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Submitted by jBeetham, Phill (@popcronpopcron) — 36 minutes, 24 seconds before the deadline
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Procedural generated first person slasher. Progress through the dungeon killing mobs to power the gates. Step through the portal to progress.

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I'm honestly very impressed. The level of detail and polish for three days is exceptional. I'm not sure if there's an ending or anything as I was only able to get through four levels before dying but what I played was fun.

Comments in no particular order:
- It took me a while to figure out how to escape the pit room. Dashing upward is a little counter-intuitive.
- It's not always clear what's going on. Why are some enemies black? Are they stronger? Invulnerable? Are they static defenses?
- Projectiles feel exceptionally hard to reflect. Some kind of telegraph when an enemy is about to shoot would help immensely.
- The idea of constantly draining the player's health and only refilling it between rooms is very smart game design and a great way to force the player to keep moving. It really adds to the fast paced style.
- The music gets a little repetitive after a while but that's to be expected. Maybe just toning down the volume a bit would have helped.


Fantastically done.


The concept of this game is great.  Running around all genji dragonblade style in a dungeon with interesting generation was a level a quality I haven't seen in a game jam submission before. The enemies might need a change in spawn rate or a change where they spawn further away from the player or  something because there was a lot of times that enemies spawned on top of me and once it even pushed me out of the map. Besides that, I'm excited to see if you take this game further, because let's be honest, its FUN!

Submitted (1 edit)

Wow this was amazing. Really good shader work and polished mechanics. 
I'm not a fan of the art-style but I recognize it's of really good quality.

A couple of objectives would help, because "survive" really falls short at some point imo.


Awesome game, I had a lot of fun playing it!I did find a bug where when my health reached 0, I didn't die and could still run around but couldn't attack anything. It happened when I reached a pillar that let me sacrifice health for souls, so that might have triggered it but I'm not sure. Not complaining, because of course a weekend job will have bugs but just letting you know in case you wanted to continue working on it.

Other than that my only criticism is the art was quite hard to look at, in future I'd make the environment colours more neutral. The controls felt very satisfying & well polished and it was cool how many different features there were to play around with. 

Developer (1 edit)

Thanks for letting us know, the pillar addition was implemented hours before submission and was not fully tested with everything, so perhaps there was a case that wasnt handled. For the art style, I agree its a very bright and hot to the eyes, and that was the point originally, however the colour grading in some of the stages was indeed a bit too harsh.

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

This was really satisfying to just run and dash around in. I found myself just enjoying jumping and dashing up to platforms lol. I got a real 'risk of rain' vibe from it and noticing the upgrades and the altars made it feel rather full as a game. I did struggle with the visuals and lighting as it started to hurt my eyes after intensely focusing on it for a long period. I think some of the UI got lost among the other colours too. Hearing a noise when the souls bar filled up was really helpful since you don't have time to watch it always when things are hectic. 

Really satisfied after playing it tho, well done both of you (:


This is awesome! I love the design and it plays and sounds great as well! It's also awesome that its has procedural  generated levels!


Really well done, enjoyed playing it!