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Very enjoyable game, with nice mechanics!
I especially like the smart use of graphics, wrapping everything around a core mechanic.

Last level looked scary, but once I calmed down and saw it for what it is, it was not very hard :D
I think developing my own dice rolling game made me find this not too hard haha.

Great job!

PS: btw, I'm curious, did you create a level editor for this or just went for it in scenes?

I enjoyed playing this! Felt pretty op once I entered 360° no-scope mode.

As for a piece of feedback, I would rather have a 2sec bubble with 20sec cooldown as powerup at 1000+ score, since I am already strong enough to 1shot everything, but defenseless :P

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Learned how to move, collected guns, used them to kill evil cards, then collected some more guns and used those instead to kill any evil cards that escaped my bullets on my first watch.
That until I found a strange portal which captured my strength, and saved the cards from my wrath..
..but hey, at least that UI person told me that I won, so that's something!

Pretty cool gameplay overall -- simple but fun!

Just wanted to share that recently discovered that one thing that can add a lot of fun for the player in this kind of games is right click to roll, would totally recommend for your next game if it's similar :P

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Lol, nice -- game's pretty creative!

I agree that a score tracker would have added a lot to the game.
Didn't stop me from having fun, though :)

Very nice take indeed!
-- Kudos for creativity, I had fun playing :)

That is awesome! Was super fun and felt polished.
My best run was with a score of 2900 ^^

Congratz to the creators! You're all so talented!

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Sorry about the slowness, had the 'brilliant' idea of making animations framerate based, and didn't think ahead enough to account for WebGL's 'magic' :P

But I'm glad you like it regardless ^^ Thanks for playing :)

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Successfully reached 420 healthscore and found all 4 easter egg cube-dices!

Well done!

Thanks for playing and your feedback!

I am very happy to say that I just found out about an issue with framerate being suboptimal in non-Chrome browsers, and I added a note about it to my play page to let any new players know!

Thank you so much about letting me know, and I’m sorry I didn’t find out on time for your playthrough!

Very enjoyable and creative puzzle game, I wasn't let down by the amount of content either!
It's quite hard despite the direction the 'cute' graphics might point towards.

I did have a request to be able to move the camera while 'planning' my dice
-- not really important but could add a lot to player's QOL.

Other than that it's awesome! Great job!

I was hoping to familiarize the player with the dice when dealing with long straightways,
-- but I guess there were some side effects to that though, haha :'D

You're right about the keys & locks. There is a single mechanic that could make them worth their while, but I couldn't find a place for it, lol.
It would be basically if you somehow unlocked a tile that would allow you to rotate your dice as needed, in order to reach the next step.

Thanks for the feedback, and thanks for playing!

Thank you!

Pro-tip: Any two opposite sides of the dice sum-up to 7.
Hope that makes it a little easier from now on haha :D

Thanks! I'm sorry about the performance issues.
I'll know better than to make framerate-based animations starting next game, though!

I'm really glad to hear that <3
I tried quite hard on level design and making gameplay progression feel natural.

Thanks for playing!

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Cool game and concept, with very intuitive design, felt very polished too, with SFX and all!
Took me no time to get the hang of the reloading mechanic and master it. I made it to level 9!

My only request is that 'powerups' were a bit stronger and more frequent:
-- like maybe a perma-increase on weapon tier on rolls every 5 levels
-- or damage/HP/shot-time/reload-time upgrades
-- or some 3-use dice with OP weapons that do 1shot kills or group shots, helping you pass half a level

Really nice game! Feels very polished overall, and I had no trouble with the controls.

I'm not huge fan of having to roll the dice before using it to attack, but I recognize the potential :P 

Was kinda sad it ended right when I started getting the hang of it and becoming quicker and better, but that's a jam game for you :D

Very well done! And it's very impressive that you did all this with Scratch, but I wonder what made you choose it as a game engine instead of another one (?)

+1! that's add a lot to QOL! 

Super relaxing to play, yet engaging!

I really enjoyed the take on the theme and am always happy to see games with minimalistic graphics and nice, bugless gameplay, made clearly with care!

This music choice also shows you're a true master of the casual genre games. Makes me wonder if you wrote that specifically for the jam or freestyled for 10 minutes and ended up with this.

That's a good game! Fun and all aspects blend great with each other!

