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Climb Princess Climb!View game page

Can you save them all?
Submitted by ItsNotAGoodTime — 12 hours, 56 minutes before the deadline
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Your prince never showed up. You’ll have to get out of this dungeon on your own, princess! Climb to the top and save as many of the others as you can, but don’t let the dragons get you down!

This is an entry for the GDL July Jam. It took us roughly 2 and a half days to finish. The initial idea was purely that the would try and escape on a janky physics chain whilst avoiding all the obstacles. However, after playing with the fun and quirky chain physics an idea emerged. Why not a chain of ragdoll princesses?!

We were all pleasantly surprised at how well this all came together.

If we were to work on this again the first things we'd like to do is make it web playable and also make the scoreboard global so you can compete against all players.

What assets were used?
Majority of SFX:

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Amazing game, I had a lot of fun playing it! I particularly liked the chain physics.

Maybe a bit to hard/unfair.

I think I found an unexpected behaviour:
- Get princess in your back.
- Lost princess which fall on a not yet saved princess.
- The not yet saved princess will teleport on your back.
(Not 100% confident, I did not reproduce.)


Thanks for playing. You are definitely correct, this is a bug we are aware of and plan to fix in the future. Thanks for taking the time to explain it to us (: 


Honestly this might be the most fun I had in this jam. I love the cutesy vector art style and everything just comes together so well. The music is even entertaining and doesn't get old.

I also like that there are some interesting decisions to be made thanks to the bouncy nature of the chain, sometimes going down to get a little boost up is the best way to get past obstacles.

The difficult is pretty intimidating and sometimes feels a little unfair, like the yellow guys that like to snipe you before they're even visible at the top of the screen, but I did eventually manage to save 2 princesses in 61 seconds to complete the game. Exceptionally well done!


So glad you enjoyed it. We completely agree with the difficulty being much to hard and the RNG nature of the enemies makes it much harder to apply skill and as you said just feels unfair at times. We've had talks and plan to change this when we do further work on it. I'm glad you made it out tho and 2 princesses is a damn nice effort. Happy to of made something that managed to keep your attention for a while since we know how long it takes to actually win at the game haha.

We appreciate your comment (:


This was so fun the music is awesome


Glad you had some fun, thanks for playing!


This game is

I am not sure I could really give many suggestions. I would not have guessed that the game was made in three days.

The only thing that perplexed me for a moment was the tower nature.  I too didn't realize I needed to go up for a moment.  However, beyond that, it's really well put together.


+1 for people suggesting we have an indicator telling players initially to go up.

Thanks for the feedback and we were probably more surprised than you were with how well this turned out lol.

Thanks for playing!


Really great concept, and I like the easy to learn, hard to master gameplay!
I enjoyed the graphics as much as I did the gameplay and didn't find anything that bothered me, but if there was something, it was that the chain physics were too real, lol


Pleased you enjoyed it!

Just like real life how metal chains are springy kappa :D


Lovely music and fantastic artwork! The mechanic is so simple but engaging, really good work on this one. So well polished! Truly enjoyed it.


Thanks for playing :D

We feel very lucky to of stumbled upon something so simple yet fun. 

Thanks for the compliments!


It has audio that works as feedback and music, thats great! The idea itself is really interesting too. One thing I will point out, is that the game should hint where you have to go, at first I thought I had to bring her down to ground (because its safer on the ground), only to realize that there are more things above. Adding a simple camera cue or just an explicit arrow point up would be good enough. Simple and fun. I dont think the game adhered to the theme really well, because this settings is more of a tower more than a dungeon.


Thanks for the feedback, we've seen another person not realize they should go upwards too so I think your suggestion is great. 

Yeah our interpretation of the 'Dungeon' theme was different from most of the others but we wanted to do something other than your standard rogue-like. We found dungeon to be more of a setting and set it in a prison/keep of a castle environment which then worked well with princesses (not my choice I swear).

Glad you got some fun out of it and thanks again for the criticism. I look forward to checking out yours :D 


One could argue that the theme Dungeon, derived from the french Donjon, meaning great tower, is actually a good representation.  Judging by their response, that is perhaps not the intention, so maybe it doesn't matter, but i also considered going with the french variation of Dungeon myself, just for it to be a bit more unique to the theme.  Just throwing that out there.


This is a fantastically made game. From the graphics, to the physics, to the general feel, and you even added music. Great job and a great contender for top 3.




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