam and it helped me a lot.

This was so fun the music is awesome

Yeah I won't deny that it took me forever to finish those puzzles. I sighed when I saw that 4x4 because I've always had trouble with rubix cubes and even the previous square challenges took me a long time.  Regardless, I stuck through it and somehow beat it. It wasn't boring just kinda tedious. For people who didn't like it as much, they probably just got frustrated because they felt forced to do it and were focused on getting to the next room. That's why I think if there was a dedicated game to where people sat down and played the square puzzle (not just a 3x3 gird but with other stuff like levels with grids that had missing spaces or something of that nature), people would not feel forced to do anything and could just relax and solve grid puzzles.

I'll hold back on reviewing this because I'm sure it's probably a good game when working as intended. I understand sometimes exporting doesn't go as planned and that's ok. I'll give it another go when you update it.

I feel like the minigame with the squares could become a game on its own.

I would be able to rate this game if my computer didn't need "Viagra - Windows Edition" to get this up and running.

This is probably a good game but the mouse sensetivity was so high (even at the lowset setting) that I couldn't really do anything.

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I know it won't count for the jam(s) but what matters to me is that my message gets across in a working-as-intended version.

For anyone still interested.

The art is GREAT

Also when I found out I was the boss I literally screamed at my computer "WAIT WHAT!" 

Everything worked right too. Loved it!

The concept of this game is great.  Running around all genji dragonblade style in a dungeon with interesting generation was a level a quality I haven't seen in a game jam submission before. The enemies might need a change in spawn rate or a change where they spawn further away from the player or  something because there was a lot of times that enemies spawned on top of me and once it even pushed me out of the map. Besides that, I'm excited to see if you take this game further, because let's be honest, its FUN!

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This game is extremely polished, the level design is great and its fun!

Edit: Spelling

I pretty much abused my keyboard, that was fun.

Characters desinigrating after getting hit is actually kinda funny and you demonstrated the concept in a way that was very obvious, there was no room for confusion.

Yesterday's version was the one I downloaded. I installed it like a few hours before posting the screenshot.

Ok im trying to run the template and it says this

I have everything downloaded now how do I start the program? I don't see an exe or anything in the folders.

I will definitely need help; I've never used this engine before.