My only complaint if I may have any is that at a specific point the enemies just flood you and it's literally impossible to proceed for more than 15 seconds or so since that point, and that depends on how many rockets you can roll in a row, so you'd have to restart to keep playing :P

I think that switching to some level/wave based thing would solve that, but it wasn't too big of a deal, I enjoyed it regardless!

Great job!

Super entry! Very creative and very fun, with graphics living up to the game's requirements!

No complaints here, 5/5!

I got hooked when I realized there's a puzzle aspect haha!
Eventually completed the game and enjoyed your levels :)

As for an improvement I would have enjoyed would be to be able to see how many enemies were remaining :p That trick level with the last second wave got me a couple times lol.

Was nice to see a different take on the theme with non-standard dice for a change!

Very clever idea, nice graphics, and solid, fun gameplay!
I'm amazed by the cleverness of system reusability and how solid everything looks!

The only thing missing for 100% solidness imo was unpicking a dice,
and for improved gameplay QOL, maybe some potions/upgrades :P
(guy looks like a wizard, I expected him to be able to 'magic' the dice for.. stuff xD)

Awesome entry overall!

That make sense. I can finally sleep today :D

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Haha yeah that's the whole game xD
I hope the level-based progression helped making this a bit easier :)

Thanks for playing!

Simple but incredibly polished! Kudos to that!

I also think that smartphones would have been the best platform for this.

I had the 'fun' idea of making animations framerate dependent, so probably slow movement has a lot to do with that :P
I was originally planning to add an options menu, where you could tweak the movement speed (and game speed overall), but while starting on that I got the other 'fun' idea of spending the rest of the development time to make a nice looking main menu.

Thanks a lot for playing and for the feedback ^^
Next time I'll definitely prioritize polishing the QOL as far as I can take it before jumping on the 'fun' stuff haha :D

This is an amazing display of how some little cutscenes can add a lot to the game's depth xD
Very fun gameplay to further extend that.

No complains at all for this entry, only compliments! Awesome job!

Aw, I'm sorry to hear about the performance issues... I didn't really think about performance for <60fps laptops + monitors :'(
-- making animations framerate dependent instead of real-time dependent probably wasn't the best idea.

Glad you like the intro :D Funny story actually.. Core game was finished in the first day, then I had to choose between implementing a new game mode & level selection & high scores, etc vs spending the whole day on a main menu.. I think it's clear what won xD

It syncs better with the music in desktop version, but I made it be much quicker on WebGL so people wouldn't waste so much time on the main menu :p I took this video though for remembering it ^^ 

Was fun! Simplistic and nice looking graphics, except the UI but I grew to overlook it as soon as I got engaged in the gameplay (after first level) :P

Getting 3 stars was super hard on most levels. I would have loved it if there was a 'pattern' I could learn/figure out that could eventually benefit me score better in the next levels, but I had to bruteforce combinations at every level to get the correct one, and even then I wouldn't understand how come it's the correct one :p

Also, I think the 2 stars should be like, much easier to get.. not even sure there's a way to get it without just moving once or twice then moving right back to do the 'correct' solution.

Overall super enjoyable, though!
I had fun figuring out the puzzles and checking for the correct solutions!

Just wow..!

I didn't get the theme part but I enjoyed it :p

I think some sort of pointer on the exact position you drew from in the previous attempt would have increased the QOL a lot.

First game? that's impressive!

I only had a physics-related bug, and had a smooth experience overall!

Why is this so hard lol.. Great job, was fun!

Totally agree with feedback below especially about what a nice job you did, the QOL of swapping dice, and the huge need of  tooltips ;P I read the description AFTER playing (btw wow at that detail) and.. well.. seems I got most of them right without the tooltips, but I felt much less of a nerd not knowing what my skills do and I didn't like that xD

Very creative entry, made clearly with care. Superb job and congratz!

I did 16 fights and thought I finished early lol.. looking at the comments turns out that's not the case

Smart and awesome entry!

Very nice! Really enjoyed this one -- had a record of 6 shots on my second try.

When I realized Vic2ria was a funny pronounciation I couldn't stop thinking about what Q-T1P might mean..  Please enlighten me ^^

As for the game, I enjoyed beating the funnily pronounced person while wondering the origins of my character's name, lol. I enjoyed all the effects, but something I would have liked is for the turns to take less time -- especially with the Spin effect, a turn can take a solid 30seconds.

I saw your character.. it might be pretty but can't match mine!

this is the cutest character..
this is MY character

I loved everything except the shake-y camera/shader effect.. but that's just because my eyes are tired :D Had fun finishing it even then :D