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Thanks for the comment, hopefully I fixed it, if not let me know, and I'll try to fix it. The game us currently only made for Windows Computers.

Will do!

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hey! Thanks for the feedback! I have fixed the coin bug, along with a bunch of other bug that I will update when the jam is over. (They're already fixed, just gotta  wait for reviewing to be over!) Thanks for playing  the game!

The level is super short, but there is a mini boss battle at the end. (It a little unbalanced because I didn't fix a barrier bug that lets you cheese the boss at the end). But we plan to go pretty far with this game. Add more enemies, a few bosses, and the entire mansion. Also some weapon upgrades. So I want to make a save system for it. (I'll also fix sound issues)

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Thanks so much for the feedback! I understand the problem with the sound, and you're the first person to bring it up, and I thank you for that! I'll probably add a more bubbly sound to it. The little walking enemies were supposed to have a damage indicator, but I ran out of time. Many people have had issue with the flashlight and I'm gonna be work on it (also will have some better future used)(it also stuns the little enemies but I didn't show that well enough). The menu button was a bug I didn't even notice until I released the game, but I fix it today, and will go out with the next update. I will also look into a save system, but that may take a while (only been working on unity for a year and never published something before!). I'm also glad to say that I will continue to work on this! My friend and I decided it was a good concept to continue with, and fun to work on! Thanks again for the comment and feedback, it truly makes the game better in the long run!

(Also, nice pun)

I know right, all that work for no pay! 

Same, me and my friend are gonna keep working on our game as well, gonna make it into a full game!

This is a really awesome game! I love the story and the design of the game. It has a simple design, and simple controls, but that doesn't mean it's not challenging! the time restraints may be too short, but that's something that can be fix. But I think it could be fine if not fixed. This game is cool, and well made. Good Job!

This game looks cool and have a very good theme. The problem I have is the speed and the movement. The controls are inverted, and I don't know if it was done on purpose, but is made the game way harder than it should be. The player also moves slow for me. Other wise a great concept, and a great creation! Good Job!

Thanks for the review, It's really helpful! I will definitely use it going forward while I continue to work on the game. Thanks again!

Thank you!

Yeah, I didn't even notice this till I Published it, but I didn't think it was a big deal. And my friend turned the bug where you're pushed out the room into a speed run. Thanks playing and I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Thanks for the feedback, once I get back to working on it, I'll be sure to add some feed back for getting damage, and giving damage to the enemy!

Thanks for the feedback! Will definitely work on these when I get back to working on the game!

I totally get that! there was so much I wanted to add/fix that I didn't have time for. But yeah, I really enjoy the concept, its fun

I don't really know what happening here. I can see where you're going with this, and you've done a good job with it. I don't really know how the square puzzles work, and I found them a little frustrating. I think this could be better with a little more work though Good Job!

The game is a creative idea, and a interesting endless runner. The problem I had was not know how to shoot my weapon, and the screaming noise was to much sometimes. It still plays well though.

This is a really neat idea! Its cool to fall down to random dungeons that float above the skies. Unfortunately the game was hard to run because of these clouds, and my computer could barely handle it. Otherwise great concept! Good Job!

I think this can turn out to be something Very cool. I can see where you're going with the art style and it's really cool! I especially love what you've done with the player sprites model! Good Job!

This is awesome! I love the theme of a drunken man getting lost in a dungeon, then having to find his way out, while also being drunk! This game also has an awesome style. The only downside is the combat is a bit lacking and slow, which is understandable. I love this game though, very good job!

The game will having a cool concept, can be a little frustrating for the movement, then again I'm not the biggest platforming fan. I think this game could be better with more tuned movement for the platforming element.  The music was a little off, but it wasn't anything that affected game play. I like the style of the game, also liked the option to edit the inputs! Good Jobs!

This is really cool! I love the way you can swing across the blocks!

This is a good concept, and has the potential to be awesome! I also love all the  different things the blocks say!

I Love this game. Its short, but works well. I think it could be a fun multi player game, and work well with local co-op. The movement was a little so when i was controlling the demon(?) character though, but it didn't take away from the experience

Cool Game. I love the way it plays, especially the bullets!

Awesome Little puzzle games, they were challenging, while not being to hard. Awesome Job!

This is awesome! I love the design and it plays and sounds great as well! It's also awesome that its has procedural  generated levels!