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Ok, dude, I get it. Life is not fair, but we deal with it anyway. Jeez!

Could've been better... add lives or get lice!

I don't have anything to say. Good luck with the blog.

Hi! What would you like to tell me?

So this is basically a broken game, right?

Thank you! I didn't hear about it yet, but I checked it out after reading your comment. I don't believe that I'm ready for it yet, but in near future, who knows.

Too bad the last level is bugged and the character isn't where is should be, but I can't upload the fixed version until the Game Jam ends.

The first time it takes longer to load, even if the loading bar is filled there should still be 30-40 seconds left.  Try giving it more time, 5 minutes should do. If the problem persists don't hesitate to reply. This is how it should look after it's fully loaded.