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A dungeon tycoon clicker game.
Submitted by synapse
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My game is a tycoon clicker game about a person in jail who can buy himself out if he sells enough contraband in jail. The instructions are in game, and I am sorry for no sound, but I literally had no time to do sound. Thanks for allowing me to submit, and hopefully it works, because i submitted this with no testing and with no time to spare. The game jam was super fun, but I had no time to do it, and I still made what I believe to be an alright product. Thanks for the opportunity to show my game, and thanks for the really bad adrenaline rush and anxiety. lol

I made a fixed version if yall would like to play the game as intended:

What assets were used?
Some online pngs from

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So this is basically a broken game, right?


You know it buddy, check my the link in the description of this page to play a working version 


I'll hold back on reviewing this because I'm sure it's probably a good game when working as intended. I understand sometimes exporting doesn't go as planned and that's ok. I'll give it another go when you update it.


Appreciate it, check the other comments for excuses lol. I actually have an updated, working model on my account right now if you would like to check it out, its under Dungeon Tycoon V1.1.


This game is waaay too slow to be a jam game :P I didn't even make it out of my cell.

What would be good is like 60 second day instead of 600, and all those 60 seconds would be the player being free.

The concept sounds great.


Alright, I hear that. Yeah, the game is super broken, but I made the shop part in the last 10 minutes of the jam with no testing, so it super didnt work. Once the jam has concluded, I'll upload a working version with a shorter day. I'm thinking around 100 second days. Thanks for playing!


It has been made, look on the ol itch page and you will find a working version 1.1.


I got hyped when I read it was prison escape esq. game. I sat in my cell patiently waiting for my dollars to  miraculously appear but to my surprise they never did. I enjoyed a sick transition whilst venturing below to my computer however, I then remembered that my computer didn't work. I returned to the surface awaiting money to fall from the sky so that I could start my new corporation from my prison cell. I waited... and waited... and waited even longer. The guard came past and made sure I wasn't doing anything suspicious and I definitely wasn't, I wish I was. The big government man stuck me in this prison and gave me nothing to do other than stare at the clock in cell. I stared and stared at this clock and eventually I realized, the arms didn't move. They never moved! I had learnt to stop time! No wonder I wasn't generating money randomly, I had stopped time! I am a time wizard and I am destined to spend eternity staring at a clock that doesn't move. 10/10 would spend eternity again


This is a cool way to say "The game doesn't work" lol, I appreciate it. Like I said in other comments, I made the shop part where you interact with the computer last, and i didnt test it, so i was 99% sure it wouldn't work, but I'll upload a working version later with smaller day lengths. I was going to sync the clock arms to the time, but I didn't have time for that either so pretty much the game is super broken in this state. Thanks for playing!

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Awesome concept but I couldn't figure out how to interact with other prisoners, so I did not get far. Not sure if that's on me or the game. 

I would love to figure it out though (or see it fixed if it's a bug) because from the instructions the game sounds very fun. Moving and pushing the bed felt good. 


Its definitely the game, you are supposed to interact with the computer witch allows you to sell goods and access the clicker part of the game, but i did that in the last 10 minutes of the jam with no testing, so it was guaranteed to not work. I'll fix it and upload it after the jam has concluded!


Check my itch page for a working version 1.1.