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I saw your character.. it might be pretty but can't match mine!

this is the cutest character..
this is MY character

I loved everything except the shake-y camera/shader effect.. but that's just because my eyes are tired :D Had fun finishing it even then :D

Excellent entry despite the short amount of gameplay! 
Thanks for the game :)

Nice game! Some simple downloaded audio would add a lot to the game.

I didn't notice there was a lack of sound until ~level 10 though :D

Nice game! It doesn't have many features but the ones that exist appear to be pretty polished. 
I had fun playing up to 110 score (I tried to see how close I could get to the mole holes after that, lol)

Nice idea and graphics. The instruction popups were quite helpful and I had no trouble navigating through the level/proceeding with the game.

Although, I would appreciate the combat mechanics being a bit more polished, as the combat was quite hard and the small black/white people swarmed me easily, and I ended up dying twice in the garden. If they had an attack animation (with some delay on damaging me, leaving some room for me to dodge) it would be much nicer.

I appreciate the great art / sounds and multiple controllers, but would expect to play more than 30seconds xD I'd rather have seen 5 less storyboards and have an additional enemy or two.

Still, pretty cool entry :)
I bet it would skyrocket with an additional programmer/designer in the team.

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Wow the art is really good on this one.
I like the design and sounds too. I'd love to see some more levels :)

Other than that, I agree with Sphaeri on the responsiveness of the controller.
Allowing the player to select the form he wanted could add to the gameplay experience.

I  believe it would fit the game a lot if it was a bit more challenging.

The current puzzles are quite easy, and it could potentially bore someone.
I, admittedly, was not bored, because there were new forms each 5 steps, but I would still enjoy this much more if there were some solid puzzles awaiting for me :) 

Imho I believe you should have spent much less time on art and instead have focused on high quality level design (puzzles) -- the controller is not perfect but it's good enough for the jam :)

That's a lot of deer :D 

I started 1 minute late because I was searching for the pen, and hadn't noticed the sprint button.
I liked the idea and that you prevented it from being repetitive by entering a different phase:
-- a phase that requires the player to be on the pen.

Overall cute art, solid controls, interesting sounds, and alright premise.

I actually disliked the feeding sounds, were feeling like an explosion, and flooded really quick.
I have no strong feelings for the 'story' part of the game but it seems to be serving your purpose.

Good art, solid controls, nice design. I like this :)
It was a bit unintuitive that it would cycle through the forms no matter which form I wanted, but seems like you took care of that issue design-wise, by making it so the player would have enough orbs to cycle towards the desired form.

It could give you much more design freedom if you let the player choose the form he wanted to take, though (for the cost of the blue orb, of course).

All I found was Giants, but it was a fun experience 

This was really nice!  The "infinite training" room kinda made the boss way too easy :D 
But overall it was a nice and fun experience. Well done!

Pretty cool! You could upload some screenshots as they'd be much better than itch's default image :p

I liked the art and the controller.. there was a lot of visual feedback missing though.

The last boss was scary and I don't know if I beat it in the end ;P 

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Wow this was amazing. Really good shader work and polished mechanics. 
I'm not a fan of the art-style but I recognize it's of really good quality.

A couple of objectives would help, because "survive" really falls short at some point imo.

Operation "Fall off the map while drunk": Success!!

I liked the characters and loved how it looks like you were drunk while making this xDD
Wish I knew so I could play this while drunk too!

This game is waaay too slow to be a jam game :P I didn't even make it out of my cell.

What would be good is like 60 second day instead of 600, and all those 60 seconds would be the player being free.

The concept sounds great.

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The text was saying "Press enter to play" but I had to press space. 
Then, I didn't realize I was controlling the boss, and I was spamming attacks on it :D

After I realized what was going on, I played this like 4 times in hopes of defeating "the hero". Got up to the green form (the one after the black one, if there's an order -- or like 6 heroes in if there isn't).

Every aspect of the game is really polished, but it was kind of a bummer there wasn't much gameplay with the hero.

Good entry, overall! 

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Nice game! Had fun beating it :D

Although the sort of tile-based movement could've been improved by working with actual tiles. I had to struggle some times to enter the doors.
Also, I didn't really get how this was relative to the theme :P

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I found this little QOL gameplay tip that helped me : I can move with both WASD and Arrow Keys, so I could just press Left + A together if I wanted to go left, and this would speed things up ^^

I couldn't clean the hands on Stage 2, even if I had a lot of water left, so I had to close the game early, but this seems like a nice entry! Good job on making this

Really great concept, and I like the easy to learn, hard to master gameplay!
I enjoyed the graphics as much as I did the gameplay and didn't find anything that bothered me, but if there was something, it was that the chain physics were too real, lol

I just die year 3 no matter what

lol wtf this was made 2 months ago

asset = anything the game can use

One time, after falling off the playable area, the Restart menu never popped up.

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Geez, well done, what you did is really impressive! 

I played for about half an hour without noticing how time flew by ^^ 

Not a big fan of the theme implementation but that's innovation for you! 

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Nice idea and (potentially) fun gameplay! I played the Windows version.

Managed to get past all 6 lasers after 1 crash, 1 game-breaking bug, and a few restarts which took longer than what I'd expect :P I didn't mind the bugs at all though.

I see that focusing on the graphics took it's toll, and that's a reminder that you should start with buggy prototyping before going ahead to polish your game ^^

Game's ok but the fact that it doesn't continue gathering money while it's on background, and the money-gathering is so slow makes it really boring :P 

I gathered a total of $35.000 before quitting

My species went extinct in 250.43 seconds

Thanks! Im glad you liked it :D There were plans for fish invaders and coin collectibles that the captain would have to interact with, but decided to cut them off and polish the very core stuff :)

updated my post

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I cannot leave the first area


Really nice graphics, impressive for a weekend jam!

NOTE: Normal Version is <1 hour POST-JAM, with adjusted difficulty.

Kudos to anyone who beats the very hard version (I couldn't do it :P)

I had pressed control+D while playing for the jam at some point and found this in my bookmarks just now :D

True... some atmospheric lighting would add a lot to the game's feel.

Thanks for the feedback! I'll make sure to leave some time for that in my next jam :)

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I successfully found Teddy and brought him back to base!

 The environment seems well done, but character controller seems to be in need of some tweaking, maybe some angle on the camera would help.  Also, some music would add a lot.

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Probably meant camera.transform.forward instead of gun.transform.forward as bullet direction :P The shooting was fun but there were problems with the terrain collision, which made it impossible to finish.