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I just die year 3 no matter what

lol wtf this was made 2 months ago

asset = anything the game can use

One time, after falling off the playable area, the Restart menu never popped up.

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Geez, well done, what you did is really impressive! 

I played for about half an hour without noticing how time flew by ^^ 

Not a big fan of the theme implementation but that's innovation for you! 

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Nice idea and (potentially) fun gameplay! I played the Windows version.

Managed to get past all 6 lasers after 1 crash, 1 game-breaking bug, and a few restarts which took longer than what I'd expect :P I didn't mind the bugs at all though.

I see that focusing on the graphics took it's toll, and that's a reminder that you should start with buggy prototyping before going ahead to polish your game ^^

Game's ok but the fact that it doesn't continue gathering money while it's on background, and the money-gathering is so slow makes it really boring :P 

I gathered a total of $35.000 before quitting

My species went extinct in 250.43 seconds

Thanks! Im glad you liked it :D There were plans for fish invaders and coin collectibles that the captain would have to interact with, but decided to cut them off and polish the very core stuff :)

updated my post

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I cannot leave the first area


Really nice graphics, impressive for a weekend jam!

NOTE: Normal Version is <1 hour POST-JAM, with adjusted difficulty.

Kudos to anyone who beats the very hard version (I couldn't do it :P)

I had pressed control+D while playing for the jam at some point and found this in my bookmarks just now :D

True... some atmospheric lighting would add a lot to the game's feel.

Thanks for the feedback! I'll make sure to leave some time for that in my next jam :)

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I successfully found Teddy and brought him back to base!

 The environment seems well done, but character controller seems to be in need of some tweaking, maybe some angle on the camera would help.  Also, some music would add a lot.

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Probably meant camera.transform.forward instead of gun.transform.forward as bullet direction :P The shooting was fun but there were problems with the terrain collision, which made it impossible to finish. 

These were 2 funny minutes.

I liked the font :P

Very well done, I love the graphics! 

I respect the emphasis on the visuals, but honestly I would expect to see some bigger variety in challenge, although the minor issues (like the cursor, and getting stuck on terrain) kinda made up for it ;P

Some features for the post jam version that would've been(??) possible to implement in the jam: 

  • Seed-spitting green pumpkins (maybe?), some kind of poisonous terrain, finite ammunition; would have to go to the "stock place" to fill up

This was so much fun!
Got me right back to my childhood, you dont see this kind of camera a lot nowdays :)

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Thanks for your feedback!

There were some bugs with the rotation on lower qualities, and I had to delete them..
so just to be on the same page, is this the turning speed you experienced?

I walked on the ocean and a biiig cinematic played. Did I win? :D

just include the MonoBleedingEdge folder in the zip

I'm on chrome. I'd be interested in downloading the game to play it whole if you post a .zip :D

so... I'm not gonna lie I've no idea how to play :D

and why exactly does the hero hold a hostage? xD

Nice and fun game! It appears my square planet is innevitably doomed no matter my efforts :')

Great job on making gameplay so fun! 
The graphics were good as well, even with such limited graphical resources.

Very nice! Enjoyed the gameplay for about as long as it lasted!
-- until the game started laggin on 2nd level, which made it impossible for me to complete it. 
(not completely, but after dying 1-2 times, I was prompted to give up because it'd take a lot to get back to where I was)

Very cool gameplay idea, however, the level design is flawed.. 
Only having one hero to fight vs multiple enemies means that I'll have to do multiple attack+retreat tactics. I managed to get to Level 3 using boring hit & hope tactics from a hidden place, but Level 3 was too much, because enemies would reach me before I could manage to do anything. and after that there was no escape.

Still, I loved the idea -- worm's like gameplay.. also the UI was very good!
Good job on doing this in such a short time!

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Risked my life to save the princess and got rewarded with cuddles 
10/10 would risk life again!

Same here. 

sorry to hear about this.

Finally tackled the bug, gonna upload the fixed version! Thanks for your input!

I didn't find a place for people to gather and team up, so I'll post here :D

If anyone is interested please leave an answer!

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Man did I get into troubles with time until I learned I could 1shot every non-boss :P
The only thing I hated was searching for the door/last enemy.
An arrow helping out on these things would be super helpful!
I never understood what the potions did, and as Luiz said I would prefer to aim with the mouse.

Really nice overall! Great job!

Oof I didn't expect snoop dog to be so powerful..

Great game! Laughed hard with the implementation of the theme :P 
It seemed like I was about to get epilepsy at the beginning but I got used to the controls pretty quick. 

Thanks :D 

I focused on zoom features so much that I forgot about camera collision.
I'll practice doing it so I'll be able to implement it in no time in the future :)